Death of Adonis

Death of Adonis

Two and a half thousand years, there is a legend of Adonis, the beloved goddess of love Aphrodite, who was killed in hunting by a boar tusks. Here’s how this case is described in the book «Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece» (by NA Kun): «One day in the absence of Aphrodite Adonis dog while hunting attacked on the trail of a huge boar. They raised animals and barking furiously chased him. Adonis was glad such a rich mining; it is not felt that this was his last hunt. Closer dogs barking, now flashed a huge boar among the bushes. Adonis is already preparing to stab an enraged wild boar with his spear, when he threw himself on it and its huge wild boar tusks mortally wounded pet Aphrodite. Adonis died from terrible wounds. «

According to the myth, Aphrodite loved and mourned bitterly begged Zeus to raise him, Zeus agreed only half — Adonis spring rises, and the flowers bloom in the autumn dies and fades with it nature. Next spring, he will rise again — forever young and forever beautiful. This legend inspired the creation of literary and artistic works of many playwrights, painters and sculptors of ancient Greece and the Middle Ages. In St. Petersburg, the Hermitage exhibited sculpture of «The Death of Adonis,» the Italian sculptor Giuseppe Mazzuoli (the creation of 1700-1709.). Sculptor (see. Photo) depicted a boar attacking not the front and rear, and the boar does not look here so big and scary as in the description of Kuhn or photos stuffed modern boar below Mortal Strike boar struck Adonis in the thigh, in this sculpture It corresponds to the myth.

Is it really dangerous for wild boar hunter? Once in the seventies of the last century, I have been working on tests of hare hounds. Although rabbits in the woods surrounding the village Zai Covo (Tver region), vodilos rather than justified its name, morning overlaps produced no results, and by eleven o’clock the day was too hot — was already the end of May. It was decided to make the day break, and the test continued in the evening when the heat subsides. Tying dogs, owners and experts have settled on the mound — the ones that are younger, stripped, exposing the white of winter, after the body has almost summer sun. I noticed that my neighbor for impromptu beach, the owner of one of the dogs, obliquely across the abdomen from the left thigh and ending right podvzdoshem passes straight scar 30 centimeters long. Clearly visible small red spots on the thread that once the surgeon sews the edges of this huge wound. I could not resist the attack of curiosity and asked the owner of the scar that during the operation he underwent. «Ah, so this is a wild boar!» — As if indifferently replied. This response only spurred my interest: «How did this happen? And it was not terrible? «» If it was afraid I would have not been in the world — the source replied, — I look: from the stomach bubble climbs, I handed it back was the stuff, but it would have died. » I asked him to tell everything in detail.

I convey his story: «They hunted wild boar, I stood on the issue. Chopper was going at an angle to the line of shooters, when he caught up with my neighbor on the right, he twice fired at him, wounding, but the boar, almost without slowing down the run, walked past my room, I also shot and also hit, and then the boar turned and went precisely at me. In order not to shoot at the forehead, I decided to jump behind a tree and shoot into the side of the second hole, but caught his heel and fell on his back. Then something slammed me in the stomach, the gun somewhere departed. I was wearing padded jacket, buttons torn, I looked down and saw that rises from the belly white bubble, I began to push back with both hands, and then the guys came and tied my stomach T-shirt. As then the surgeon, I was saved by the fact that the boar’s tusks not rassёk intestine, but only freed hymen, which began to bubble. Before the car guys brought me by the arm, but I went with their feet. They brought me to the Lihoslavl paramedic on duty — it was a Sunday and there were no doctors. Attendant looked at me — I’m standing on their feet, said: «Put it on the table, now I sew it.» Only unleashed shirt — again reached the bubble, paramedic: «No, no, Bring him in Kalinin!» I was again blindfolded and taken to the regional hospital, where my stitches, and a few days later I went two weeks later discharged. » «And that boar?» — I asked. «A wild boar hanged a hundred meters, then butchered his guys, give me a share» — finished his story hunter.

