One of the inherent qualities of Grace Kelly can undoubtedly be called that in any situation it look flawless. Her tips on how to present a particular image, use even famous directors. At the same time she was very humble Kelly in choosing clothes and buying only those things that did not go out of fashion and were considered timeless classics.

Innate sense of taste

During its not very long, but pretty successful career Grace worked with the best designers in Hollywood, and they were all amazed at the taste of the charming actress. In «Paramount Pictures» Grace worked on the costumes famous Edith Head, the future owner of the eight «Oscars» of the costumes in the pictures. She noted: «Grace selects clothes, scripts and directors with the same infallibility. It’s fantastic. She’s always right. «

In the «MGM» Grace worked with Helen Rose. The designer has remained so impressed by working with Kelly, she wrote the screenplay, which said about the artist costume. The picture was called «Designing Woman». The main role in it was intended, of course, Grace. But life turned out differently: Kelly married and became a princess, and the role played by Lauren Bacall. Rose recalled: «She has great taste and an exceptional sense of style; it can effectively carry anything. » By the way, Helen Rose created the design of the wedding dress of Grace Kelly.

Fashion designer Oleg Cassini described the attitude of the actress to the outfits, «Grace wanted to be seen as serious. In her eyes there was consumer interest in clothes, it was a smart look — a criterion by which to judge the seriousness of a person. » Meanwhile, actress casual clothing was modest, but at the same time stylish. Grace liked to wear jeans, capri pants, classic shirts, shoes without heels. All of this she was able to apply so that the clothes emphasize its individuality. The actress was perplexed: «I do not think different. Sometimes I think that talking about "my style" because in my life there is little going on and talk more about what. » However, the authors of articles in fashion magazines have a different opinion. Over the years, Grace has become increasingly appear in the list of the most stylish people.

The practical approach to American Margaret Kelly parenting attitude Grace to clothing was simple. «If there is something totally foreign to me, so it’s shopping for fun,» she says. Things Kelly bought, had to wear a smiling for years. Her friend Rita Gam says: «la Grace could not throw anything just because it is out of fashion, it was very sentimental about their clothes.» Frugality and humility distinguished her from a young age. However, sometimes it can treat yourself to a trendy «gadgets.» So when coming to the end of the shooting of the film «High Noon,» Grace said, «As soon as the work on the film is finished, I immediately go and buy myself a mink stole. I always wanted to buy it, but before I could not afford it. » And she had her little weakness. Edith Head says: «Gloves and shoes were exclusively those things, getting the money that Grace did not think.» Even Fred Zinnemann, the director of the film «High Noon», recalled that before Grace in white gloves to him no one came. Sister Lizenn say that this passion Kelly family: «Our mother was very pedantic in the choice of clothes according to the specific situation. I am sure that the impact of the mother somehow affected the enthusiasm of Grace white gloves and hats. «

The actress had other defining its image of accessories, in addition to the white gloves and hats; among them — a string of pearls around her neck and large sunglasses. Since 1956, in the hands of Grace began to constantly see the bag of crocodile leather of Parisian boutique «Hermès». Soon the bag went into fashion history under the name «Kelly» and is still popular among fashionistas, and its price beats all records are among the most expensive accessories — from fifty thousand dollars.

The actress always tried to keep myself in great shape. Few believed that her height was 166cm. The special way of keeping the head and proud posture visually Grace did above. In the 1950s, she wore the smallest size clothing available for sale then. I must say, it was given to her easy, because Kelly loved to eat and a very young age had to limit myself in meal. With age, it is a little stout, but continued to control himself. By aging princess all calmly. Her boyfriend Robert Dornhelm, actor and director, recalled: «Grace did not have inherent ambition and concern with preserving its beauty. She was proud of its every wrinkle. «


Modesty and humility were the hallmarks of Grace throughout its life. Photographer studio «Paramount Pictures’ Bad Freyker recalled:» She gave me trouble only when able to argue their point of view. She could criticize all the pictures, which were "too open legs"Too much or too sensual eroticism sexy look. «

