DO multihull hives farm «Precepts of Ilyich» Verhnemalonskogo area. Voronezh region, 446 families they serve 4 beekeeper and one assistant. Each apiary profitability

The collective farm sows annually at least 800 hectares of sunflower and 180 hectares of coriander. For pollination of these crops it is brought to the bees. In 1961 the collective farm agronomist M. Tkachev defined yield increase sunflower pollination by bees paired sites. It turned out that with the array, each of which accounted for 1.2 hectares family, sunflower yield was 12 quintals per hectare, with 0.6 -10 tons per family, and from the area to which bees are not a ride — 8 quintals.

In 1962, an extremely unfavorable for the honey crop, beekeepers received 51.5 quintals of marketable honey. Translated into money every beekeeper gave farm income 1,800 rubles. In 1962, the cost of honey does not exceed 41 kopecks.

But the apiary there is overhead. No good Zimovniki And so they have to be repaired annually.

Hives on the farm apiaries varied: beds, double and single hull and multihull hives in the smaller frame. This, of course, is also a negative impact on productivity.

According to beekeepers, multihull hives — that’s what was missing in the apiaries for many years. However, on the farm until they are very few. This summer, the beekeepers visited Kalacheevskogo educational and demonstrative apiary equipped multihull hives, and now everyone wants as soon as possible equip these hives and their apiaries. Speaking about his intention to collective farm chairman Ivan Timofeyevich Khriukin and obtaining his consent, beekeepers are now taking steps to ensure that during the winter to make possible greater multihull hives.

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