Reflecting on the story, we can conclude — the author saved by the fact that he was lying, not standing — boar’s tusks are directed upwards and are very sharp, because self-sharpen the friction against each other — the lower and upper on each side — see photo. He beat a hunter lying just as he was digging the turf in search of food, that is teased enemy fang, Fang went to a small depth and ripped stomach. Similarly, a hunter, carve the same boar, so as not to stain the meat with a knife or a knife-tip with a ball on the end of the cut up belly, trying not to damage the hymen. Much more dangerous bulls hit the bottom up, to hook a wild boar when standing or running man and strikes with great force, is particularly dangerous blow to the groin, cutting vital human organs — think of the death of Adonis. It is the ability to whip, canine cut like a knife, gave the name «chopper» for the male wild boar.

I had to see the wound from the blow, even helping her sew, though — the dog. Vyzhlets named ascetic went on the trail of the fox, but soon stopped and returned to the owner, and lay down. Chopper apparently teased hound snout in the ass — Fang left groin wound 8 centimeters long and three centimeters deep. Visible were cut like a knife muscles, blood. Fortunately, not hurt veins, arteries, reproductive organs, which saved the dog. After the vet sewed up the wound, ascetic, I rested a few days, began to walk, and the next season again chasing hares, it pleased us with his work another nine years, but work on the fox did not like boars do not bark.

Gonchatniki know — some foxes to get rid of the beagle, get in the boar trail and go on it to the hogs seasoning, and then thrown off to the side. The dog chasing a fox with a voice that is attacked by the swine guarding the pigs, and sometimes, as we see, and cleaver attacks. Another time, another hound vyzhlets named Thunder put to fox trail too soon back — trembling, for at the back of the buttock, we noticed a drop of blood. We thought that he was injured on the bough, and went in the footsteps of the fox and the dog, which brought us to the boar trail. We go with a friend, look — not chipped in any fox with trails. Thunder, who for some time did not depart from the legs, encouraged us, went forward. Suddenly we heard — screeching through clearing rushes past us a dog for her — a pig. We cried, seized their guns, but fortunately did not have to shoot — a pig turned back five meters from us and disappeared into the woods. It became clear that the first time the dog back because she got from this pig.

The female wild boar does not have such a formidable tournament weapons as cleaver, her fangs are smaller in size, but it can greatly cripple or even kill the hunter. Chopper hits just once and leaves — are not refundable. Females often chasing the offender — we have seen this on the example of the dog. In the seventies — eighties, our primary ohotkollektiv often went hunting for wild boar in the village Buyavino a huntsman by name Khakhaev. Once arrived on the hunt, we learned that Khakhaev in the hospital. As it turned out, a few days before our arrival, it came to a major, who had a license for a wild boar, and he asked Hahaeva help implement it. Huntsman put the license holder on the boar trail, and he himself went into the pen, or rather, it was a wild boar on sto- len lezhke with the expectation that if the boar moved, they will come to a major. It turned out that he had come to the pig on the shot, the shot was unsuccessful, — pig wounded rushed to the huntsman. Khakhaev fired a second time, again wounded in the shoulder, and he himself stepped behind a tree. Not a bit of it — pig ran after him, grabbed his leg, fell huntsman. So they crawled around the tree — ranger tried to hide behind a tree, and a pig nibbled caviar his feet. The cry of the huntsman ran major and finished off the pig. Lie for a month in the hospital, Khakhaev discharged, but the work of rangers had to leave.

Pig eh, cleaver, — he refused to leave;

And all are, in the mind of his share of pork Meria,

Do not stand in the way of the hunter

Mortally wounded beast!

