HACKER offended offer size AWARDS

Rewards Program for the found vulnerabilities are becoming more widespread, and inquiring minds daily check popular services and websites for durability. In people’s minds more and more entrenched the idea that the results of the bugs they necessarily pay. As it turns out, it is not always so rosy.

Recently, a hacker, hiding under the name MentaL, told the public his story is not too fun. Back in May of this year, an inquisitive boy managed to get full access to the servers of the company BitTorrent. Surprisingly, nothing wrong with gaining access to do not become a hacker, but studied in detail the information stored on the server and made out several backups. Then honestly I decided to notify BitTorrent Inc. found a breach. At first it seemed that everything goes well — the company expressed its gratitude to the hacker and promised monetary rewards. But then MentaL asked to send an invoice to transfer the money to him, but in the end all and completely finished paying ridiculous sums — $ 500.

Needless to say that this situation hacker offended — in the end, he (or anyone else) had the opportunity to climb even builds torrent clients and financial data of the company! Frustrated by an intruder in response began to publish utaschennuyu servers information: bit. ly / lcxzzue.

Meanwhile, BitTorrent launched the beta version of the service BitTorrent Sync to automatically synchronize files between different devices that we are beginning to actively use at the office.

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