Drill, screwdriver and a pair of pasatizhi

Drill, screwdriver and a pair of pasatizhi

MAM on the Internet, I made one funny watching Strange but true: IN OUR COUNTRY FOR HOME USE people buy relatively expensive professional tools CATF professionals in the construction, repair and decoration, on the contrary, often prefer working equipment more modest price category RELATED The so-called conditional class «semi-pro», if not DIY. AND HP forum users not only the stay the policy, but also actively promotes it among beginners, who came here in search of answers to relevant questions.

But not only this observation may be somewhat controversial, made me think philosophize on an instrumental theme. The editorial board of «DDD» often have to respond to very specific issues related to, first, the choice of a particular model of equipment, and secondly, our relationship to a particular brand. People come up to us at the exhibitions, presentations and other events, write in an editorial post ddd@mospress.com and even get a phone call, expecting to receive a comprehensive consultation immediately. And they are interested in not only (and not so much) the official position of the magazine, but also (mainly) private opinion of your humble servant Alexander Rubin, I probably would not venture to state officially in the pages of the newspaper, but it can sound, so to speak, behind the scenes , in my own way.

He asked me questions mostly a topic for another conversation about comparing the incomparable. Or incomparable? A typical example. «Dear Editors, I’m going to buy a drill. Say, «Anchor» or Metabo? He read a bunch of forums, but have not decided. » The counter ask, what do you think, why the price of two comparable (technical specifications) models of these manufacturers differ by more than 4 times? ..

In this sublime note our communication somehow exhausted. Or say, what words to answer a person who is interested in that «cooler» DeWALT, Makita and Bosch?

It does not «better» or there, «reliable», «durable», «convenient», namely the «cooler»! Formulirovochki, but … And what, may I ask, this term refers to in relation to the power tool? The total volume of crocodile tears desperately envy neighbor? Finish the quote a paragraph that I often see in many forums on the web: if you want to receive intelligent answers ask an intelligent question. In the comments it does not need.

From the store to the idea of ​​the vast majority of questions (80%, I checked) given by the magazine «DDD» somehow regard in particular drills and drilling process in general. I wonder why? The name of the publication to provoke something? .. No, rather, not quite. I did not hesitate, and conducted a telephone survey of its many friends who do not have nothing to do with the media, or to repair to construction and, to my knowledge, for a lifetime total to hang a dozen paintings and a couple of shelves in the bathroom. In short, those «home users» of the power tool in which journalists are used to refer almost in each thematic publication.

When asked, «that you have the tool?» As one said something like: «Well, drill, pliers, a couple of screwdrivers … Sanya, you do nothing?».

Thus again drill. The first place in the list. Never mind that none of obzvonennyh people I could not say what brand of his instrument, and yet they categorically do not remember the last time it was used and why is acquired. He is, and that’s enough: buy at the store, someone presented, left from the previous owners of cottages or permanently borrowed at work. So drill it plays some role in the mystical life of modern man, in various ways has been steadily making their way into our homes and taking pride of place on the shelf in the pantry or «somewhere under the bed.»

And yet the idea to go back to the story about drills occurred to me not as a result of telephone communication with the army of friends and acquaintances. The story is this. Recently, I was in the construction market in the small suburban town near my garden and suddenly found here a large store the tool with a fairly wide choice of various equipment and accessories. I will not mention the name of the outlet, because the hidden advertising leads to quite explicit claims to the author. Been there, we know. Let me just say that the store is not the network, and no mention of it nerdy «Yandex» is not found. It was interesting to wander around the room, study the range and watch the work of consultants, as usual did not pay any attention to me. The entire staff together drove a circle around one buyer, asked a bunch of wrong (in my opinion) questions and then fiercely challenged by any given them the answer. It is easy to guess, it was to buy a drill. Shock, two-speed, always prestigious professional brand and capacity in the area of ​​kilowatts.

For what purpose acquire tools? That’s right, for the home. And then I had a number of interesting questions to ask yourself: what I would have chosen in place of the buyer? How I would reasoned? What is emphasized? The opening is the same: professional-grade drill renowned brand, the power consumption of about 1000 watts, with an axial stroke and two-speed gearbox, strictly from the range, which was available in this store. Carefully writing names of models, more or less satisfy the above requirements, I began to study the preliminary conditions of the task.

