Exhibition Liftex

Exhibition Liftex

The exhibition was held in 2010 12-13maya exhibition center near the London docks. Exhibitors met unseasonably cold weather, local news reported that such cold weather in May was observed in the UK for 30 years. Despite the weather, the exhibition has become an important meeting place for industry professionals, where they discussed their questions and demonstrated the latest technology.

The exhibition this year became only the second exhibition Liftex, which opened its doors to the entire industry, which produces elevators and escalators. Until 2007, this event is referred only to the members of the Industry Association for elevators and escalators. In 2010, during the two days of the exhibition visitors could get acquainted with stands of companies coming from China, Turkey, the US, Denmark, France, Slovenia, Lithuania and many other countries.

Organizers of the exhibition reported that the number of visitors increased by 15% compared to the previous one, held in 2007. Stands 81 participants from 13 countries took more than 4 000 square meters of exhibition space. And everywhere there was an atmosphere of living, business communication.

Among the exhibited companies were contractors, suppliers, manufacturers, who discussed a wide range of issues, including elevators (all types), escalators, elevators for people with limited mobility, the passenger conveyors, accessories, components of lifts and their mechanisms of dispatch management and security, as well as elevator control systems and other equipment. The exhibition was attended by experts in the fields of standardization, inspection and certification, licensing and supervision of insurance. In addition, Liftex-2010 were presented to industry associations. Such a broad representation of participants of the exhibition will certainly provide visitors a huge information base on critical current issues of the industry.

There were several new systems, including elevators companies GLE Spain, lift pallets with 250 kg of Shorts Industries, a wide range of energy-saving electronic valves companies Bucher Hydraulics Ltd., including its new drive with variable speed. Company Memcom Ltd. demonstrated a new device automatically dialing Memcom and software monitoring in accordance with the standard EN81-28. Company Electronics Ltd., along with a series of electronic displays and accessories, was showing a new system of monitoring and recording of data produced by Peters Research Ltd. This system transmits real-time control data on the state of the building and the elevator allows you to analyze the needs of passengers in elevators and lifts productivity with the help of Elevate.

Throughout the exhibition is packed with unique stands, around which crowds of visitors. At the booth of PEW Electrical Distributors Ltd. It was introduced electronic punching bag, with which measured the strength of participants. A little further, on the stand of Lift Components Ltd., display a full-scale model was displayed racing cars «Formula 1», and the system has been built in a virtual game of the race. Not to be outdone, the company Global Lift Equipment Ltd. He invited two crooners who performed the most famous hits of Frank Sinatra. Since their presentation took place directly in front of the stand of the magazine «Elevator World», it was convenient to watch as the festive mood has led some people to dance in the aisles. And, as usual, there were many companies that organize the space of reception, which was filled with visitors, the leading professional conversations.

Quite a large number of independent suppliers, such as the company Wittur, offering reliable sources of components to contractors to install systems. Ensuring access for citizens with limited mobility is an important issue for residential buildings and for public buildings, so it was nice to see a number of companies specializing in the production of this equipment. In the exhibition hall demonstrated many products from companies such as Kinetek, Sodimas SA, Schmersal Ltd., Sassi Lift Systems Ltd., Pfeifer Drako Ltd. and Computerized Elevator Control Corp. Contractors was represented by companies such as Jackson Lift Group, Apex Lifts and Escalator Engineers Ltd.

A nice touch that distinguishes this exhibition — the presence of a café and an interactive zone. In these sections of the pavilion has been organized free wireless Internet access, installed giant plasma screens, which exhibited products exhibitors and previously entered training materials. These training materials were demonstrated during both days of the exhibition. It also has a comfortable table with chairs, where a cup of coffee or lunch can continue addressing current issues.

The scope of the exhibition Liftex ensure closer contact its members and visitors, convenient to discuss issues and exchange information. As I understand it, the exhibitors especially appreciate the opportunity to devote more time to customers. In retrospect, it was noted that the common phrase «less is more» was particularly appropriate in this case.

After the hard work in the beginning of the first day of the exhibition and at the stands, the team of the magazine «Elevator World» joined the participants and guests invited to an evening cruise on the Thames with dinner. You could stretch his legs, eat, talk, listen to music, to dance. When the sun began to sink behind Tower Bridge, the sky cleared and the magnificent sunset gathered on the bow

On the eve of the exhibition there were fears that the economy and the uncertainty of air traffic in Europe (due to the recent volcanic eruption in Iceland) have a negative impact on the number of exhibitors and visitors. However, these concerns are not justified. Going home, many agreed that this year’s event to justify or exceeded their expectations. UK provides significant business opportunities, as professionals and companies in the sector is very important to participate in this well-known exhibition and to visit it.

Length of stay in London and its suburbs showed that new construction continues despite the current state of affairs. And since London is going to take the Olympic Games of 2012, its silhouette will undergo many more changes. We hope that in the next few years it will give the industry a much-needed fuel. And, of course, will bring new developments and topics for discussion at the next exhibition Liftex, and the magazine «Elevator World» will be there to tell about it.

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