Eugene Zakirov

Eugene Zakirov

At first I wanted to write about how SARS and particularly the creators of resident evil hate Muslims and Muslims themselves how to react to the fact that the resident evil revelations ate Hassan, in the fifth part of the floor is dirty Quran

And in the fourth … This is a deep and interesting subject on which I noticed a half years ago, when I first ask: in what video games, except for resident evil 5, generally it is possible to kill Muslims, albeit mutants?

But as soon as I was about to express thoughts on paper, especially if the biding for the right moment Eske Hayashi made another announcement: dead or alive will free2play- fighting game. What can I add? Gott ist one.

What invented Hayashi: Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate in Japan (and so far only there) will be distributed including a free version with four basic character-of and access to multi-player, and all the rest have to buy for the extra money — four dollars for a hero Fifteen of Scene Mode, as well as a good amount of asking for suits and minor modes. Commentators on Shoryuken like excited. But it is important to understand that these people are thrown into the air caps, why not go on about the crowd and the beginning of what could become an ugly idea dough Koei.

The logic is simple: when you buy a fighting game, you do not really need all of thirty characters anyway you like as not going to play for all at once, and select one or two — and fairly. The same applies to everything else. If there are any modes for one player, the need for training as a part of the story appears only in a small number of users. Yes, I would anything not trade campaign Mortal Kombat, but in the same Dead or Alive 5 — My God, for, take it back, I’ll pay more money for it. Stand out traditional and most successful representatives of the genre:

Street Fighter and Tekkep — it’s not about his short splash in the end, as the pro game. In it, and the difference between the approach to creating games.

Capcom and Namco Bapdai perfectly represent what a fighting game. Several dozen characters, balance of power between them, conditional division into two types of audience — the one that is more important than just a button ponazhimat in the cheerful company (these people and create cash), and those who are satisfied with the tournaments and compete for the title of the coolest. For a proper understanding of all the processes in the game is strictly necessary to have all the fighters and the full support of the developers, their interest in the history of the tournament. Team Nj same, apparently, can not do Fighting. He does not understand what you need, and if they understand, will not be able to fix it. How long rigmarole as amended balance, with the elimination of technical difficulties online! Yes, I filled S + B ‘vanilla’, but how much time and nerves it took?

The only successful mechanism, which is not afraid to use Team Nmja, concerns monetization. Whereas previously only had enough nerve to additional suits, which together cost more than the game itself, now the deceit extends to the game. There is no hope that it DOA5U «shoot» because the game does not work online now and it is unlikely he will be more convenient in the future. But if it still happens, other publishers have to readjust to a new model of content distribution, and then the fighting games in general have ceased to exist in all the usual form — they will turn into a bast, from which the money squeeze every possible way. Do you want to buy more fighters to Street Fighter? Here I am not. I hope at TGS will be able to tell Hayashi about how much he is wrong.

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