Thus the range of models, this time the magazine «DDD» has decided not to go to the experts in the laboratory, not to waste time on complicated rigorous testing, but just six models to study two-speed impact drills professional class and share lessons learned. Yes, and some of my figures, of course, too good in my possession a digital tachometer stoboskop-DT2240B, as well as noise and vibration analyzer «assistant.» Frankly: both devices does not pass verification or calibration, so that the values ​​are not absolute, but relative, represented drills allows you to compare with each other, but to evaluate them that actual performance can not be claimed.

Calling on the help of a professional user of such equipment Aleksei Dudin (the owner of the company, which specializes in performing facade finishing and construction work) and armed with test drills, we came straight to the construction site. Thus, the test conditions are fully in line with the environment in which the instrument is operated normally. The models will be considered in order of their average cost.


Drill famous since Soviet times the brand belongs to the Professional Series HD Professional, which immediately included it in my personal list of possible purchases.

Unfortunately, sales had only model 720 W (remember, we are talking about one particular store), a power it does not quite match the conditions of the problem, but the other parameters it. At the same time we check whether it gives more powerful competitors in the speed of drilling holes. The tool draws attention primarily for its price, which is significantly (at least twice) lower than that of other models presented. It should be noted that the drill comes in a cardboard box, the others are equipped with a plastic carrying case. The easiest and one of the most compact, it has virtually no technological «bells and whistles» to the standard equipment of this class of self-Auto-stop brushes and electronic speed control is not in the bill. Many users believe that the smaller electronics, the reliability of the device as a whole. I will not either refute or confirm this statement, but if we start from my personal experience, the longevity of the art is rather determined by the quality of its production, the intensity and the operating conditions and the attitude of the owner, not the presence or absence of «bells and whistles».


Manufacturer somehow did not indicate the frequency of strokes in the mode hammerdrilling however, I do not believe this information is so important to dwell on her account. Just I mentioned as a fact. But the system reduce vibration AVS deserves special consideration. Frankly, until recently, I have little faith that in the case of the impact drill can come up with something really effective, able to relieve the operator from tangible

«Shakes» when drilling bricks, lightweight concrete, and so on. N. However, after this test I had to revise my opinion. The design is quite simple and consists of a movable mounting of the rear handle, and something any technical solutions applied within the body, but we’ll talk about them in another article dedicated to the device under test is an internal tool. In the meantime, I consider it necessary to say once again that the system AVS really quite effectively doing its job.

In addition to the above, the model I liked superficially, although the design is, of course, is not the fundamental criterion in the selection, but in fact a beautiful thing and take up nice! I must mention a very high quality made quick (BZP aka keyless) cartridge with ratchet, firmly holding the drill and does not require considerable effort for tightening or loosening.


Drill without much exaggeration be called legendary. Anyway, on this model, I have never heard (or read) any sound negative reviews. Compact housing, low weight at high power, but the main thing constant electronics, maintain the set RPM under load and to limit the possibility of extending the use of this tool. Twist the screws? Please exhibiting a lower gear, translate regulator spindle speed to a minimum, do not forget to turn off the axis stroke, and forward to all passport 1010 W, which is a lot. Drill a hole of large diameter (and / or depth) of the material does not tolerate high speed? Yes elementary, my dear Watson! The picture is the same as in the case with screws. You can even mix the solution in a bucket, although manufacturers are categorically prohibit such mockery of his instrument: for these purposes manufactured specialized equipment mixers and slow-speed drill mixer.

By the way, most of them have a constant electronics.

With other models not equipped with constant electronics, such jokes may not pass: reduces turns sharply reduced torque, as a result of the drill is likely to simply not enough silenok tighten fasteners desired.

Summary: comfortable, relatively light and compact drill with a simple but high quality made toothed girth (SGP, it is key) cartridge. It should be noted also high maintainability tools and good availability of spare parts to it for professional use is a very strong case.


Drill only the brand represented in the store range under consideration, it has a capacity of 790 W at a pretty impressive amount. I have been going with a sigh pass, but my attention was drawn logo UVP, is indicative of the system reduce vibration. But no external examination characteristic signs of its presence was detected Well, perhaps except for the abundance of soft rubberized inserts on the case. Hardly known manufacturer was limited as elementary as they are ineffective methods, right? Armed with such conclusions, I immediately brought this model to the list of subjects, and, as it turned out, not mistaken.

