Diold SHRE — 0.9

Diold SHRE - 0.9

Electric hand end tenor

Speed ​​(idle) 11 000 rev / min

Groove depth (max): 14 mm

MILLS DIMENSIONS: diameter outer / boarding -100 / 24 mm; thickness — 4 mm

Dimensions (without cord): 360 x 134 x 155 mm

Weight (without cord) 3.1 kg

By appointment end tenor is specialized milling machines designed for prosekaniya grooves, slots and slots in wood, plywood, fibreboard and other similar materials. For this purpose the disk cutters with carbide-tipped. Theoretically, instead of end tenor sometimes possible to use conventional «circular saw» or the router, but the accuracy and speed in such a replacement is not expected. A main area of ​​application end tenor (Jointers) just requires high precision. It can be used, for example, to connect the individual pieces of wood (in the manner of flooring), or in the production of furniture for grooving under the rails, locks, hinges and some other types of accessories and options is not so little.

The end tenor comes in a plastic case. The design is reminiscent of LBM, but instead of housing set the control unit and the disc replaced by a mill, which is in the normal state is completely hidden. For prosekaniya groove adjusting unit (casing cutter) is pressed against the surface to be treated, and then, overcoming the resistance of springs «slid» from the cutter housing into a preform, and lead it to obtain the required length of the groove. The machine is safe: it is necessary to remove the load — and the cutter «hide» events casing. Cutting depth is typically controlled with a screw nut, which abuts against the stopper, height — vertical movement with a support bracket. If you need to, you can make and the oblique groove — to change the angle of the support.

In operation, a little confused at first switch: to run, you should click on its back, like a key, and then the entire advance forward until it locks. The design is not that rare, but not too familiar, and quite tight: an effort that must be applied for inclusion, is comparable to the force feed the entire body for the nomination of the cutter. But easy to get used to.

The maximum measured to fly cutters — 16 mm. Work can end tenor or «from the base» or «from the support.» Of course, the workpiece should be well secured. In the first case cent] -) is obtained in the region of the groove 9 mm from the underside of the workpiece, it is necessary to consider the second from the top plane. There can be adjusted from 4 to 47 mm (in principle, be more, but the scale ends at 35 mm). General scale such instruments need only «for reference», but show true. Before the exact work is still better to experiment on an unnecessary piece of wood. But in general, although a special tool, but in the arsenal of a carpenter will definitely come in handy.

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