Dmitry Nagiyev.

Dmitry Nagiyev.

At the time when the masses do not know who is Dmitry Nagiyev, I just raved about popularity. My motto was «no matter what I do, it is important that there is.» I worked for a radio broadcaster in St. Petersburg and just wanted to play in a movie. But I was in the movie had not been asked. And I had almost nothing to eat. But already he had a wife and son …

Poverty and hunger, I am not afraid. I was brought up by my mother, and we were very poor. My parents divorced when I was «irresponsible» age, but I remember my father, because I spoke with him. Of course, the main problems lay on her mother’s shoulders. She’s a philologist, and my father had worked in the Russian theater in Ashgabat, he studied at the filmmaker, and as I remember him, singing. It’s funny, but we all sang well in the family: my mother, my brother, my grandmother. The only ugly duckling — I: I have absolutely no hearing and voice. But the desire to live well I have always been present.

Once out of this desire, I almost landed in jail — I caught fartsovki (buy clothes abroad and sold them Lohamei), and I had just three days to decide whether military service or prison.

I chose the army. And it was better -I do not know … The service was disgusting. Endemic hazing. Me and beaten, broken ribs and nose. This I now speak calmly and even sometimes try to convince myself that the service in the army — a useful thing. All these show-off. Waste of time and health. I did not like the army of … dignity. I never creepy, did not run headlong into the dining room for the soldering, and walked with dignity, slowly. And for that I got it from «cousins.» Now I think that it was necessary to behave differently.

I constantly brought up the courage. I needed it. At school I was following all the classmates and the weakest. For me and broke away. So I went to a special evening in the dark alleys and ran across the yard gang. But always lane straight, not folded. They beat me, and I tried to fight back. Gradually it began to turn. But the fight, as in life, it is important to be able to fend for themselves. These lessons are useful to me. When there was no money and work, I went ahead: Steady light where he could. And I noticed Nevzorov. It was the film «Purgatory.» And I absolutely did not care when he saw me, Nevzorov said: «What a fantastic scum!», Because after the release of the film I began to receive interesting proposals. And I did not refuse from anything, and when I called Commissioners and invited to become the leading program «Windows», I immediately agreed.

I was important to the welfare of my family, and not the opinion of the people. When you have a small child, and you can only buy a small piece of meat and divide it for a week — it’s a failure.

I often hear my colleagues say that they have come into the profession, «to carry the good, eternal» — but I do not believe it! And then I see how they are taken in a frank rubbish, but for the money. Why lie? The «Windows» brought me to the financial well-being, a pass in Moscow, communication popularity. I began to get rid of the complex of the «little actor». And now I do not need popularity. Her much. But to say that «the glory of got me» -not will. This is a lie. I like the attention, even gossip like. Gossip — it’s natural, because I’m a public person, and almost every day flashed in the «TV». Recently, someone from your brother wrote that, he says, saw me in an intimate setting with a man … would see the person who wrote — filled to the face!

Women, gays, children.

I love women, and only women. The woman — the most beautiful thing God created. I do not hide that I Lovelace (laughs), but do not greatly exaggerate the number of my sexual conquests. Hard to believe, but once I was an exemplary family man. We ex-wife Cher married Alice of mad love and mad passion. Both worked in the same field radiozhurnalistskoy. Yes, I do not deny that Alice was a popular host and put in a word for me on the radio. I am grateful to her for help and for her son. But I grew out of that life, and the divorce was the right decision. Alice, of course, did not want a divorce, but exist in the routine of family life — not for me.

I am often asked about the book Alice, «I was the wife of Nagiyev.»

In the former wife of a good style, interesting to read. ..and I read this book and talked to Alice. She has a grudge against me, has feelings for me, but nothing lasts forever. Yes, I am guilty before her: there were adultery, tears and quarrels … But I hope that now ex-wife to me less claims. We also shared a son. I was and still am a father rented, but a good father. Yes, sometimes I do not have time for long conversations with Cyril, but I never left unattended. And there were conversations «for life», for the hard work of the actor …

Son ponimaet.Konechno I always, I’m interested in the fate of his acting. Cyril Nagiyev starred in the continuation of the «Brigade», and together we recently took part in the TV series «The capital sin.» But the press, to teach him, I will not. And I ask for it will not. When he was expelled from the Theatre Studio School, I do not lift a finger to intervene. This is his lumps. And rightly so. Son went from Moscow to St. Petersburg and is now studying at the Theatre Academy. But it’s his choice. You’re thinking that I risuyus? Mol, and I asked for his little son, and gave advice how and where to shoot …

I have a rule — not to give advice. The case is ungrateful. In my life, I got great advice from Lyudmila Gurchenko, when she came to my show «Kysya.» After seeing it I clearly «put»: «Live your mind and emotions. Then become a good actor. » And I have a lot of emotions. I like when I like.

