Radek Filip lives in Prague. The chief editor of the fishing magazine Kaіtap. Universal Angler specializes in catching predatory fish. Personal records: KGS 206 cm in length and weighing 75 kg, the carp length 107 cm and weighing 18.5 kg.

Not long ago, many anglers asp associated with fish, which is almost impossible to catch. But in 80-90 years of the last century the situation has changed, mainly due to a significant breakthrough spinning fishing. Asp has become more likely to fall in the catch of fishermen, but these were accidental capture of lures and fishing techniques used by fishers. Later, fans spinning managed to «penetrate into the head» of a predator — a better understanding of its behavior. They began to use lures, the game which simulates movement of forage fish — object hunt asp. In the end, they developed bait gear specially designed to catch Avrshe aerte. These baits in combination with a special technique of catching (extremely fast wiring) fundamentally affect the efficiency of catching asp spinning. Since then began a desperate struggle between the fishermen and this beautiful strong fish. Powerful: bite, desperate resistance and uncompromising struggle — this is what my article.

It is believed that the asp theoretically can reach a length of more than 100 cm. According to the internationally recognized database, www. Fishing-worldge-, the biggest chub was caught in 2008 in the River Vah (Vax) in Slovakia, it was 99 cm long and weighed 10.3 kg. The official record IGFA, for official recognition which is necessary to go through a very complicated procedure, is much more modest: chub weighing 5.66 kg, caught in the Swedish lake Vänern (Vanern). Rather modest record, because surely many of you had to catch asp is longer than 70 cm and weighing more than 5 kg.

Asp is omnivorous. Juveniles feed mainly on plankton, invertebrates, small insect larvae and fry. Adult chub, although it remains an omnivorous to some extent, mainly hunts for small fish. Young Predators kept in flocks. Adults often (but not always) lead a solitary lifestyle. Hunting asp specific addiction, it is incredibly active hunter. Often in search of forage fish he overcomes great distances and follows her. Hunting — it’s the noisiest aspect of the life of this predator. Active hunting requires a huge expenditure of energy, so asp needs more food compared to other freshwater predators.

From late spring until the second half of the autumn asp is on the course. It can be seen near the river weirs, near the dam, in the field of small fish feeding on the beaches and bays. Regardless of dwell asp in a river or lake, it is usually in the upper water layers and not at the surface. In late autumn, he moved into the depths. What should we know about this brave warrior river with a fishing point of view? He stands in the upper layers of the water is incredibly mobile, moving at high speed, it has a wonderful vision.

Modern methods of fishing.

Asp can be caught on the float rod, on the feeder, fly fishing, but still the most effective way of catching him, no doubt, spinning, I would like to introduce you to the technique of fishing, which is always working, at least for me. I did not catch asp in other ways. In my opinion, by far the most effective technique, which in warmer months, working almost bezot-executed. The gist of it is very simple: «There is a bait that would be too fast for asp. If you think that your bait is quickly try to present it even faster! «. To achieve this, it is necessary to twist the coil as quickly as possible, keeping the rod tip up. This is one of the easiest techniques of spinning fishing calculated that a predator with a beautiful vision will instinctively chase fast feed fish that are normally found at the surface. To achieve such a presentation, you need the appropriate bait. This method works almost everywhere, but still the best places — are areas with near boiling water weirs and rapids in places at certain times asp concentration is much higher than in others.

Having found a promising place, it is necessary for fishing on the largest possible area. Extremely fast presentation of the bait allows it in the shortest possible time. Naturally, the first thing to focus on catchability points that are regularly visited by hunting asp, but do not ignore the places where it hardly gives evidence of its presence. To chub took the bait, do not necessarily keep it in sight. If you want to catch asp, which is noticed on the surface, try not to throw their bait in the head and the tail of a predator, then he instinctively grab it. When the bait is at high speed directly toward his head, this predator is alarming. In asp has its own routes, places he visits regularly during the activity I hunt. In some places he hunts, in others — preparing to attack (to a depth falls and rises again), in certain parts of rest (usually on the back at the border during the depths and shoals). Of course, such places are also worthy of your attention. Always try to stay so that you have not seen asp.


