Guessing about living water

Guessing about living water

The drug is created in Estonia, had a beneficial effect on the health of many people bought foreign firms. To get it, people come to Tallinn from all over the country. Ministry of Health of the Republic, are allowed to trade the drug. As a food product does everything that he has not been sold.

Area in front of the Special Design Bureau of Technology «Disintegrator» is known throughout the country. A little aside — a lonely booth where they sell food AU created Urmas Altmer in «Disintegrator», which is headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, Lenin Prize winner, honored inventor of the Estonian SSR and A. Hint.

Go here is not close, but an hour and a half before the start of the day, we found the front of a closed booth queue several hundred people. Come along it, randomly selecting interlocutors:

— I am a local, from Tallinn. On the night stand. AU is in stores rarely.

— From Leningrad. The third time I come — this thing is very sick mother helps …

— Kursk. About AU accidentally learned from friends. Second time here. The amazing thing …

— Seven rubles per bottle? No, it is not expensive. Health is more expensive. And the money that the road from the Sverdlovsk spent is not sorry.

— Are you a journalist? So help me, finally! As people spend hours in the queue to hold?

…This story began thirty years ago. Then IA Hint found that particles of many substances, passed through the revolving at great speed in the opposite side of the rotor cage mill, and destroyed when it acquired completely new properties. It was found that the change in materials at the atomic level occurs. 06naruzheno phenomenon was first treated with lime and sand. Of these two components was obtained Silicocalcium — cementless concrete. Then hints authorities did not believe. Now the Soviet Union for more than two and a half million people live in houses made of silikokaltsita. Activation ORES accelerates the smelting of it; cement from kliykera passed through of disintegrating, get higher marks. The new technology allows to utilize almost all industrial waste, restore the national economy tons of fuel. Even plain water, if it is to intensify, it is easier absorbed by the body — chickens and pigs, which are fed only such water grew faster than their counterparts.

In 1978, we reported IA Hint, Austrian company «Tsimmering-Graz-Pauker» to build a large plant for the production of our disintegrators. The company has already sold 180 and in 1979, planned to sell eight plants. In the Soviet Union they made only production base «Disintegrator». Over the last year there have been able to release a total of seven and twelve industrial laboratory facilities.

The biological product has been created as a hint came to work the food industry expert Urmas Altmer. The inventor of the famous, the author of the famous Estonian cheeses. He suggested a number of prescription drugs, now known under the title «AU» (the initials of the author).

More doing cheeses Altmer raised leaven, which stimulates the production of many products, a large number of biologically active substances. After adding it to the food, they were treated to a disintegrator. Thus it was obtained the first modification — AU-1. Another modification of the drug -AU-8 SKTB manufactures and markets with the permission of the Ministry of Health of the Republic. This bioactive food product, rich enzymes, phosphorus compounds, amino acids, trace elements — all in it more than one hundred components. Initial products — fish, eggs, honey, sugar, milk, vegetables, fruits …

The first drug tried by volunteers. Many a month improved overall disappeared fatigue, insomnia. Reduce or completely disappeared rheumatic pains in the joints. AU has beneficial effects on overall health, and in some forms of cancer.

Tests of the drug are in some establishments of Estonia, Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev, Kharkov, Kuibyshev, Simferopol. It was found that it helps in diabetes, gout, nervous disorders, hypertension, atherosclerosis, certain diseases of the stomach and kidneys.

AU useful and healthy people, according to the inventor. Eat it as safe as eating bread or drinking yogurt.

AU is useful as a food product, confirmed Deputy Minister of Health of the Estonian SSR E. Vyaert. But he warned that the drug is not a cure, we can not abandon the means prescribed by a doctor.

With this no one disputes. But … repeatedly accessed Hint Altmer and the leading physicians of the Republic with a request to give a formal opinion on the drug. Do not want. One of the main experts of Ministry of Health of the Republic gave such a conclusion, «I will not investigate until the drug has not been studied» (!)

Before our meeting Johannes A. just returned from Austria. It shows the newspaper of the Communist Party of Austria «Volksstimme» where placed laudatory article on the AU, as well as in Austria, released a book about the new drug, the authors — Hint, Altmer and Austrian scientist Ekttsmann.

The Austrians have already begun commercial production AU. Experiencing it in the clinic, sell to other countries. «It is necessary to wait, when foreign colleagues will prove to us that our invention is useful» — says Hint.

In opposition to the drug is only the Ministry of Health of the Republic. Help for inventors, without explanation, he does not want to. It is known that there are actively collect contraindications when applying AU. Certainly, they are. But it is easier and more natural it would be to find out the truth of the joint efforts. Explain the position of the ministry, no one was able to …

Republican Council of VOIR convinced that the work of the team Khint is rational. But as the chairman of the board of GI Melitz, «the Ministry of Health … contact is not considered.»

And while visitors from across the country for many hours before the opening took place at the single wooden booths …

T. Talwar, head. Division of the journal «Technology and Production» (Tallinn).

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