Germany: Exhibition Interlift 2011

Germany: Exhibition Interlift 2011

The association VFA-Interlift and the company AFAG Messen und Ausstellungen GmbH announced that Interlift Exhibition 2011 will be held October 18-21 in the trade fair center of Augsburg.

Compared to 2009, a greater number of applications for participation in the exhibition Interlift comes from the South European region. Project Manager Joachim Karls-Dorf announced that the exhibition this year, plan to arrive those of its former members, who missed the exhibition in 2009. The association VFA-Interlift company AFAG and advertise the event around the world. Already it is clear that more widespread than previously thought, the exhibition will be presented to Interlift 2011 India. In addition, a joint participation of the representatives of China under the leadership of the Chinese Association of Lift.

At the exhibition Interlift 2011 offer to send reports to the Association VFA-Interlift offers to send copies of reports to the exhibition Interlift 2011 in Augsburg.

Key issues to be addressed during this event will be: new products and services; drafting of national, European and international technical regulations and standards and their implementation; international markets, new members of the EU, South America, Pacific and African countries; «Green» movement: environmental protection, energy saving, the life cycle of products, improvement of lifts. Reports must be received by April 11, 2011 and include the name of the speaker, contact information for the company / institution and a summary of the report in German or English for the selection and subsequent publication. Organizers inform those whose reports are accepted by the middle of June 2011.

UK: the skyscrapers of Strata install wind turbines

On London’s Strata SE1 skyscraper height of 143 meters, one of the first high-rise buildings in the world, must be installed wind turbines to generate electricity. Construction began in 2007, in June 2010, the project is completed. Due to the acute construction the building has been called «Razor». It is assumed that by working at full capacity, the turbine will provide 8% of the building’s energy needs by wind on the roof of a skyscraper, whose speed is 40 m / h. The 42-storey building with 408 apartments will be more than 100 residents. This is one of the tallest residential buildings in London.

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