Generally, Grace did not hesitate to make suggestions and corrections, defending their point of view when working with renowned directors. For example, in the movie «In the case of murder, dial"M"»She suggested that in the scene of the murder of the heroine was wearing a nightgown. Hitchcock gave preference robe, but Grace explained his decision quite convincing: at night he heard a phone call, a woman is unlikely to be put on a robe, to pick up the phone. Kelly recalled: «After that, I enjoyed his confidence in everything that concerned the clothes. He gave me considerable freedom in choosing what I will wear in his next two films. «

Another interesting event occurred in the film «Rear Window.» There was a re- petition of the episode in which Grace was wearing a nightgown. Alfred Hitchcock called Edith Head. It should be noted that Hitchcock was always very tactful and cautious in matters of this kind … He asked: «Look, to rehouse shirts that something is wrong. It is necessary to enclose anything. » The wardrobe of Grace Kelly Head referred to his request, «Mr. Hitchcock is concerned that the fold is formed. He wants me to be planted here anything to make your figure more attractive. » To which the actress replied: «It can not enclose anything: it will be noticeable, and I’m not going to resort to such tricks.» Together, costume designer and actress corrected image, without resorting to the special lining. Grace tried to stay in the frame as straight as possible and do everything to avoid some devices. On site Hitchcock does not suspect that it held, exclaimed: «You see! It is quite another thing! «.


The tragedy happened on Sept. 13, 1982. Grace youngest daughter Stephanie had to go to Monaco. The driver «Rover 3500» was prepared for the trip, but the princess said that she will lead the car. Duchess traveled a lot, and now she had to serious conversation with her daughter alone. According to one version, the mother did not like Stephanie decided to learn to drive racing cars. On the other hand, Grace was not happy with the fact that her younger daughter, as a teenager, wanted to live together with his friend Paul Belmondo, son of actor Jean-Paul Belmondo. Grace feels in those days could not be called good: the last time the princess had health problems, especially she was suffering from severe headaches.

Grace and Stephanie went on very twisty and steep road, resembling serpentine, in which a ride Kelly Cary Grant in «To Catch a Thief.» On one of the dangerous turns the car skidded and the car flew into the abyss of the depth of 45 m. Grace lost consciousness, and then fell into a coma. Stefania miraculously survived, having received only minor injuries, mostly bruising, as well as damage to the cervical vertebrae. She went to her mother, which was taken to the hospital in Monaco. Grace has been damaged brain. Doctors have found that at the time of the accident she suffered a stroke or an aneurysm, because of what and the tragedy occurred. Status princess was hopeless. September 14th 1982 Princess Grace died. She was fifty-two years.

In the same cathedral, which once held the wedding of Grace and Rainier, held a memorial service. Princess was buried in the family vault Grimaldi. A huge number of people attending the ceremony, once again emphasized the great importance that the princess was in the life of the Principality, and in the heart of every person in the world. To this day, her tomb are always fresh flowers. Rainier suffered this tragedy long and painful. His biographer Philippe Delorme wrote: «He never recovered from the death of his wife. It was an irreparable loss. » The prince never again married. He died in 2005 and was buried next to his wife.

In the memory of his beloved princess principality sacred honor. There is named after her street theater and library named after Grace Kelly. By the twentieth anniversary of the death of the princess in the royal publishing house published a picture book about the family of Grace and Rainier. Prince himself has written the foreword to this edition, which admired his beautiful wife and mother of his children. Her humanity, kindness and closeness to the people still remember all the people of Monaco.

Shortly before his death, Grace said, «I would like to be remembered as the Noble, which has made a lot of useful things, and that was a kind and loving woman. I would like to leave a memory of himself as a person with an active lifestyle, which made every effort to help others. » It is this, and it has remained in the memory of millions of people around the world.

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