Forced to take risks

Forced to take risks

Kemerovo region is considered to be a mining boundary. Kuznetsk coal basin (Kuzbass) — one of the largest coal deposits in the world. Coal is mined here in the 58 mines and 36 open pits.

Job miner dangerous primarily due to the accumulation of methane. Sometimes that happens in the mine several explosions — the first in the air rises, coal dust, and if the source of the fire has not disappeared, followed by a second, more powerful than the first. Often, the victims are even lifeguards.

In 2010, as a result of two explosions in the mine «Raspadskaya» killed 91 people. Those present at the memorial service the miners recognized that to violate safety regulations, to earn more money. After that, the owners of the mine changed the system of payroll, increasing the share of which is independent of output.

Over the past ten years in Kuzbass mines have killed more than 370 people. To fulfill the plan of mining, the miners zamatyvayut sensors that measure the level of methane in mines. «Wages have bad it depends on the generation, plus a daily risk» — explains Roman S. from Leninsk-Kuznets someone.

The average salary of a miner today is 25-30 thousand rubles a month. His workplace — the tunnel is less than a meter tall and a meter with a small width. On the face respirator. Dust content is such that nothing can be seen at arm’s length. Plus roar working mechanisms, vibration and humidity. The scenery is not a horror movie?

In recent years, disputes are around the length of the work shift. "It lasts six hours — says Andrey Sazykin miner. — We spend a lot of time on things that are not related to work (the road to the mine, preparation for work, abseiling). All together- 13 hours a day. Five days a week. It remains now only for food and sleep. A family and personal development is not!"

Income miners consists of two parts: salary and bonus. To get more, they are being chased by the implementation of the plan, ignoring safety precautions.

Therefore, in recent years the Kemerovo region mines privatized companies, profits are not dependent on the amount of coal sold. Typically, these companies produce metal. Coal as fuel they need.

These companies do not need to make a profit at the level of the mine, and they spend more on security.

After the tragedy at «Raspadskaya» frequent checks RTN. But miners can report violations of the «hot line».

Nevertheless, in January of this year, with the explosion of methane in the mine number seven killed eight people.

Mortality in the mines in the United States is twice lower than in Russia. And this despite the fact that the occurrence of geological strata comparable with the Russian. In the US, a miner earns about three thousand dollars per month, regardless of how much coal it mined. If a miner sees the danger, the work stopped immediately. In the US the miners money to lose. In Russia, in this case part of earnings is not charged.

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