Hello! My name is Paul and I’m an indie developer.

Hello! My name is Paul and I'm an indie developer.

I used to read all sorts of analytics, there is a lot of graphs about how much is now activated Android devices as iOS, as the rising markets and falling share. Unfortunately, interest and abstract figures are rarely allowed to accurately grasp what is really going on inside.

Most of all, I’m not one encounter such a problem, so I decided to share a «live» the statistics of one of my games, has become quite popular on iOS and Android. Immediately say, that we are about the game entirely in Russian, respectively, play it only Russian-speaking users. For those with Target to Europe, USA, etc. the post may be little information.

In March 2013 I put a game on Google Play «form a word.» It does not offer some unprecedented gameplay. Such in Russian there are already 3 (and now there are even more). Nevertheless, thanks to some features, constant support and weekly updates regarding the game could become popular. First place in its category, even failed to take, it was limited to fifth place in the puzzle.

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