Genius Loci

Genius Loci

Always like the plague, I shied away from the magic of literature and other feng shui, but did not say that I was afraid of them. On the contrary, I was sitting in no reasonable certainty that I know more about it, it is written in the most detailed book.

My girlfriend — she is interested in astrology, and has become in this field, a true professional — once said: «Perhaps in a past life you were some of the famous witch and great pay for it. Maybe you burned at the stake! And you have in this life was the fear because of what you did in the past. Rather, fear of retaliation. » I laughed then: head and share the same man! Just my brains differently arranged.

CABINET facing the window

But laughter laughter, but the furniture in their communal room, I always put not, as is customary, but as something inside prompted. I remember a neighbor comes up to me and laughs: «What are you, Nadia, put the bed in the middle of the room? What place, then? And why cabinet is facing the window — it did not get through? From a window or something, you come into it? Wonderful you … «Yes, I have a wonderful, to my way, I would be in the communal toilet transferred to the place of the kitchen, and the kitchen has equipped on-site toilets. But who will give me a uchudit? Here and I tried, when the house was in the toilet as little as possible to walk. At the restaurant, I could quietly move a table or ask to trade places with whom to come. The bus for any price did not sit down to the free space, which, to my mind, just reeked of trouble, even if there was very tired and my arms hanging weights bulky bags. To explain all this, I can not, just know that it’s necessary, and all. And about his eccentricities but astrologini-girlfriend, I never told anyone, so as not considered crazy.


With her future husband, I met also by some whim. One evening, I realized that I needed to go out, prodyshatsya, I thought then. He came out, and feet suffered from the opposite side of the sunset, in general, I will not drag out: in the evening, I met with Gleb. Immediately I realized that he did mine, that to it my entire adult life and stumping, now begins a new chapter in the book of my life.

While I could decide for itself how to build their lives, I do not claim it was all rolled smoothly. But Gleb … Rather, his flat. When I first came to his home, dizzy and nauseated. Headboard depended on an invisible hole, and even the cushion like floating in the mist. It is the place were the pantry or closet, or even better would be generally lay two meters brick wall to make thicker. Precisely for this reason I did not give up though the night with Hleb, but even just a hug in his house, on the bed. Gleb offense, could not understand the motives of my behavior. I persistently dragged him into their communal populous of his two-room palace in the city center.

Everything is not as it should be

I realized that his strange scare lover, and hid. Start invent some explanation, and lie generally hate. She said, well, shy of its chorus, not used, say, to the king’s chambers, do not misunderstand me. And he understood, once again came harmony. But it only seemed to him that the harmony, and I saw something that all is not as it should be. Hleb, though he has bright red head and a diploma is not kept on any decent work. And you can not blame everything on bad bosses. Here’s the latest example of this bright red head and took a diploma Hleb in a very prestigious position as chief and asked to review the work of the department. Gleb week analyzed, compared, searched. So what? The meeting stood up and … started to analyze and criticize the work of other departments, forgetting the original task. Of course, he did not pass probation. And what he wanted all night if his head is floating in fetid, stench and otherworldly fog? He did not know and did not feel I knew and felt. And I could not help it.

GROOM dowry

Hleb made me an offer, I agreed, of course, but also to think hard. I had to say goodbye after the wedding with his communal apartment and move to Gleb, other options were not. But I would not have agreed to go to his new bed of bog oak. Never! I have several times offered him to make moving furniture, but only Gleb waved: you ever, women need to move the furniture. Start up costs as there was last year, at my parents’ bed in this place was, I do not want to change anything. Yes! That’s it, that this place was a bed of his parents and his mother is the third year in a psychiatric hospital, and my father drunk, and five years ago frozen in the snow. But once and dad was a very good standing in a large company, and mum — PhD, he taught students. But I could not and Gleb hint about what I think about the fate of his parents, rather, about the causes of what happened to them. He would have left me once, saying that carry nonsense.


The wedding day was approaching, I left two weeks, and I have so nothing came up … But in the end, and did not have to invent anything. One day on my job Gleb ran scared and told this. Through the open window of his bedroom big black crow flew, or was it a raven. The frightened birds rushed about the room, Gleb jumped up and rushed to open the balcony, more than scared crow. He repeatedly slammed against a wall and then on the back of the bed and fell on the foot, huddled in a terrible agony that broke out in a sweat Gleb. Bird, agonizing, crawled to the head of the bed, and died there. Paul and stained oak carved frame were stained almost black blood, but most of all the smell Gleb shocked. It smelled as if in a room for a week were several dead bodies. He flew out of the house and half an hour later I was at work. I listened to him, sighed, gasped and mentally rubbed handle. Yeah, that’s my chance!

— I’m not hysterical, Nagy, but it’s hell kind of, well, I’m not in God nor the devil do not. But I’m in this room will not sleep, not to persuade, and the bed we buy another, she will choose and she will put where you want. Just not in the bedroom! You could hear her screaming, this bird!


I got a full Glebov «odobryams» hired builders and began rebuilding great. Gleb vowed not to get involved, but asked to make such repairs to an apartment he did not recognize, and that nothing would remind him of that bird’s agony. A few months later we were celebrating a housewarming present: I just turned his apartment, as in a mirror. In place of the old bedroom, or rather half of it, had a closet and a bathroom. Where not long ago, we took a shower and breakfast, is a cozy and small spalenki — through archway — living room.

Gleb was distraught, but he wanted it and got: the apartment was like him and not his. Soon I became accustomed to feel there well. Since the work was adjusted immediately, and it was obvious very quickly that Hleb will be at the top of the career ladder. We lived together, never quarreled, and why? I quietly from time to time something is rearranged in an apartment or even … portfolio husband, but he did not see or guess. Again, I felt at ease, and his fate is revered for a girlfriend, with whom you can always understand each other and reach an agreement.

HOPE, 26 years old


Anna Khil’kevich, actress:

— Many have heard about the wonders of Feng Shui, I read a lot and I believe that every thing in the house, and the place has its own energy. Somehow, and she was trying to «correct» put everything in the apartment, but not much happened, that is, I have not noticed a difference in sensation. Or more important to me was the question of design. But, for example, my mother is very highly developed intuition. Sometimes, when the house that something goes wrong, it does permutation, and the situation is gradually returning to normal. If a person has a sense, the ability to create a harmonious space around it, this can only envy, though, if someone comes and tells me that everyone in the house should be moved, I can hardly agree to it. Is that appear very serious arguments …

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