Grace noted the professionalism of colleagues, family and friends — her sensitivity and willingness to always come to the rescue. Director of the film «Mogambo» John Ford once remarked, «I would say that today it is one of the most beautiful young actresses of American theater and cinema. But more importantly, it is — the personification of the image of an American girl who will always be proud of her family and her entourage. «

Hitchcock and a failed comeback

With Alfred Hitchcock Grace met on trial for the movie «Taxi». Cold restrained appearance and passionate nature — that’s what attracted director who was looking for an actress for the role in the film «In the case of murder, dial "M"». Maestro recalled: «At the audition for the film Grace "Taxi" you could see a potential restraint and self-control. I always say to the actors: "Do not use vain person. Do not write a hurry on a blank sheet of paper as long as you will not have something that you want to record. It may be useful to you later". Grace is able to restrain themselves. This is a rare quality for a girl her age. » The young actress is quite naturally worried during the first meeting with the famous «Hichem»: «I could not think of what to say. With all the horror of the situation seemed funny that the brain, like kameneya cease to think. » Kelly learned a lot from the eminent director, «Mr. Hitchcock taught me everything that you need to be able to film. Thanks to him, I learned that the scene of murders should be removed as the love scenes and love scenes — as scenes of murders. «

Working together in three films served as a guarantee of warm relations between Kelly and Hitchcock throughout life. Already a princess and performing numerous obligations related to its new status, Grace still found time to attend festive events dedicated to the work of Hitchcock. Directed highly valued acting talent Kelly: «In every movie she’s different. Not because of the make-up or costumes, but because it plays, revealing the inner world of each of its heroine. In Hollywood, no one such actress as she. «

Over time, becoming a princess and stop shooting, Grace bored of acting. In 1962, she even almost played in another Hitchcock film. The script called «Marnie.» The husband did not mind; they wanted to go with children in the summer in America. Fees received for shooting, Grace was planning to transfer to a children’s charity. But she was never destined to return to the screen in Monaco is not very respectful to the profession of an actress. «According to estimates of public opinion, the idea was perceived negatively. It was believed that a return to the screen does not match the status of my princess … I have to fulfill their primary duties in Monaco. «

Grace, however, still found the use of his acting talent. She took part in the filming of «Poppies — flowers too» -in the role itself. I read the text on the poster in the documentary film «Children of Theatre Street.» At the end of the 1970s he began to take part in poetry readings, making a tour of America and Europe. High professionalism

Actors, directors and crew members Grace appreciated for its professionalism. The texts she remembered easily and quickly thanks to the excellent memory. It was not capricious, unlike many colleagues. With all the participants of shooting actress was able to find a common language. Thus, in an interview worked with costume designer Kelly asked, «How does the Grace on the set?». The answer was as follows: «She is so attentive and considerate, nothing like the other actresses. I mean that it is undemanding. She never asked anyone to do something with which to cope myself. «

Colleagues and filmmakers enjoyed working with Kelly. William Holden, who starred with her in the movie «The Country Girl», said: «Some actresses like little puppies, they always have to not to be distracted. Grace has always focused on work. In fact, sometimes it does not allow me to lose sight of. «

Actor Alec Guinness was also impressed by the talent of Grace: «After only two good takes, I understood why some Hollywood stars are jealous of her. The girl — a real actress and the only one whose talent "splashing over the edge"».

Director of the film «The Country Girl» by George Seaton said: «Grace puts everything that has a soul, in the first five seconds. Some girls give you everything at once, that they can, and as a result they have nothing left. And Grace can be compared to a kaleidoscope: a turn — and before you a completely new facet of her talent. «

In the film «Poppies — flowers, too,» the actress starred as herself, when he was the princess of Monaco in 1966. As it turned out, she eventually lost none of professionalism. Terence Young, director of the film, said: «It just caught fire in front of the camera. We can say that for her it was an enjoyable and exciting time. The most surprising was the fact that these days it looks better than ever before. Her face is now characteristic of waves striking the charm of a mature beauty. «

Fair Lady

Kelly was also a wonderful friend and. Ava Gardner, with whom he starred in the film «Mogambo», wrote that Grace never forgot to congratulate her birthday. Among the friends that Kelly got in Hollywood, were also Cary Grant, Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, James Stewart, Lauren Bacall, David Niven and many others. «All my friends keep in touch with me for a long time, much longer than Hollywood» — said Grace. She always came to Philadelphia to all wedding festivities in the family of Kelly constantly kept correspondence, sending letters and greetings to their loved ones. Grace was extremely hospitable. When Monaco visited some star, it has always been waiting for a chic reception. Friends and family of Grace always had on his hands open invitations to the palace.

Those who knew Grace Kelly personally admired her beauty, talent and desire to do more good deeds. All will remember her as a beautiful princess, mother and wife, brilliantly performing their duty. On the twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, Prince Rainier, saying a toast to his wife, said: «My life, like the lives of many, has never been the same since that day, when this wonderful woman came into my world. I admire her even more now than before. She — my princess, and I welcome it. «

William Holden said: «Grace — a woman who has to take an active position in life. She has such a character … I’m sure of one thing: Grace will never be happy staying at rest and inactivity. «

Actress Celeste Holm, who worked with Kelly in the film «High Society», recalled: «I loved her. First of all, it has always been very attentive to other people. As for me, I thought she was a princess, long before her marriage to Prince Rainier. «

Actor James Stewart, with whom Grace maintained warm and friendly relations, said: «Since it is easy to play. You can see how it starts to think, considering that so to think that the role which it plays a. You know that she is listening to you carefully, and not only because of replicas. Some actresses playing, do not think and do not listen to others. We can say that they simply recite their lines. lt; … gt; You know, I loved Grace Kelly — not because she was a princess, not because she was an actress, not because she was my friend, but because it was just the most beautiful lady of the people I met when -or. Grace brings to my life as well as in yours, gentle, warm light whenever we met, and every encounter with it in itself was a real treat. «

The famous photographer Howell Conant once said: «She wanted to be remembered as a lady. Such she was «.

freedom of press

Like most eminent personages, Princess of Monaco suffered greatly from the intrusive attention of journalists. «Sometimes I think back to the days when I could walk down the street and no one knew who I was,» — she complained. Even in those days, when she starred in Hollywood, the media attention to her person was not so intrusive as nobly after marriage. Journalists often tested the patience and composure on the strength of Grace, but she always managed to maintain his composure. «I, of course, I respect people who have to do their job. But some newspapers peculiar notion that we — fictional heroes, and this gives them the right to write about us any stories, which they only want, and it is impossible to protect yourself from "literary creation" of such kind». During the interview, Grace felt uncomfortable. Princess says: «Freedom of the press means that you can not get rid of the latter.»

Grace could not be protected from public scrutiny, and their children. Their every move is constantly watched by journalists. Mother was hard to see her youngest daughter Stephanie was hiding from reporters in the trunk of a car. When the daughter and son began to grow, the media attention was riveted literally each of their step. Alas, this grace could not do anything.

Perhaps for this reason the Princess of Monaco loved to go to the country residence in Rock Azhel. Here, she could at least take a break: «The Rock Azhel we fenced off from the rest of the world, closing the door on everything that remains outside the family circle.»

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