Dima Masyuchenko

Dima Masyuchenko

«Love — it’s so unpredictable thing, that it is impossible to predict!»

In our category "NEW" we tell you about a young, talented people who have achieved something, or just starting out. Today on the pages of our magazine you have the opportunity to learn about the talented, open, kind man who conquered all her songs with deep meaning — Dime Masyuchenko! Dima is known to fans of the TV project «talent Ukraine May 5». His lyrics — it’s not just words.

In their soul, deep thoughts, experiences. His songs touch deeply, to tingling of the skin. You listen, and involuntarily welling with tears in his eyes. Only a man with a rich inner world could write such necessary and important words that make you think. Dima is very modest, but charismatic and smiling.

You yourself write their own songs. Who or what inspires you?

Absolutely all the tracks I write myself! I am inspired by everything that surrounds me.

Why did you choose the style of his performance is rap?

I got to open his own style, it’s hard to call rap, I just decided to do something that no one before me has not done, and I did it!

Do you think you need more of our country, these talent shows like «talent Ukraine May», «X-Factor»?

This unequivocal opinion: they are certainly needed, as it is the ordinary man a chance to start.

You already have a fan meeting. What emotions from communication with the fans?

Yes, the first fan meeting was held in Kharkov, it was very cool, fun and unforgettable! Just I had a meeting with the fans in my home city — Simferopol.

Your songs of social orientation, songs with deep meaning. But whether fans will hear songs on other topics can be about love?

I have, in fact, there are songs about love, just many of them do not know and believe that I have only those tracks that I played in a live …

You recorded a song together with Eugene Belozyorov. How do you like working with him? Quickly find a common language?

Yes, we recently recorded a song together with Zhenya, it was unrealistic to cool. He’s a great, kind, cheerful person, and the song came out the same. This time I decided to move away from all social, so deep and just enjoy the pleasant work, the music and the freshness of the summer (smiles).

One of your main qualities — dedication, kindness and openness. And what qualities do you think should be in every man?

Hard to say, but every person in my opinion should be yourself!

The question that worries many fans: what should be the girl that you’re in love with her, and you could fall in love groupie?

It is very difficult to answer this question because I do not know what could be in a minute. I can go out, meet a girl and fall in love right away (laughs). Love — it’s so unpredictable thing, that it is impossible to predict.

Duration offer:

If not for music, I would do …

the fact that I do not like, and is not suitable.

The biggest influence in my life I have to …

parents, because they gave me life, and I owe them will always be!

Most of all I want to achieve …

success in their work!

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