It really demonstrates reduced levels of vibration, which is achieved through the use of special anti-vibration spring and the ring inside the enclosure.

Another interesting feature is the increase in the amplitude of axial shocks with a significant decrease in the number of attacks themselves at a time. That is, this drill has a less common, but more it was initially a theoretical conclusion subsequently confirmed in practice, when a less powerful model of the passport did not yield to their more powerful competitors in the speed of drilling holes in the aerated concrete blocks.

As a result, I had a mixed impression. On the one hand, in the mode hammerdrilling this model demonstrated excellent results with relatively modest power requirements, and on the other it is noticeably inferior kilowatt analogues pure drilling mode when performing, for example, through-hole drill 30millimetrovym Forstner a board thickness of 40 mm. Before you buy should be clearly set priorities and to understand to solve some basic problems acquired drill.


Traditional brand «devoltovsky» design in yellow and black colors, and not least the traditional layout is nothing superfluous, all the switches in place, ergonomics and weight distribution is beyond praise. However, I confess that I am a fan of this brand tools for more than ten years since the first meeting in 1999, so my opinion on the appearance can be called subjective and biased. But let us turn to the dry facts. Here for the first time combined with a unique shifter modes and turning coupling near the neck on the gearbox housing at the point where the front handle is worn. Made by analogy with the familiar for many control torque limiting screwdrivers have. Conveniently? Personally, I do, yes.

And it is quite logical. Drilling mode with an axial stroke is only available on 2nd speed. Keyless metal chuck ROHM ratchet securely holds the drill bit (however, in this sense, we did not have any complaints to any of the participants of the test), and provided the mechanical slip clutch to protect the user from being hit in the grip of the body of the drill jamming. An interesting feature is a very sensitive switch (trigger), allowing flexibility to adjust the speed at zasverlivaniya. Of course, the operator is unlikely to «catch» two revolutions per minute, but the 20 rev / min, I «caught» and held without any problems (check the tachometer).

The brand DeWALT there is a long and firmly established circle of admirers, to the delight of well-known manufacturer which created another very successful model. That’s my personal opinion.

BOSCH GSB 192 REA PROFESSIONAL main (and at that huge) advantage of this model, in my opinion, are odnogilzovy metal chuck and automatic spindle lock, making it possible to change the snap with one hand. Anyone who has ever worked for, for example, the ladder, instantly agree with this view. But the most interesting feature of this drill is to have a compact nozzle for collecting dust generated during operation. Efficiently organized system allows suction drill or drill a hole in a pure residential area, avoiding the traditional for such cases spread dirt around the room. Perfect solution for artists who are engaged in the installation, such as blinds or curtains at the eaves! How many times I swore softly through his teeth, they say, one hole two minutes with a drill and then half an hour with a rag … You can, of course, use a vacuum cleaner, but it was too much fuss with him, often not entirely justified, and carry it with you on the projects for a couple of holes like inconvenient. Here in this case Bosch and offered his system Click & Clean System. The successful acquisition? I think yes.

The rest of the model looks good-quality, comfortable, has ergonomics, has a robust built-in brush reverse and depth stop. However, the price of her «biting» …


Two married men decided to start testing a series of measurements carried out at idle. We checked out the real spindle speed on both gears (speed controller was exhibited at the maximum) and found out just how loud noise test model without load. The corresponding figures are shown in Table 2, from myself I can also add that they have absolutely no practical value and are referred to here, they say, «for show».

Much more interesting to look at the results of the measurement of vibration, vibration speed more precisely. Speaking about the general level, we mean that the sensor was mounted on top of the analyzer in the central part of the body of each drill. It is easy to make, all models generally vibrate about the same (figures differ very slightly) in second gear a little more intense than the first. Now move the transmitter back on the (basic) knob and voila, here is a clear evidence of the system reduce vibration from the drill AEG. And what about the Hitachi? The idea is that its design is such that the spring and anti-vibration ring into effect when the hammer drilling. It sounds logical, but wait for the test under load.


Under load we call drilling (drilling mode with an axial stroke on 2nd gear at maximum speed) of concrete blocks 100 mm thick, laid on two pieces of wood, which in turn relied on the concrete floor. The measurement results are shown in Table 3.