At the beginning of my biography of hunting in our area, and it is Kalinin, now Tver region, wild boar was not. But there have been no hike in the woods looking for mushrooms or berries that from under the feet did not take off the black grouse, and in the spring morning air buzzed with grouse mating — both their singing could be heard from all sides. The same with rabbits — the whole trail led from the forest to the farm garden. For the first time I saw a wild boar trail in 1958. I walked for a long time, trying to determine what kind of strange beasts nabrodil on loose snow behind our village. Apparently, this was one of the boars imported in Zavidovsky hunting area, located thirty kilometers from our village. Since the mid-seventies, hunting for wild boar became widespread, but the number of hares and grouse declined sharply. Hunting for wild boars carried the pen, it is a more democratic hunting, although even then was elected hunters, shooters boars from towers on the license name. I had a chance to hunt only a shelter — were successful shots were annoying blunders hunted only gladkostvolkoy. I’ll tell you about the first boar produced at battue hunting, but as if alone.

License boar allocated to the section of hounds for active work. Paddock did in the forest area, wedge jutting out into the field. On the left side of the wedge from the field began to corral the shooters were placed on the road, leaving the forest from the right base of the wedge. I, as the youngest, and therefore allegedly unreliable arrow set nearly edge of the wedge, the next room could be seen at the beginning of the road — it was a good friend of mine — just a big difference in age does not allow me to call him a friend, a former fighter pilot, a member of Great Patriotic War, Eugene M. Shutov. Full-beater began shouting in some 50 meters away from me, soon a line of beaters passed me and I was left alone. «I obviously did not Kabanov dozh-

Scarecrow contemporary bulls be given «- I decided, and something to hide — like a stir! When the chain beaters drew level with Yevgeny Mikhailovich, in line shooters gunfire broke out; I looked, and Eugene M. kissed and fired two shots into the woods. Soon, on the field between me and jumped Shutov boar, crossed the edge of the field and disappeared into the woods behind the line of shooters. Paddock continued — beaters went farther into the forest, and I’m in violation of hunting regulations come down from their seats to see if there was on the trail of spent boar blood. There was blood and I, again in violation of the rules, I decided to take a walk on the trail. This «little» has resulted in a mile, if not more, with the boar came totaling boar trail, the trail then started to see double, and I hardly looked for drops of blood, to determine what goes podranok for this trail. Wanted to have been turned back, but the sound of the pen still be heard, and soon turned from a wild boar trails, moreover, he moved toward the corral. Of course, I kept the gun in his hands constantly; in the lower trunk — grape, at the top — a bullet. Ahead clearance — a small nizinka, from one end of reedy little taller than a man, a boar’s trail went through the reeds. Rushes our area is easily overcome as opposed to the reeds in the flooded areas of the south, by the way, there are wild boars inhabit it in the reeds. When I was on the reeds ten meters, being in the middle of the bush, there was a noise in front — a wild boar jumped up and went to the right. In front of me was progalinka or track that runs across, making a couple of jumps, I jumped at it and saw seven meters in the wild boar crossing the track. Shoot at him without thinking buckshot — the boar fell just outside the track, I could see only the back legs twitching. I am running a little ahead, lying in a wild boar shot from the top of the barrel the bullet, aiming just behind the ear. It was a relatively small cleaver — 80 kilograms liveweight. My absence to participating in the hunt have been reported. During pen boars shot by several men, but as it turned out, all missed, except Yevgeny Mikhailovich, who thought that, too, missed, because in place an arrow on the blood trail was not wild boars. There were the usual in such cases, disassembly, — who is to blame and what to do next, so that neither my absence or my shots, no cries for the next one paid any attention. I went on the noise, came out to the disputants, I say: «What do not go to butcher the boar?» I did not believe at first: «What a boar?» — Jokes, they say, old people over the young. But my kind of excited them still worked, — disputes ceased all enthusiastically moved me. I felt like a hero.

In recent decades, among the «new Russian hunters» boar hunt seems almost the only domestic hunting, with the sole tower. The expression «investment in hunting» are understood as fertilizing boar, installation and protection of the towers from visiting any land hunters, except for wealthy clients and not less rich friends. An unexpected blow to this housekeeping African swine fever caused by, at least in our Tver region — are at the level of the regional government decided to reduce the density of wild boar. Hunting for wild boars from the tower I have not, although I have an idea what it means to spend 5 hours in the cold without the slightest movement, as the hunting of foxes ambush.

