Eugene Popihina: With this command you can «pull» the most difficult matches!

Eugene Popihina: With this command you can

September 6, «Cupid» will open a new hockey season home game against the Cubs Continental Hockey League «Admiral» from Vladivostok.

— Eugene N., this summer the club has worked a Canadian specialist in physical training Spero Mantzavrakos. What is new, he brought to the preparation of the players?

— First of all, modern approach. We started training on July 15. Works at the gym, let the guys running and strength exercises. In a word — laying the foundation for the next season. Spero We have extensive experience in the NHL and other leagues. This man knows what he’s doing. He has a professional approach to business. Children accepted it adequately — for them it is something new. While I can see that there is nothing new there is no globally. Some of this we have done before. Now only training became more interesting content. Most importantly, the players are fun, but when you get pleasure from work, and the load is transferred easier.

— For myself learned something new?

— Learning is always necessary. I do not deny that in North America, a great hockey. The exchange of information is always only benefit.

— In the off-season with the first team trained players from the «Amur tiger». How do they show themselves?

— Normal guys, slowly adapting to adult hockey, try. Most importantly — they have the desire. For me too, it is important that local residents were in the team. And if they work well, the chances are more that budet.Tem tradition «Amur» is. We always follow the young hockey players and we will continue to do so for the championship. Now we have gathered ambitious guys, players with experience, and the local boys showed at the end of last season that they are capable of doing the result. I see the guys, the coaches and the club tied a common goal — to get to the playoffs. We have to do everything.

— Who can become the leader of «Cupid» in the upcoming season?

— Eyeing. I think one or two good players — it is not enough. Must be a team leader. As shown in the last season, «Dinamo» and «Chicago», in which each of the four fives can give results. This team is capable of for a long time to show a good game.

— How to evaluate the level of foreign players?

— Very good impression of their games. All the guys are sociable, they came not just serve the room, and really help the team. About the city speak only positively. I myself, to be honest, leaving in April, when she was a slob, and came, and the city has not learned — beautiful lawns, parks, fountains — a great city. It is not flattery, there is indeed the case. If someone was not here — let him come. Not everywhere in Russia is that the city Kie …

— What city can compare Khabarovsk?

— I do not know … with some European.

— What is the opponent in the CHL for you as a coach, the most uncomfortable?

— With Telegram second team to go out and play. Personally for me to start the first game of the playoffs. I believe that this team can «pull» the most difficult matches. The mood at children allows to do a lot this season.

— What qualities must have a team to win the Gagarin Cup?

— There must be a good balance. We need leaders, and young players and those who will be on a «carry the piano.» And, of course, a goalkeeper. I think it’s about 80% success rate. To win the Gagarin Cup team should play equally well both in attack and in defense. If there is a bias in any direction, you will have problems.

— A psychology?

— It is in the first place. Everything goes to the head. Now even the agents in their lists in the first place put the player character.

— Do not investigated what the players are more inclined by nature to be a leader?

— In hockey team is also important. The player, as a coach, to find «his team», the place where he will be able to open up completely.

— In addition to hockey than fond of?

— Now free time is not much, but when it appears, try to spend it with my family.

— Fishing love?

— When I first came here, the guys come in with an ice fishing. The place was very nice, ate soup, went to the bath. That’s when I caught nothing. The two spinners ruined … I’m not a fisherman. It may, of course, and it’s come … over the years.

— And how trying to spend a vacation?

— The beach is not lying. It spent the summer at the dacha in the Moscow region — helped the mother-in the garden.

— The most unusual place where were?

— In 1984, in Japan. It’s like another world hit. Then it was perceived that way. People with a different mentality, an Asian country … the whole of Europe, USA, Canada, I drove from the airport — hotel — Arena — Airport. In 1984 he opened a new stadium in Paris, visit the theater, museums, the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower. Even at the Moulin Rouge and went. And one day we were invited to a wine tasting, where you can taste the wines for several thousand dollars. For us at the time it was out of reach. Although now I can distinguish good wine from bad.

— What you recommend?

— Here cases of personal taste. I like the Cabernet Savin, Chile, New Zealand wines. Love and dense food for dinner to miss the glass, and just hang out with a glass of wine and a plate of cheese.

— Moldy cheese?

— Always! I love him very much.

— There are places on Earth where you have not been, and would like to visit?

— My wife really wanted to Japan after my stories about this country. We did not get us to go there. I Never, by the way, was not in China. Baikal — was still there, but I heard a lot of good. In Russia, a lot of places where we would like to visit. This year, here to discover Vladivostok.

— I think that you are aware of the constant confrontation Khabarovsk and Vladivostok in all sectors. Now that’s in hockey, too …

— «Admiral» — just one of the CHL teams, and no more. In my opinion, a very good thing that the Far East has another club KHL. Fly here long? And what are you playing ?! There are going full stands, live here great people who deserve to see the best hokkeistov.Tem more with the support that they make during the game …

— By the way, this support helps?

— Of course! When playing the final match in the Cup of Hope, I’ve never seen that people from 6 am standing in line for tickets.

— Now, by the way, you can say why, «Cupid» did not win the trophy?

— Not enough physics. Games were saturated. There was a lot of overtime in the series. A lot of strength left in the games with «Motorist» and «Metallurg» from Novokuznetsk. On impact I had no complaints, but there were many things that we have not implemented. We had to win one game in Riga. There is not enough energy and emotion at the last meeting.

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