The most interesting and expressive image of the divine eye, we find by studying the symbolic images of ancient Egyptian mythology.

It is admirable: the principle of operation of the eye is used in construction and cameras! Indeed, the iris — a real aperture, which is constantly growing and shrinking, filtering and adjusting the light entering through the pupil of the eye. After passing through the cornea, aqueous humor, lens and vitreous body, the light falls on the retina. At this moment there is a surprising phenomenon -map, came to the attention of the man flipped. Thanks cones, converts the light, the optic nerve is the eye clearly distinguishes between color and eye sticks allow him to take black and white image.

The man has not invented a better device for the perception of visual information. Features high-precision cameras, cameras or electronic devices are still inferior to the visual ability of the eye. A person with good vision to distinguish objects clearly at a distance of about 6 meters. Through binocular vision transformed our perception of the world and expanding the boundaries of the visible space. But, seeing the world with two eyes, a person does not receive a double and a single, composite image. This differs from our vision camera lens, which focuses only on a specific point in space, while the aperture regulates passing therethrough light rays. It should be noted that modern cameras are equipped with numerous devices and hardware that allow anyone to take beautiful photos, but since the advent of the camera main principle of his work has not changed. We continue to use the lens and the diaphragm.


One sees two eyes. But the eyes not only allow to perceive the outside world. Through sight one gets the inner vision which allows to comprehend the world and create an individual image of the world, as well as the impact on innocent people and to attract their attention.

Our ancestors believed that the eyes — it is open, the window of the soul endowed with reason, that allow each person to see the world and help people keen to look inside himself.

Man has two eyes and, besides, he is born in the image of a man or as a woman, so there was a belief that one eye human male and the other female. This duality can also be seen in the myths. For example, according to ancient Egyptian mythology, the god Horus, the Lord of heaven, one eye was daylight, and the other — a night. Thanks to this day he saw an ordinary man, but it has no less acute night vision and was able to solve all the hidden intentions, to penetrate all the secrets and mysteries. However, there was a mountain more ancient predecessors, who bore the name of Ur, which also means «ancient» and «The Great.» Like Gore, the right eye of the god personified the Sun, that is, protecting, powerful, pervasive and frightening beginning, symbolizing the triumph of life and man’s power. A left eye embodied moon — receptive, mysterious, strange and exciting entity that represents death and birth, female and maternal effect. Thus, Gore, celestial and cosmic being, in a sense, a symbol of the eyes of the world. He is equally well seen both day and night, noticed an obvious and invisible, shrouded in darkness and light. Nothing could escape from its all-pervasive view.

From a single eye to third eye

The great god of ancient Egypt Ra was depicted as a falcon, whose head is adorned with a sun disk, illuminates the world and watched him closely his piercing eyes. Ancient myth tells how one day the god Ra looked for its sunny, all-pervading, horrific, fiery eye on the rebels against his people. The rebels were forced to flee into the desert. But Ra has entrusted his eyes of the goddess Hathor, whose name means «House of Horus», as the sun makes its way through her heavenly body. With this eye of Hathor had to hunt down and destroy refuge in the wilderness of people, leaving alive only a few people who chose Ra himself. That is why the eye of Ra, located in the center of the solar disk, which rests on cow horns, decorated with the head of Hathor. This goddess symbolizes the eternal renewal of all life forms that exist on earth and in heaven. And do not be confused eyes solar god Ra with the Eye of Horus, the moon eye of the god Horus, who personifies integrity or revival of Osiris and represents one of the most common symbols used in Egyptian hieroglyphic writing. As we can see, the eye-sun, an attribute of the god Ra, and eye-moon, the symbol of the god Horus, differed from each other. But there is one eye, or the all-seeing eye, commonly called the third eye. This eye is located in the center of the forehead, lets find a universal, divine, perfect vision, devoid of any uncertainty. In ancient Egypt it symbolized the snake Urey on a raised head which depicts one eye, which was the eye of Ra. Usually, they were decorated Nemea — special headgear, which the Pharaoh wore during worship. It was a handkerchief made of fabric, usually striped, woven into a knot behind. According to Hinduism, the eye is located on the forehead, according to the sixth chakra or Ajna Chakra. It depicts a double-lobe lotus, which is located in the center of the triangle directed top down. It is believed that this chakra is the human mind.

German mystic Meister Eckhart belonged to a completely different culture and religion. At the end of the XIII century, he wrote: «I see God in the same eye with which God sees me. My eyes and the eyes of God — a single eye, a common vision, common knowledge, common love «(Meister Eckhart. Treatises. Sermons Editions Montaigne, 1942).

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