Details are the same, but the prices are different

Details are the same, but the prices are different

Do you think you can save on spare parts, only by buying non-genuine? «Native» are too different what we see firsthand.

When will a major renovation, the question of economies of new detail becomes especially important. Should I look for the best price within the same city or the difference would be penny? That’s what we decided to find out.

For the purity of the experiment took particular car: Mitsubishi Lancer X with the engine 1.8 and manual transmission. Details of the value of which we requested, is sufficient demand — front disc brakes and shock absorbers, brake pads, clutch parts (basket, the bearing and drive).

Perhaps, therefore, the official dealer offered to buy them at any time — the entire list on the stock. However, the prices immediately showed us a tall. They began to call in an unauthorized service. There are, of course, the choice is less available and not all there. But you can save: for example, if the shoe order at least one month, it will cost by 20-25% cheaper. However, not everyone is willing to wait so long. But even if you buy spare parts available in stock, the difference compared with the price of the official dealer reaches 40%.

At the same time, and it offers a wide range of alternative components {at least two to three options).

When we reached the largest online retailers of spare parts, even more surprised diversity. There were all the details they need money for much less. Most have in stock, and the waiting time (in the absence) does not exceed three days. However, the virtual point of sales has several disadvantages: to look at the detail of the purchase is not possible, the calculation is performed to obtain the details and possible damage during shipping. Return that for some reason did not come, not so easy, and sometimes it is possible to detect a mismatch only when, upon installation. Servismeny may rightly ask for money for the «idle» work. So the savings can turn into extra hassle. But who would think about it, when for the same product offered to pay much less?

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