Diagnosis of cable lines: at the gates of a new era

Diagnosis of cable lines: at the gates of a new era

Today in Russia there is no practice of continuous diagnosis of the condition of high-voltage cable systems. The legal framework governing the status of the scan isolation requires cable lines only periodic tests that require the withdrawal from service of KL, do not address the issues of prevention of electrical defects, and are potentially dangerous (because they are destructive). Community experts are increasingly discussing the possibility of implementing an effective centralized system of diagnostics of electrical equipment that will solve a range of problems, from energy security to a significant reduction in material costs for maintenance and repair of KL. In this article we will look at the existing methods of diagnostics of cable lines and talk about the prospects for their application in our country.

Methods of assessment of cable lines

Today, in the global assessment of the practice of electricity high voltage insulation cable systems it is the basis for decisions on the continuation of their operation, maintenance or replacement. Insulation condition of cable lines can determine the voltage test is performed in accordance with applicable regulations (in Russia — GOST, SAE standards and testing of electrical equipment), as well as with the use of diagnostics.

From practice of operation of high-voltage cable lines it is known that positive test results increased voltage of industrial frequency does not guarantee trouble-free subsequent operation. For example, after a successful test high voltage cable lines, they often fail in the near future. It is found that in most cases, the cause of aging in intense electric insulation due to partial discharges (PD) in the defect sites, which reduces the life of the cable lines. The most dangerous are these tests for cable lines with a long service life. Thus, according to statistics, only in the networks of JSC «Lenenergo».

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