Good soul

Good soul

Good soul, the number of charitable events held with the participation of Naomi Campbell, tens. The new initiative of the Black Panthers — shooting an advertising campaign TOMMYHILFIGER, aimed at the fight against breast cancer A one Naomi — adored object of imitation. «’43? In my heart I feel like a child! And that’s what I do not want and do not intend to change in yourself «- proudly says model. For others — the Russian soul. «In Russia, I was very warmly received. You know, in the first months of life in Moscow, I was presented with a book from Mr. Putin.

And I was not in debt. I went back at him? Glossy cover with my picture! «Still others see it as skandalistki hot temper. «I overcome drug and alcohol addiction. In the end, life is given to us only once. » Fourth closely watched for its ups and downs of love and family. «You know, I would really like to become a mother one day …» But there is another, a special category: Thousands of people in the world believe the supermodel and a rebel of the 1990s, a guardian angel who saved their lives and change the fate of a loved person for them.

Since 1995 Naomi as an ambassador of the UNESCO collected money for the construction of kindergartens in the world’s poorest countries. In 1998 he published a book named after himself — Swan («Swan»), all proceeds from the sale of which went to the Red Cross Somalia. She did not remain aloof from the terrible disasters: Hurricane «Katrina», the devastation in Haiti and the earthquake in Pakistan; He participated in the marathon in support of AIDS patients. In 2009, avid kollektsionerka bags Naomi Campbell put up for sale one of the most expensive items available by sending a substantial revenue to charity White Ribbon Alliance, providing assistance to African pregnant women and newborns. In the same year she made in India and Tanzania charity auction Fashion For Relief, enlist reliable financial support of the rich and famous friends Naomi. And during your stay in Moscow transferred to the needs of Russian children by more than one million dollars. In addition to direct financial support under the auspices of the UN, Campbell holds regular educational talks with young people, promoting a healthy lifestyle. And there is definitely no room for ernichestva.

Naomi better than anyone knows the answer to the question: What can unite thousands of women all over the planet? «Great idea … and handbag, of course!» What can unite the two fashion-Legenda — Tommy Hilfiger and Naomi Campbell? The answer is the same. As public and private interests coincide, a sin not to take advantage of the star position to try to change the world for the better.

Like Naomi, American brand Tommy Hilfiger is known not only collections of clothes, but also regular participation in charity programs of pi. The seventh consecutive year, the brand supports the Foundation Breast Health International, assisting women suffering from breast cancer. «Dove of Peace» charity event — Limited Bag Tommy Hilfiger BHI. The solid portion of the profits from its sale goes to the Global Fund program, which provides funds for living expenses for the care and treatment of cancer patients who are not covered by a standard health insurance program.

In 2013, Hilfiger decided to support the initiative just three celebrities from the world of fashion: supermodel Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer, as well as award-winning fashion-photographer Patrick demarches-leagues. Over the years in support of this mission were Drew Barrymore, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Milla Jovovich, Renee Zellweger, Helena Christensen, Carla Bruni and others. «I am very proud of my annual contribution and cooperation with BHI, — says creative director and founder of the brand Tommy Hilfiger. — Limited edition bags allows us, our fans and customers to focus on this important issue, pay attention to it and earn significant money for the organization. «

Release of an exclusive collection of Tommy Hilfiger — is not only a noble gesture, but also a landmark event in the fashion-industry. A clear symbol of the fact that fashion is a powerful driving force that can change the world. Every year changes BHI bag design and style, always becomes a sensation. At this time in its development has not changed favorite designer pitch: comfort, beauty and versatility are paramount. Roomy volume, practical design, excellent quality and a subtle play with the traditional US tricolor: midnight blue, cherry red and white blotches in the decoration. Visual embodiment of «American Beauty.» This bag may be relevant in the wardrobe of the First Lady, Desperate Housewives, or guardian angel. Such as Naomi Campbell.

On the eve of the official start of sales of an important accessory (23 September — online and October 1 — exclusively within the Russian stores of the brand Tommy Hilfiger, including in Moscow on Kuznetsky Most, 7) supermodel told ELLE about her work for the salvation of society and explained why considers the topic of breast cancer research and personal stories.

you take part in a charity project VSH, you immediately agreed. Why is that?

My mom Naomi Campbell, which means to me everything, diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. This was the first experience of such close contact with a problem. The horror that shook the entire family forced me to study this disease in all the details, look at her face.

When Tommy asked me to join his charity campaign in 2013 to support the fund BHI, I do not hesitate a minute! It is a great honor to be part of such an important event. I hope that our joint efforts will work — women learn more about cancer, the risks to which they are exposed. Unfortunately, we can not change the world overnight, but every detail is important in the fight against this terrible disease. ELLE you take part in various charity events and projects. The first time you feel the need to help other people? What was the reason? NK In 1992, I met with Nelson Mandela and began to work in his Children’s Fund. It was he who taught me a very important truth: if you have something to share than you — should do it! I adhere to his advice all my life. I feel unspent strength and passion within yourself, which is why doing charity work and all my heart I experience other problems. So it stozhilos, but in the world there are so many people who are much less fortunate than me. ELLE did you mean Tommy Hilfiger person as a designer and as a person?

NK My career began when I was 15. I was fortunate to meet many wonderful people during a professional way, and Tommy is definitely one of them. I participated in his fashion shows many times and still look forward to every release of his new collection. He is an incredibly talented designer and a wonderful person! ELLE What is special in the bag Tommy Hilfiger’13 BHI? What and how you would wear it? NK Any bag for me — the final point in the image. Sometimes I choose for myself a bag in which there is some zest, even if it does not fit into my overall style. The main condition — it should be quite spacious and roomy, I was able to put down a couple of things that usually take with them. Bag Tommy is very versatile. It would be appropriate both in everyday life and in more formal situations. With it, you can go to work, go for dinner with friends or to go out at a dinner party. ELLE How was the shooting?

NK We heartily rejoice! Energy at the site was fantastic! We laughed all day without stopping. The main message of the campaign: «A little jump a long way.» Oh, those jumps! They made the filming process in this exercise. Skokie-hopping, jumping, gallop … Claudia and I mocked plenty, trying to make them synchronous.

But jokes aside. Seriously: the realization that the campaign has this great charitable mission, made an event even more meaningful. ELLE Which key points breast care need to know the woman? NK Scheduled inspections — a very important step for the early detection of cancer. I sincerely hope that our action will make women think about cancer problem more seriously. Do not delay diagnosis until later, and consult a doctor immediately and take the test. Believe me, I’ve always thought, «No, to me this can not happen!» But in reality, the disease can touch me and all of us. ELLE share a few secrets: how to always look impeccable, beautiful and taut?

NK It’s simple: you need to eat well, exercise regularly and most importantly, treat your body with respect. I do yoga and Pilates every day, plus doing some strength exercises for the hands. I drink lots of water and get enough sleep. Several times a year I spend a special cleaning of the body: during the week pyo water with maple syrup, cayenne pepper and lemon juice. It’s a great cocktail to from time to time to cleanse the body.

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