Here is a statement about hunting from a tower known journalist VM Peskov (the newspaper «Komsomolskaya Pravda» №3 (26016) from 01.21.2013 years): «Imagine how here goes hunting for wild boar. It is almost impossible to miss, even if you are the first time in his life, holding his gun. However, coming home, the hunter is unlikely someone says how defeated the beast. Perhaps his house will be called a hero. After the boar has long been considered a ferocious beast. It is really fierce, this beast is the ancient name of the boar. Hunting on it requires courage and skill. And then, on the tower: warm coat, a little patience and a desire to shoot on the living — that’s the whole prowess. And if not all the pigs fall under the bullets, then it is due exclusively boars, beasts careful, sensitive and shrewd. «

Returning to the question — whether pigs are dangerous? As shown by the foregoing examples, they are dangerous only when they have or they protect offspring. For my hunting practices no hunter was killed by a wild boar tusks, though, as you can see, it was twice close to it. Yet three of my friends were killed on the hunt: wild boar, two and one on the elk. The most dangerous ferocious boar is your companion in the hunt, especially if it is at least sometimes violates the rules for handling a gun.

In the seventies and eighties to collective hunting went not by car and by bus, belonging, as a rule, enterprises where hunters. Site visits were conducted at the weekend, the driver of the bus could not refuse to go — then frustrate the trip. Clearly the desire to involve hunting bus driver in his team. And another check for wild boar, the last enclosure. All off the bus and moving: one on the shooting line who in the line of beaters. Head hunting reserves near the bus driver and instructs: «There boar trail can go wild boars.» The driver, a novice hunter charges a single-barreled gun and waits patiently. Paddock empty. It was quite dark. The two hunters returned to the bus on a footpath that runs the bottom of the ditch. The driver sees the low silhouette, takes them for wild boar, shooting and as luck would have it — gets. Hunter S. died. Meanwhile, the «Hunting Rules» states: «no shooting is unclear apparent purpose.»

Another case, goes hunting for moose. Moose moves parallel to the shooting line, after the shooting of one of the hunters slows. Hunter, reload the gun, he decided to catch up and finish. While he tries to approach the elk, the second hunter shoots an elk on the same, seeing that the first hunter was in alignment with the elk. The investigation established that the bullet pierced the withers moose and hit the head of the first hunter. 3. Hunter killed. In the «hunting regulations» reads: «During the driven hunt is prohibited to go before the end of the pen numbers.»

The third incident occurred precisely in the company with which I usually hunted. Two Friends Nikolai Charles B. and Ilya Ivanovich stood in line near the shooting. Both — hunters with experience, good shooters. Nikolai Ivanovich hunted with a shotgun before, but recently bought a multi-charge gun. A herd of wild boars out between the partners closer to Nikolai Ivanovich. Shot, boar runs, the second — a wild boar running, the third shot is already on the line of shooters, wild boar is still running, but with a cry falls Ilya Ivanovich B. — a bullet hit him in the thigh. The victim lay on a makeshift stretcher, but without reaching the car, he died from loss of blood. Surprisingly, the shooting of wild boar, Nikolai hit in the thigh man — probably significantly upgraded the gun or was longish butt. But in the «Regulation of hunting» is written: «It is forbidden to rifle shooting along the line of 45 degrees in the sector.»

Hunter, hunting from a tower, does not put their lives at risk either from an angry boar or from a shot to the next room. But he is dangerous not only for hunters who try to get a boar with the approach, but also for the accident was late mushroom, berry, woodcutters.

Not every modern Adonis there will own Aphrodite, which will be able not only to mourn the beloved, but pray to Zeus to resurrect it. So, brothers hunters will not only courageous, but careful!

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