Moment of truth! The theoretical conclusion that the system reduce vibration impact drills AEG and Hitachi have sufficient performance, fully confirmed in practice. And I made another funny observation betrays «nakolenochnost» our test. Please note that all other models have shown similar results, although in fact the values ​​are rounded for example, Makita showed 136.9 dB, a Bosch 137,1 dB. More significantly differentiated SPARKY, but hardly anyone will be able to feel the difference with the naked fingers. So, this sameness leads me to the conclusion that perhaps the idea of ​​putting aerated concrete block on the two shock absorbers (wooden blocks) was not the most successful. We had to build some more rigid structure, while the purity of the experiment would not cause a huge number of reasonable doubt. However, the main aim is to prove the effectiveness of the systems of vibration damping is achieved by us.

Since we’re still spoiled aerated concrete block, it was decided posverlit it on time. Worked carbide drill bit with a diameter of 8 mm, drilling depth of 60 mm (limiter). Under the quiet ticking of electronic stopwatch I was doing nonstop for 10 holes in a row, only five approaches for each model (ads: Sale aerated concrete colander 300 holes, expensive, with a guarantee). Averaged results are shown in the bottom line of the already mentioned Table 3. Do you need here comments?

In my opinion, no. This test just confirmed a couple of theses put forward by me earlier.

SO what do you choose?

Plenty enough of a representation of the model, I decided that my dreams drill should have:

• constant electronics, compact body and high maintainability, like Makita NR2070;

• an effective system of anti-vibration and high-quality cartridge, like AEG SB222 E;

• automatic spindle lock, odnogilzovy cartridge nozzle and dust, like Bosch GSB 192 REA Professional; Powerful axial blow, like Hitachi DM 20V; mechanical safety clutch, a convenient switch speeds and modes, as well as a particularly sensitive «trigger» like DeWALT DWD522KS. Of course, the cost and weight of the instrument must be like SPARKY BUR2 160E. Well, let it be a little more expensive and heavier, but only slightly! And then I, without a moment’s hesitation, he immediately will go to the cashier to pay for smart shopping. Although strongly I suspect that I have to defend the pre-long queue. The allusion is clear, ladies and gentlemen manufacturers? Now seriously. Ideal drills, fully satisfying the needs of every potential user, do not exist, and can not exist. In humans, there are certain priorities, a range of essential tasks for which the instrument is acquired, and your own preferences about its characteristic features. Decide what to you is the most important, and then again carefully reread this page since the beginning, because here I am actually quite clearly formulated his answer to the question. Good luck in choosing and rest upon us discounts!

POWER TOOLS another batch of the budget class I repeatedly caught myself thinking that the producers of low-cost equipment for home use are widely implemented technical solutions borrowed from the well-known professional brands. Remark: This is not about illegal copying PRODUCTS Honored brands

But only on the «little brother», because many firms PARALLEL RELEASES just two product lines profiles and amateur.

Indeed, the «younger» is often no economic sense to reinvent the wheel, if the «older» and came up with his long run-in. But the external similarity is often deceptive. A little tired of studying these copies Outlet, I decided to turn to the originals. And on my operating table turned out to be six two-speed percussion drills professional class.

I remind you that similar tool axis punch formed by mechanical interaction of two toothed gears. There is widespread belief that the intensive use ratchet clutch wears out quickly, teeth worn down and reduced to the extent of the impact energy. In fact, this view is wrong. I do not know of a clay must be made gears, the material began to grind any appreciable rate. Anyway, in my memory there was no such case, although I, of course, considering only a tool known brands, ignoring all sorts of crafts value of 100 rubles per bucket.

Each of the parsed us today drills, of course, has its Achilles heel, which, under certain conditions, and violations of rules of operation over time will cause the tool holder to visit a service center. This cost structure. To call them «weak points» I have personally language does not turn, as we are studying models are among the most robust and hardy. They are not so easy to break, even if specifically ask for such a purpose. Formulate different weak spots.

In the first place the frequency of failure of the electric motor is traditionally located. No matter how hard manufacturers are coming up with a system to protect the main parts of the tool from the wrong actions of the user or surges in the network, our people will not give up and continue to search for creative ways to cheat clever electronics to a triumphant cry burn technique and proudly bear it in for repair. By the way, once again I remind you that the simultaneous blowing the rotor and stator is clearly recognized not covered by warranty regardless of the circumstances and explanations of the owner.

The second place I would put the gearshift mechanism. He fails due to attempts always somewhere hurrying users change gear without waiting for a complete stop of spindle rotation.

