In November, in our country are celebrating the Day of printing.

To this date, we timed the project «themselves doing the book.» I introduce children to various types of printing products — newspapers, magazines, books. As a result, the children had a question: «Who and how does the book?»

The answer we decided to find in practice — to make the book on their own, with their parents. But for this it was necessary to find out which parts of the book is how she prepared for publication as printed.

On the appointed day, the children brought their books in a kindergarten. Every «publisher» presented his book. Children eagerly shared their impressions from their own books and of books from other children, told how to perform the task. After the presentation, all the homemade books were on display in the library group. Those interested can go and see any.

Parents, too, had a lot of experience. Alina’s mother, for example, was delighted with the collaboration with her daughter. «The whole apartment was in scraps of paper, — she said. — But the baby was happy. We were all happy. » The family Alina «published» a book about colors. After seeing the picture, Yegor, a boy from our group, told his grandmother: «In the summer certainly put him at the cottage tiger lily — like Alina in the book.»

Everyone really liked the book, made the family Vadim. In it it was published poems dedicated to his kindergarten friends.

I very much hope that the project «Sami makes the book» will help shape the children respect for the book, and in some families — and to revive the almost forgotten tradition of joint reading.

Lyubov Martynova, a kindergarten teacher «Doshkolenok», Moscow

One day we received a letter …

Once in our kindergarten postman came and «brought the letter. From India. We were surprised and thought it was some kind of mistake. However, the postman said that there is no error: on the envelope was the address of the kindergarten.

We opened the envelope — and it all became clear. In our kindergarten go Nicole and Nathan. They — a brother and sister. Their dad is originally from India. And Nicole and Nathan with his parents went to India to visit. And from there, we wrote a letter in which he told about this fabulous country and about their experiences. (Write a letter to them, of course, helped mum and dad.)

I read the letter many times — in all groups, and the staff and the children. It was very interesting. Children share the news with his parents — that they have received a letter from faraway India.

Thus was born the tradition: the one who goes somewhere to travel to some interesting place sends out a letter to the kindergarten.

Now we get letters and postcards from Italy, Estonia, Vatican, Egypt. The children themselves are often brought from different travel toys, gifts and give them to the kindergarten.

As a result, we have a mini-museum of culture, toys and life of the peoples of the world.

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