Decade InfoWatch: information flow under control

Decade InfoWatch: information flow under control

December 9 InfoWatch Group will celebrate a decade of work in the Russian and foreign markets. Understand that the LRA for the company, can be very simple: just to name its CEO — Natalya Kaspersky.

And the further we can say that in the segment of enterprise data protection at InfoWatch account for more than 50% of the market of Russia and CIS countries. It also works in Western Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

In its anniversary year, the company released a new version of the package InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Enterprise. It is built on a unique design and has the capacity to prevent even the most difficult to detect incidents of data leakage.

One of the key innovations was the subsystem InfoWatch Crawler, which provides control over the placement of documents on network resources and allows you to specify where the information is stored and who has access to it. InfoWatch Crawler scans the workstations of employees, shared network storage and document management systems followed by the creation of shadow copies of the documents found. In the future, they are transmitted to the server InfoWatch Traffic Monitor for analysis and the application of security policies.

Suppose, for example, some companies need to control the movement of the presentation of PowerPoint, containing valuable information. Now, just add it to the database of reference documents. Since then, the system will be fixed on the fact of motion-controlled channels, not only the presentation of the document as a whole, but also the plain text copied from the file, as well as presentations from which removed all the text, leaving the images and diagrams.

Years of experience absorptive InfoWatch experts indicates that the DLP-system can not be «out of the box solution», so the new version takes into account the types of sensitive data, relevant to the times of personal industries. The base text templates added new facilities in such industries as finance and insurance, oil and gas, manufacturing, telecommunications, as well as separately added to the new template in the personal data. If companies want to track data corresponding to a specific text patterns, not represented in the system, you can add them as soon as possible (on the initiative of users and developers is similar to anti-virus updates).

The InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Enterprise 4.0 expanded the list of detected file formats, as well as the controlled channels. For full control of information flow on the workstations in the system adds support for intercepting and blocking of recording information on removable media, CD / DVD. It is also implemented to intercept encrypted messages transmitted by such popular messengers like GTalk and Agent, as well as the program Skype, which has recently been very popular and is often used in a business environment. The system InfoWatch Traffic Monitor monitors as a text message sent via Skype, and calls.

The list of controlled information channels over the network supplemented FTP protocol. In addition, realized the possibility of a ban on the connection to the network segment is not included in the permitted list. For example, an attempt to connect to an employee of any «outside» Wi-Fi network will be locked, allowing the company to control the portable devices of employees, even when they are outside of the protected perimeter. In addition, when employees access to corporate e-mail on mobile devices running iOS or Android version of the new system will analyze and monitor all messages sent on the channel. This will help companies to implement the principles of remote work and the use of personal gadgets employees (BYOD), to ensure the security of corporate.

Alexander Klevtsov, development manager DLP, InfoWatch said: «Version InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Enterprise 4.0 is designed taking into account different scenarios of leaks, it has expanded the list of controlled communication channels, file and data types also enhancements to the services and systems of user interaction: InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Enterprise 4.0 enables security officers to set up a more flexible policy of the IB, taking into account the peculiarities of business processes, as well as to a more rapid and effective investigation into the incident. «

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