High-performance method of breaking down the site

High-performance method of breaking down the site

The Tauride farm, Omsk region, laying the gardens over a large area. When planting in pits dug tractor drill, we have to restore the mark made at the breakdown area under the garden. To do this, usually put the pins, and then locking pegs on the landing board. This method allows you to restore the exact place of the stake after the landing pit digging, but very low efficiency. When it split the area costs about as much as is necessary to spend to make organic and mineral fertilizers, including the supply of humus and filling landing pits. Yes, and not always at hand is the material for making stakes.

So we were looking for other ways to stake out that, while maintaining the quality of the work would reduce the cost of the work and material consumption.

In 1963 landing quarter chokeberry, we applied this method. It consists in the following.

At the station, intended for planting, stakeout stakes proveshivajut three parallel lines: one in the center, and the other — on the edges, departing from the border area by 6-9 meters by the middle of the field. The distances between the stakes are determined given width of the aisles (distances landing 3h2,8 meters).

Perpendicular markup axial lines stretched the measuring wire from potato CGS-4. The intervals between the bundles of wire measuring 0.7 meters allow to select the distance between plants in the row close to the target. If you want to accurately maintain a predetermined width, it can be on the wire additional naklepki from any ferrous metal.

Wire aligned, stretched and secured. One of the knots as the initial pre-marked and placed it against the first stake. After the transfer wire to the next row put the bundle against the next stake extreme series.

Pulling the wire next to each of the fourth node (a distance of 2.8 meters), the mixture poured a handful of mineral fertilizers, thus marking the place digging pit. This work was carried out three. After splitting the digging started the landing pit. Since the extreme stakes were set for the border area, the tractor when digging pits did not break the lines.

Having prepared the pit, they start planting. Just as when broken down, pulled a measuring wire, but now on top of the pit. Nodules wire got back to the place where they were during stakeout. This will restore the center holes marked at breakdown.

At a certain section of a number of working for two people. The plants were planted close to the nodules, marks the center of the landing pit. When planting, use two wires; is one imprisoned, transferred two other dedicated workers.

Such a method has been more productive than using a split stakes.

The rate of development in the area broken sticks with distances 3×2,8 m — 0.2 hectares per person. Under the new method, breaking down the average output per worker for the seven-hour day was 0.5 hectares. Furthermore, in the old method requires additional manufacturing costs stakes and their cleaning.

Precision landing dimensional wire was not lower than the breakdown with the help of stakes.

Application of a new method of breaking down significantly reduced planting time.

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