Hemingway House.

Hemingway House.

Jude Law, someone is looking for. «Paolina ??? Paolina ?? !!! Paolini !!!! «His plaintive cries grow into a furious roar, when the actor is trying to drown in buckets lashing rain. Lowe yelled so loudly that his bizarre cries echoed from the nearby forests and valleys. We are on the set, which was once the estate of the designer Laura Ashley in the vicinity of Saint-Tropez, the French paradise for millionaires. It is a glamorous resort, but Lowe did not glamorous. He did not look like a hero-lover, whom we used to see in movies.

In 2005, Richard Shepard for filming in «Matador» Pierce Brosnan wore the narrow melting and cowboy boots. Now he puts tragicomedy «Hemingway House» and refers to the Law just as unceremoniously. The British actor — how to put it mildly? — Looks more than usual. And he not only broke, but also dressed as a man for many years behind the fashion. Lowe plays the title character — an embittered London safecracker, who gave an impressive accomplices and served a term in the hope that the quirky crime boss Fontaine (Demián Bichir) pay him for his silence. Paolina — Fontaine passion and today house … We will not reveal plot secrets. Suffice it to say that he was not too happy with her actions.

Shepard laughing happily. Not only because Lowe gets wet in the rain, but also because the director is still not believe that less than a year has passed since that day when he sent his script to producer Jeremy Thomas. «Unheard — from script to shooting in just 12 months!» — Surprised Shepard. It is even more incredible that the script was written off the cuff — as well as «Matador».

«I wanted to make a film about a man who gets out of prison and trying to get money for his silence, — says the director. — But I could not come up with the first scene. Finally it dawned on me one day, and then the script from me and poured. I wanted to create an interesting, memorable characters. «

This character and became a house — rough, uncouth, but surprisingly charming fragment of a bygone era. «I enjoyed writing misadventures Houses — says Shepard. — The more pain I caused him, the more I fell in love in it. I like characters who just do not have to imagine, but eventually forced to experience for themselves. When it came to the casting, I almost got into a mess. I had to find someone who would be played at the same time tough and mentally. Jude was the first in a very short list of stars. If they refused, I would not know what to do. Photographing a puppet movie? However, I hope that the actors cling to the chance to play an interesting character. Especially such a complex and many survived, as the House. «

Fortunately, Lowe agreed to do it, and Shepard is very happy about that. «It is amazing plays — says the director. — It is fully accustomed to the role, I am about this and could not dream. He is funny and dark and scary — nothing to do with his previous roles. In general, nothing to do. «

We notice that Lowe’s has changed not only internally. Shepard agrees: «I asked him a little better. When he did, we made him a very narrow suit, because this suit in which his character was arrested 12 years ago. Our tailor-kick just not enough. He sewed the suit, which was slightly narrower than usual, and we said to him: «No, I must have still been.» It is four times sutured suit, until it turned out quite narrow. I also decided to change the face of Judah. He readily brushed back her hair to be seen receding hairline. We have twisted his nose, played with his teeth, he let his whiskers and a half months … We had fun with him until he came up with a suitable appearance. Finally we have created a home, and it turned Jude. It is a wonderful sight — watch as an actor transforms the hero comes to life. Sometimes, however, after that the actor thinks, ‘What do I do with him ?! I do not want to do! «But fortunately, Lowe’s is happy.» Almost as unusual for a role in the film played by Richard E. Grant. Shepard for him came up with Dickie Black’s best friend House.

«In my experience, — says Grant-when people say that you wrote to me the role, or they do not find the money for the film, or simply abandon the project. However, when Richard suddenly for no apparent reason sent me the script, I read it in one gulp and fell in love with him. It was original, funny and unusual story, and I did not immediately believe that the American was able to write such a scenario the British permeated our eccentric. «

After a brief conversation on the «Skype» Grant agreed to do it. He believed that his first London play «commoner» from the times published in 1999, «Spirit of Christmas», where Patrick Stewart plays Scrooge, and Grant — Bob Kretchita. However, his character has turned out quite different. «I quickly realized that Ray Winstone will come out of me, — he laughs the actor. — At first I wanted to portray partly reformed, old-fashioned, stuck in a 1970s mobster from a poor neighborhood. But then, as the scenario did not talk about the past Dickie, I decided that my hero — the prodigal son respected family, who went on a curve track. As he made friends with the House? The film is told about it, and their friendship is hard to believe. But the more interesting to play it. «

Glasses with yellow lenses, tattoo on his neck, a black glove on his left hand — Dickey recalls Hunter S. Thompson and perfectly complements the restless House. «The first time I with my first picture, which I’ve done 26 years ago, plays such a close friend — says Grant. — And as my hero wears long hair and costumes in the style of the 1970s, it seems to me that if Uitneyl of «Uitneyl and I» became a criminal, but now it would be the same as Dickie … «

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