Grapes fan

Grapes fan

I №3 read an article in «Urals grapes» Ivan Petrovich Sailer and was very surprised by his care for the vines. Besides, the author refers to a new variety — CP F1, while stressing: «my own brand.» And it is with such knowledge? ..

Firstly, the author, in my opinion, gives wrong advice on formirovke vines. When shtambovoy formirovke, as I understood from the description, it carves a four vines and annually to replace her annual leave. But the vine — not currant, which has an annual cut was four-branch! In this age of the vine is just starting to increase yield, and old wood sleeves «work» up to ten years (bowline forms — more than thirty). After this yield is reduced, and the old sleeve is gradually, one by one, replaced by replace them grown vines can be from fat shoots. I imagine the bush, cut for 25-27 years …

I will not go into the details of planting and fertilizer application, because in each case has its own nuances.

In the first year it is impossible to form a bush, and it is necessary to cultivate a good vine ripened already out of it then form a bush. But if you grow several vines and scrub will be formed, even from well-vegetating seedlings, when a load of bad vine ripen in winter vymerznet …

And finally, the most interesting. The author writes that «every bush has male and female vines. In the male vines internodes much longer than that of the female. «

Ha actually grapes — the plant is dioecious. But in modern varieties, mainly the type of flower bisexual, and very rarely — female.

Flowers grapes come in three varieties — are bisexual, male and female, are allocated as transitional forms, that is, with deviations in the direction of either male or female flowers. In bisexual flowers are well developed all the organs, ie, stigma and stamens with anthers. This is its main difference from the female flower, which has abortive stamens and men, which is underdeveloped stigma. Works with all this economy is difficult. These have been engaged in the specialized institutions, as well as scholars, enthusiasts such as VN Kraynov, VU Kapelyushny, EG Pavlovsky and others. In general, the development of new varieties of grapes — painstaking work that requires certain skills, experience and, of course, the necessary knowledge. And now I show you how you can grow and form a fan shape of the vine, which is best suited for the harsh climatic conditions — such a convenient bush shelter for the winter (see. Picture, photo 1). The photo 2-4 also reflects my experiences grape.

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