Grace Kelly: At the root RATINGS

Grace Kelly: At the root RATINGS

The inimitable way, a great self-control, proud bearing and, of course, the amazing natural beauty have become symbols of the name Grace Kelly. Her life, so at first glance like a Cinderella story, was not easy. However, thanks to its commitment and ambition, this woman was able to overcome all difficulties and to translate dreams into reality.

The family of the future princess

Grace Kelly — a symbol of the era, the dream of many of his contemporaries to marry a prince. However, she herself — long before that fateful event — has been the mistress of his life. Grace made a career on their own, has achieved enormous popularity as a fashion model, he has become a famous actress and won the top film award US. Whatever happens in her life, she has always behaved like a real princess. Many of the principles of life she took over from their parents.

Grace Patricia Kelly was born on November 12, 1929 in Philadelphia, USA. The family of Jack Kelly, she was the third child. Starshayasestra Grace, Peggy, was born in 1925, the brother of John — in 1927 and in 1933 was born her younger sister Lizenn. Brothers and sisters Grace maintained warm relations lifetime.

At the time of the birth of his third daughter of Jack Kelly he was considered the city quite famous person. He came from a family of Irish immigrants and was the youngest of ten children. Kelly began working as a bricklayer simple. During the First World War he served in the army, and when he returned, he took a loan from one of the brothers, and started his own business. His company «Kelly Masonry work» from a simple podryadcheskoy company has evolved into one of the largest construction companies in the country’s eastern coast.

And it was not the only merit of Jack Kelly. Passion for the father of the future princess was rowing. In 1920, he even won the Olympics! His children Kelly tried to attach to the sport lifestyle. So, John, brother of Grace, continued the family tradition and became the gold medalist of the Olympic Games. In addition, the younger Kelly managed to win in international competitions «Diamond Sculls» Henley in England, where long before his father also filed an application to participate, the rejected without explanation.

So, Jack Kelly was known as a respected man in Philadelphia. In 1935, he even participated in the elections for mayor from the Democratic Party. Victory Jack won, but respectful attitude remained unchanged. «Do not take everything from life, but give nothing in return. Everything has to be earned through hard work, perseverance and integrity «- that was the main principle of Jack Kelly, whom he guided in the upbringing of their children.

Grace’s mother, Margaret Kelly (Meyer), a German by birth, was a good-looking, educated, had exquisite taste and impeccable manners. She studied at Temple University, specializing in physical education, and later taught at the University of Pennsylvania. She was married to Jack, Margaret went to the Catholic faith. In children, it brought humility, the ability to control his emotions and discipline. Mrs. Kelly stood for natural, natural appearance: she cut her hair and planted daughters girls indifferent to fashion clothing.

Kelly had been in the family and other well-known personalities: for example, three brothers became famous Jack each in his own field. George Kelly, a well-known playwright, won the Pulitzer Prize. Patrick Henry was famous for his construction projects. Walter became famous as a singer of one of the main roles in the film «The judge in Virginia.»

In spite of so many famous relatives, Grace used to achieve anything in life on their own. It was important to be known for their own achievements. When at the beginning of her career she pestered the theaters of New York in search of work, no one bothered her to use the name of the famous family, but it was not in its rules. «I knew that if it started to use for personal gain the reputation of their uncles, it would be the surest way to defeat the enemies, but do not reach their goals in the theater» — she recalled later.

FROM childhood to youth

Grace loved her father dearly, and felt a strong attachment to it. She grew up a child sensitive, prone to privacy. The girl involved in sports, and even at one time was a member of the school hockey team, but a quiet game with the dolls she liked more. Margaret Kelly recalled: «She was a shy child, but had some sort of inner peace. When Grace was sick, she remained unchallenged in bed and playing with her dolls, coming up with small little pieces. Grace’s voice changed when she said for each doll, making it unlike any other lt; … gt; She was so sweet and lovely child, that sometimes I wish she never grows up — there was always something that distinguishes it from others. Peggy, John and Lizenn were extroverts, Grace — shy and retiring. «

In 1934, Grace began studying at the Academy of the Holy Virgin. The emphasis here is on what to plant vospitannitsam good manners. About Miss Kelly spoke teacher as a studious and friendly student. By studying the scientific disciplines, the girl did not have a strong preference; mainly, that it acquired in school, he became an unwavering commitment to the Catholic faith, which served as a support for it later in life.

The Kelly family religion in general was of great importance. As for the parents of Grace, and for herself, it was important that the future husband of his daughter was a Catholic. Over the life of Grace liaised with the sisters from the Academy, often turning to them for advice. Father John Carlin, the parish priest of the Church of St. Brigid’s, remained a close friend of the family and of the Grace. Many years later, he will arrive at her wedding in Monaco and bless the newlyweds. However, in the years of training at the Academy for the first time began to show and the second, previously unknown nature of Grace Kelly. Studious disciple, always strive to do righteous deeds, can sometimes afford a little hooliganism.