I am one hundred percent man. People often ask me what I prefer women. More ignorant question, I have not heard. I like blondes and brunettes and bald. The main thing that it was interesting, kayfovo — and that the soul did not climb to the stupidities. Of course, it is better to communicate with blondes: they’re sexy and more silent (laughs), but I was too glamorous brunette interest. Of course, I womanizer, but honest. Never, except his wife, did not promise to their women, that in the morning we go to the registry office. Foolish is the man who in bed promises the sky with diamonds, and the next morning dumps in English. There is an axiom: «If you want to throw a woman, do not try to present it beautifully. Beautifully never will come. «

I think that your reader is such Nagieva: cynical, selfish, apostate, nihilists. Share truth in this, but … And I was eighteen years old Love is captured. Her name was Olga. Beauty. We had a long «friends.» She even moved me, and we began to live as a family. But she spree, I just could not, and we parted. Experiencing terrible, vein cut myself, but my mother managed to save. However, in the nuthouse I lay a couple of days. I had enough of this. ..and I have decided that it is better «to be friends with the head.» To say that I’m a cynic … Maybe …

I’m really cynical attitude towards gays. Especially amusing as they are «in the TV» talk about their heavenly love to the weaker sex. But I know perfectly well that the kitchen and realize that they need a woman like me to oblivion. Yes, live, sleep with whoever you want, but leave the show-off.

About Latvian grandmother.

Baltic roots I have my grandmother Gertrude, half German, half-Latvian woman. In general, things are mixed in me a lot of blood. Ancestors lived in Iran and Central Asia. A grandfather was from the orphanage where he was given the name of Azerbaijani Nagiyev. And I was teased at school «chock». But the grandmother was calm, consistency, like a true Aryan. Mama said that patience and equanimity I grandmother Gertrude.

About MATE, cinema and Volochkova.

When I agreed to play in the play «Kysya», he was confident that the audience did not perceive … because the mat. At first, there were situations when people got up and left. But then I got used to (laughs), and still have this statement wildly popular. In general, my attitude to the mat in two ways … In the army, where everyone spoke it, I basically for all the service did not say any swear words. Since my mom philologist, I possess absolutely pure Russian. I hate swearing. But in real life there are situations when it is appropriate to strong language. I think that «Kyse» mat is justified.

Mat — a brand of the nation. To get away from it! Sometimes it is not without feelings, no emotions needed. Of course, as a believer I understand that abuse -greh, but if not … Although there are things that I would never do as an actor. .. For example, I would not lie down in a coffin — but this level of prejudice. And if I was offered the role of Judas in the TV series «The Master and Margarita», but for it also promised decent money, I am ready. Someone has to play it … «Let us pray, and go» — that’s my motto. The main thing — to get into the good hands of the director. When I was in the theater, it was the heyday of Sokurov, Mikhalkov, Konchalovsky. I made my way to shoot these masters of peeping and studied, polished skill. Is it bad? Well stolen gesture, facial expression — this is not theft, and skill. My impossible dream — Hollywood. But everything in life happens. To be honest, I do not play anything of what he wanted. Of course, I lit up in the cult TV series and have the opportunity to choose, but the only bad actor is satisfied. I would like to act, to create, to «shoot» roles, to receive awards. And, of course, earn a lot of money. (Laughs) I would be … I have a million dreams.

I would like a lot of what you want, but I’m quite happy with the television projects. Show me someone who refuses to become the leading «Two stars». The project is interesting, Channel, decent money … I get tired I of show business? Judge for yourself: working on a project about forty editors, costume designers, lighting sponsors. Yes, and bohemians — people are complex. Of course, I get tired … of stupidity. You look sometimes and think, «Oh, no you hearing voices … to get into the music can not, as you climb! Shame, then why? Popiaritsya due to their lack of talent? Or talk to the screen that you have a new lover … Anastasia Volochkova — a beautiful woman. Someone like her work, but to sing something she does not know how. When I see stupid pathological desire to «get into the cage,» then, in addition to the sarcasm this person, I have nothing. I do not like rudeness, stupidity, lack of professionalism. It’s my fault. (Laughs) Actually, I patient, reliable and never disruptive actor shooting.


Describe yourself in three words.

I do not smoke, do not drink, do not tear off the shooting.

At what point did you realize that you are an adult?

At the registry office.

What you can not do from the fact that every man should be able to?

Change your phone number.

Without the body would not have been a man a man?


A woman — a woman?


When was the last fight, and from whom?

In childhood. And in general I prefer constructive dialogue.

When the cry for the last time?

When he left us Lyudmila Gurchenko.

At some companies feel comfortable?

In his.

Who are the great men who left you would like to communicate?


Which of your habits you most on your nerves?

I am perfect. (Laughs)

What a strange lack of the easiest to take you?

I do not dwell on the shortcomings of others. They told me no difference.

You anything a surprise?

What the hell am I talented! (Laughs)

How can a woman seduce a man?

It should be: first — an interesting conversationalist, the second — sex, the third — to possess charisma.

That man should not tell a woman?

Tomorrow they will go to the registry office.

The main female confusing for men.

There is no perfect man.

What’s the most erotic part of the female body?

The mind and the woman.

Is it love — this eclipse of reason?

Looking at what age … At a young age it is possible.

Is it possible to love someone more than yourself?

What for? Love yourself as you want to be loved more.

Is it possible for life to love a woman?

To me it is not yet possible.

Do you agree with the statement that people sometimes exaggerate the importance of sex in their lives.

Sex is beautiful when he desires.

Why do women often prefer to see next to a rogues and men — fools?

Bastards damn sexy, and fools do not ask too many questions.

What is missing for you to be completely happy?


If you could change one single thing in the world, what would it be?

Nothing would have changed. The course of history, like life, can not be changed.

Is there a movie you watched more than three times?

His film «Purgatory.» Nice memories.

The biggest dream, not work-related.


Do you have any fears?

I am afraid of neglect and depression.

No more boring than to do … what?

Stupidly lie on the couch.

What do you regret the most? What did — or did not do what?

Pity — it is silly. You just live.

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