Growing cucumber trellis method

Growing cucumber trellis method

The method is widespread in China and Japan, as well as in several European countries.

It is based on the fact that a cucumber in the wild — a vine that can «crawl» out of the penumbra of the jungle to the sun, clinging tendrils. I do not lose this ability and cucumber cultivated.

The essence of the cordon that the aboveground part of agricultural plants (eg, grapes or in our case, cucumber) is attached to the trellis. Tapestries are an array of reechek, it may be poles or frames with stretched in several rows string (wire). Thus, we free surface of the soil between the plants, thereby achieving high crop ventilated smaller water droplets formed on the lower leaf surface, and as a result do not create favorable conditions for the development of a number of fungal diseases (especially downy mildew). With this method of cultivation of cucumber fruits gather much faster, besides we are not injuring the stems.

By a definite plus growing cucumbers on a vertical trellis can be attributed, and even the sun warming the plant, and the fruits are always in the penumbra, as they cover sheet. Therefore, cucumber evenly colored, no bald spots, usually forming on the sides, which cucumbers lying on the ground when grown in the distance.

This method is recommended for Chinese long-fetal cucumbers because they are grown mainly in greenhouses and cordon just allows you to place the maximum number of plants in a small area and to ensure that every maximum amount of sunlight at its shortcomings.

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