Hanger Hallway

Hanger Hallway

You will need:

• pruner or saw

• Solid dry branches (at least 2 cm in diameter)

• wooden board 15×45 cm — the size can be varied at will

• Abrasive medium grain

• Newspaper or old rags

• Drill

• Paint in bottle silver tone

• Brush 5 cm

• Paints for wood (shade of salmon)

• Screws (2 — 3 pieces for each branch)

• Wall fasteners for shelf

Production time of 2 hours.

Autumn — time for a trim garden and a beautiful strong branches used to decorate the house. They are an excellent replacement hooks for clothes.

1 Use a saw or shears, cut the branches with a few pieces of branches.

2 Lay the threads on the board at the same distance from each other until they reach the desired location. Cut a small branch. One — two should protrude slightly beyond the edge of the board. Deal with ridges and bumps sandpaper to branch adhere properly to the board and then oshkurte jagged edges of Spili.

3 Drill the branches of 2-3 pilot holes.

4 In the protected surface of the paper, place the branches and silver paint coat is 3-4 layers, from different angles, pausing and waiting for the dry branches.

5 Paint the wooden board (1-2 layers). Allow to dry.

6 Using the scheduled opening, screw each branch to the board with screws.

7 Hang the hanger on the wall using fasteners suitable for your wall.

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