When Grace graduated from the eighth grade, parents took her out of school Jack believed that the Academy is not well engaged in physical education students. And at fourteen Grace enrolled in high school Stevens. By this time of the shy little girl she turned into a not very docile teenage girl. At first, the appearance did not provide the girl success with the opposite sex: shy, short-sighted, forced to wear glasses, it did not attract the attention of young people. However, by the age of sixteen Grace has blossomed from a point

Relationships with family

Margaret Kelly and Jack could not imagine that the most impressionable and vulnerable their daughter become a celebrity. As a child, Grace was timid, not sports, dwarf girl. Her views often do not coincide with the position of her beloved father; he did not approve of the chosen profession daughter, hoping that she would change her mind. When Grace received the «Oscar» for his role in «The Country Girl», Jack was incredibly proud of, but spoke very cautiously: «I was hoping that Grace could win. I thought that it played a role in the film "Country girl" worthy of any awards. But I believe that the reward could get Judy (Garland) for their return. We believe that Grace was very lucky, but regret that we could not win the two — she and Judy. «

To explain the words of Jack’s note: actress Judy Garland has not the easiest times: Film Company «MGM» is so tightly controlled its shooting schedule, the actress got a nervous breakdown, and other health problems. After attempting to commit suicide Garland studio in 1950 broke a contract with her … However, she found the strength to return. In the «Oscar» Garland was nominated for her work in «A Star Is Born» in 1954. However, the award went to Grace Kelly and Judy got «Golden Globe».

an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. Soon, the young man from Penn Charter, a prestigious school, where he studied her brother, John, is already going crazy on the beautiful Grace. One of my classmates John Harper Davis, and became her first love.


The tendency to Grace drama began to emerge in the teenage years. A significant influence on the development of these abilities is still in its early years had a celebrated playwright uncle. As a child, Grace has participated in several productions. At twelve years old she made her debut in the creative play «Do not feed the animals.» She then became a member of the troupe «Actors of the old school.»

In 1947 she graduated from high school Stevens; she had to take the next step. The parents wanted their daughter continued her studies in one of the higher educational institutions. And Grace chose the Bennington-sky Women’s College in Vermont. He drew her a prestigious four-year training program for all kinds of dance. My father and mother did not approve of this choice, but Grace appeared set very firmly. «The desire to become a dancer was stronger than the desire to become an actress — she recalled. — I tried to do in Bennington, because they have had a great training program all kinds of dance. There she taught in March, Graham and other great teachers. I was on the list of candidates, but did not pass the competition. «

Miss Kelly was not to get into college Bennington, and she decided to concentrate all forces on admission to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. The parents were not happy, and the idea, but the resistance is not provided. Jack recalled: «We believe that our children should have the right to choose their professions. My wife and I have tried to give advice and teach our children, but does not inhibit their ambitions. When Grace insisted that would be an actress, we sent it to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, secretly hoping that it was just a whim. «

To listen to Kelly chose a scene from the play «torchbearers», written by her uncle George. An old friend of the mother helped arrange audition — and the niece of the famous playwright accepted. It was the only time in her life, when Grace allowed myself to take advantage of family ties. From now on, Miss Kelly became a student of the leading acting school in the country where trained such masters as Spencer Tracy, Kirk Douglas, Edward G. Robinson and Lauren Bacall. Today, one of them can be proud to be called, and the name of Grace Kelly, became world famous not only because of high-profile marriage and the status of the princess, but also a wonderful roles in the movie.


Grace Kelly will always be a favorite at home. «It was, is and always will be the first lady of Philadelphia» — once said William Green, the mayor of Philadelphia in the years 1980-1984. Local NGOs are not just handed her the award for outstanding contribution to the arts.

For its part, the actress also never forgot his native land. At seventeen she moved to New York and never lived in Philadelphia. Grace, however, often come here with my family to visit. In 1955, she and Cary Grant came to Philadelphia for the premiere of the film «To Catch a Thief.» A year has passed, and Grace starred in the musical film version of the play of Philip Barry’s «The Philadelphia Story» («High Society»). During the Christmas holidays of 1955-1956 Kelly visited Philadelphia and accepted the marriage proposal of Prince Rainier of Monaco Grimaldi. Officially, the engagement was announced at the luncheon at the Philadelphia Country Club.

Arriving in the city of his childhood, Grace actively involved in charity work and took part in various activities to help community organizations.

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