A third potential problem node supporting shaft bearings, especially the back, tend to «break» under the influence of constant heavy loads. Closes this mournful list of the power button. Penetrating into the dust, which prevents the pull of a trigger, or erased during intensive use will cause the contacts that included a drill stop.

It’s time to start studying the internal structure represented two-speed impact drills. Let’s start with the most simple and cheap model, and will continue to disassemble tool in increasing order of their value.

SPARKY BUR2 160E. This two-speed impact drill was quite easy and the outside and inside. Comments on the Q and precision fitting of parts have arisen in the mechanism gear synchronizer provides the necessary inclusion of the transfer. Funny moment: on the inside of the main handle made of durable plastic with 30protsentnym reinforcement applied to the circuit diagram of the device. There is a standard tool for professional motor protection against dust.

Gear housing is made of a magnesium alloy of 90% Mg plus 9% aluminum and 1% zinc. The mechanism is fully assembled on bearings and grease-lubricated.

AEG SB222 E. In this hammer drill used is truly a unique vibration dampening system is made on the basis of the main movable mounting arms to the front of the case. Between these elements are installed metal rollers, ensure proper mobility of joints. Gear housing made of aluminum alloy A380. Inside mechanism provided a thrust bearing in my mind, a very correct decision, increases service life and reliability of the unit, but for some reason not used in any of the other of the models. The shaft mounted friction slip clutch. Makita NR2071. The only one of the models having constant electronics as part of the control unit, speed sensor and magnetic anchor marks on the impeller. Drill disassembled very easily, all nodes are available for repairs. It is also used friction slip clutch, blocking the transmission of torque to the chuck of the drill jamming. The shaft mounted ball bearings, all metal gear, and its body is made of aluminum alloy. Mechanical backlash virtually absent.

Hitachi DM 20V. There is a clear and very commendable desire to reduce production costs by unifying key construction details. I mean the fact that the gear housing and the rear handle are fairly large size, but inside there is a lot of free space. Therefore, here you can easily put the motor and gear from the much more powerful drills. Do not be offended at me by other manufacturers, but the design of the gearshift here obviously has the highest margin among the presented models of reliability and durability. Breaking it is virtually impossible. Ratchet gears in this model have a comparatively small number of teeth in all nine (hence low frequency beats), but they have an increased height, respectively, increases the amplitude of the axial movements, and as a result, the collision energy increases.

And now the bad news. With the opening of the drill unexpectedly revealed that its body is made of polycarbonate reinforced with only 15% of it is more cost-effective solution compared to other representation of the model. But most of all struck by the apparent presence of even a small, but still significant traces suspiciously like rust on batchfile armature of the motor. However, it is unclear for how long and under what conditions the product is stored. DeWALT DWD522KS. A unique feature of this model is to design a switch speeds and modes of operation, allowing drilling axial impact only on the second (increased) transmission. Interesting and quite a logical decision. Reducer all metal, all installed needle bearings. The drive switch is designed as a rod with a diameter (at random) eight millimeters in other models it is two times thinner. Also here there is a synchronizer, then there is no problem with the inclusion of the necessary transmission operator does not arise.

Bosch GSB 192 REA Professional. Having examined the basic handle this model, you can see the familiar switch mounted in a single unit with a network cable. Judging by the marking of plastic body parts, they are made of durable plastic with a high (35%) degree of reinforcement. Anchor motor is very high quality, it provides protection (though minimal) by the penetration of a variety of needle counterparts, all of these items are all made in Germany Stamps Germany. By itself, this unit for two-speed impact drills has a fairly complex structure, and I would strongly recommend trying to repair it at home. I should add that there is a secondary shaft protection sleeve, as the punch, and the gear selector is equipped with a synchronizer.


Investigation of the model of two-speed percussion drills confirmed the status of a good professional-grade tools. And I was once again convinced of the correctness of their judgments about their potentially problematic sites. None of these producers did not skimp on the gearbox: it is well thought out, carefully thought out and carefully made all models. But many (I think four of the six, but we will not point a finger at them for political reasons) have decided to fight back by an electric motor, in various ways obviously reducing its cost. By itself, this fact does not mean anything is another matter as it affected the reliability of the instrument as a whole? Hard to say. However, I do not doubt that it will be the first victim of the engine in the event of a serious breach of duty, and failure of the gearbox components, including ratchet seems to me unlikely.

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