Of course, the most famous animal in the «Songs» the dragon. These huge flying dinosaurs at the beginning of the saga thought to be extinct, but the inhabitants of Westeros do not forget about them. The people walked songs and legends about dragons, in some of their castles across opalёnnye fire walls, and in the cellars of the Red Castle survived a whole collection of ancient skeletons. In everyday life is very highly valued black dragon bones: on the strength of it is comparable to steel, but was more flexible and lighter than metal and it does not burn in the fire.

Externally vesterosskie dragons resemble their relatives from other fiction, but from the clutches of the local reptiles only two. From shoulder dragons grow a pair of wings leathery, his head adorned with horns and a long serpentine neck balances as a long tail. The bright, painted in a variety of colors Dragonscale very strong, so the adult lizard is extremely difficult to kill.

But essentially, the only weak spot is its eye of the beast, not the belly or the pharynx, as stated in some legends.

Lizards are capable of spewing flames. Dragon lamp has an extremely high melt temperature and is capable of not only metal but also stone. In the past, the dragons lived for several hundred years and reached poistins huge — so Balerion riding where King Eyegon Conqueror captured Vasteras, was able to swallow the whole bovine lived about two centuries.

Dragons proliferate infrequently. Usually laying several eggs (small — about the size of a human head, but quite heavy), and each can lie for years, waiting for the most favorable conditions. They vary in color, with the color of the shell is always possible to determine which scales will have a baby.

For all its power dragons — very rare animals. In ancient times, they were driven mainly in the mountains on the southern tip of the continent Essos, and it is connected with them rising Valiriyskoy

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