Haute Couture — the art of the genius designer, brought to life dozens of hard-working hands. Paris workshop CHANEL — the best place to understand how this mechanism works


Coco Chanel never engaged in ready-to-wear. Haute couture — DNA houses Chanel, its starting point that sets high standards: all collections Chanel Haute Couture with great fanfare are presented to the public at the Paris Grand Palais.

Work begins six weeks before the catwalk — Karl Lagerfeld sends pencil sketches in the studio, which have four brands, two flou — for dresses and dresses of thin materials (silk, muslin, jacquard) and two tailleur — for suits and coats. After the first experiments on the cloth to transfer the project to one of the masters whose hands embody the product of Haute Couture, which will shine on the podium, to go from generation to generation and is auctioned.

After the show the collection in Chanel boutique on Rue Cambon are lively: the ladies have to choose outfits. At regular clients in the studio have personal mannequins were able to master exactly fit the dress on a figure. Team Chanel used to serve the Indian princesses, the wives of Russian oligarchs, Chinese heirs and for the sake of fitting ready to fly anywhere in the world. After six weeks in a beautiful dress box will be delivered to the house ordered it — everything, as in the great Mademoiselle, to start a business is to Haute Couture — custom tailoring unique and exquisite dresses for fashionable ladies.

The work on the dress NAUTE COUTURE nothing mechanical — drawing LATERFELDOM done by hand, and the wizard develop his idea into three dimensions with a cloth

Today’s masters create masterpieces CHANEL Haute Couture there, where they are doing their own Mademoiselle: in the house 31 on the street Cambon, on the upper floors of the building — to be closer to daylight

Work studio masters often akin JEWELLERY — a few days before the show in Paris GRAND PALAIS things CHANEL new collection of hand-decorated with embroidery and sequins

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