Most spinning lures are not suitable for very rapid presentation. Even if they are suitable for this purpose, they are absolutely useless in the current, because they lose the appeal of the game. The stagnant water or in places with slow current, you can quite successfully catch any bait, including Spoons, wobbler or jerkbait. But some of these lures is impossible to throw a long distance, the other because of too much resistance in the water quite unsuitable for quick wiring on the course. That is why the Polish designers baits developed and successfully used lures specifically designed for catching asp. Their specific feature — short blade at an angle of 90 degrees with respect to the body of the lure. Through this structure, decreases the resistance in the water, the lure moves as perched without making wide fluctuations. These lures have a thin profile, therefore, remain stable even in a very strong current. They are also quite heavy, so that they can be delivered over a long distance.

Many Polish companies currently produce special zherehovye crankbaits, and I think very soon follow their example, developers from other countries. The most famous of them — Gloog Hermes, Salmo Thrill, Taps Ukleja-S and Hunter-Spirit. They all work, but each has its own peculiarity. These lures are available in different colors. Good to have a large variety of colors in your box, but I must say that the best works naturally. Try the classic colors: white, black, gray with black, green and white or blue and white. Regarding the amount of bait, then, in my opinion, 7 cm + — a universal size. When asp begins to ignore your bait, sometimes regular change of colors can bring the desired bite. 95% of the fish that are caught on these baits — is asp. Other predators are simply not fast enough for those baits.

There are other effective spinning lures such as poppers, propbeyty, jerkbaits and stikbeyty. The last two types of lures are gaining popularity among anglers. They do not need a fast presentation, their effectiveness is increased by several times in standing water.


I do not like to dwell too much on the subject of gear when it comes to other predators. Some authors fishing so suited to the choice of gear as if dealing with rocket science. But in the case asp really need special gear. With conventional spinning reel, and his catch will not be effective and comfortable for one hundred percent.

The most vulnerable part of your fishing equipment in the asp, which requires a fast presentation — a reel. To catch this predator, I prefer spinning reels beytkastingovoy. Need coil with a high gear ratio that can provide high-speed wiring and to withstand severe loads. Unfortunately, the market for such a little coil. And the few that there are not related to the budget or mid-market. Reel with a ratio of 4.8: 1, with a single rotation of the handle pulls the fishing line about 70 cm. With such a coil your arm gets tired very quickly (especially wrist).

For zherehovoy need fishing reel with a large gear ratio, which is capable of one turn of the coil spool of fishing line 90 cm. It is these characteristics have a coil Daiwa Ballistic (gear ratio of 6: 1, the largest model — 6.2: 1) and the Shimano Stradic CI4 (gear ratio of 6: 1). They are very light, and catching them is a pleasure. Even the legendary old model Stradic FA white with front friction brake is very good for catching asp. The only drawback of this model — is significantly more weight compared with Daiwa Ballistic, made of a material Zaion, and Shimano Stradic CI4, made of carbon fiber. An alternative can be found in the line reel Mitchell. At the moment the fishing market, I do not see the other models of the coils, which have approached 100%. If you just want to try to catch asp, not catch it on purpose, in principle, it will fit any coil.

I’m not very demanding in terms of the choice of the rod. For fishing from the shore in the rivers and lakes can not do without a long fast action rod, with which you can bring the lure at a great distance. No need to worry about wiring: all you need asp — is uniform, but very fast wiring. The rod must be rigid enough for a reliable and undercuts vyvazhivaniya (I prefer spinning medium power). The ideal length — from 2.7 to 3.3 m with a test of around 10-40 Choose the right rod — not a problem among my favorite zherehovyh spinning — Fujitsu Shogun, Dragon Destiny, Berkley Skeletor, Robinzon Diaflex. In principle, in the range of any large company can find a suitable spinning. For fishing from a boat for small rivers and inaccessible places better to use shorter rods. The same applies to fishing lures requiring active presentation, such as poppers, jerkbaits and stikbeyty.

With regard to the age-old problem of choosing between the braided cord and lines, in this situation, I do still gravitate to the cord. Since we are dealing with a very quick presentation, need not worry about that asp will see braided line. If you still have concerns on this account, use the leash of fluorocarbon. Thin cable can deliver the bait to greater distance, and almost zero stretch — to implement a robust slicing down even to a respectable distance. Some use floating zhereshatniki braided cord with a coating which work well in combination with surface lures. Catching the asp — a fishing-style action. With braided cord fishing becomes even more exciting. Asp bite — it is something, but with the non-stretchable cord bite like an injection of adrenalin straight to the heart, is that it is impossible to forget and want to feel again and again!

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