Happily ever after together.

Happily ever after together.

The situation is really difficult, especially in large cities of Russia. For example, earlier this summer in Novosibirsk was registered 70% of divorces on the number of registered marriages. And this statistic only registered in the registry office marriages! Among the so-called civil marriages, these figures are even higher.

What is going on with the family, with the relationship of the spouses? Why difficult situations no longer permitted, and the pair is easier to leave? I want to give some of the reasons that lead to a large number of divorces.

Creating a family, many of us believe that the second half will make us happy. In fact, if the couple met less than 6 months, young people know little character and habits of each other, are not able to negotiate, to compromise and to quarrel «productive.» These couples are more likely to be held during the painful lapping at the beginning of their life together. And if the couple has no experience in solving complex situations, one or both partners may experience frustration and a strong offense. So soon may feel that the pair is inconsistent, and it is impossible to negotiate anything good in life together will not.

And then the best way is seen divorce.

If you marry people with different habits, education, expectations of life. The outer attraction and sexual compatibility are important in the initial phase of life together. The longer a couple lives, the more urgent it becomes a situation where the spouses «do not look at each other and in the same direction.» Therefore, before applying to the registrar should ask a partner about what he wants from life and what to expect from life together, how soon and how many children to have plans, etc. If your ideas and long-term goals are the same, we can talk about a successful and long marriage.

When a person decides to start a family under the influence of external circumstances. Pregnancy, «it is time», having any difficulties or just parents rushed. Under the influence of circumstances, the choice of partner is not based on the individual needs of living with a specific person. So when, sharing people facing difficulties, then there is no desire to resolve them, and divorce has become the most acceptable yield.

It is only a few indicators to understand before the wedding that the couple will face serious difficulties. During harmless visible of these factors are hiding serious problems, which, unfortunately, is not always possible to resolve itself, and even a pair of professional psychologist.

With conflicts, problems, difficult period faced by all couples absolutely. How can we make your marriage happy? Psychologists even have a special term — «the level of satisfaction in marriage ‘, which takes into account persistent emotional attitude to marriage and the partner. If the situation has reached a deadlock, do not rush to break off relations. Make an attempt to understand the problem and correct relations. There are special psychological tests, which are both partners and the results of which are partners of a specific program of correction relations.

Unfortunately, not all couples turn to a psychologist, you can count on better relations. For example, people conflict, violent and categorical difficult to establish and maintain harmonious relations. With such people difficult to get along, it is the spouse of such people are turning to psychologists to improve relations in the family. These families might help if the spouse with the «difficult character» will show a willingness to work with a psychologist and change their habits for the sake of the family.

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