Hippeastrum and Amaryllis are not the same thing, though …

Hippeastrum and Amaryllis are not the same thing, though ...

When we buy bulbs imported breeding and ours, alas, is not (except that only the keen gardeners who themselves pollinating, collect and sow the seeds of varieties of its own production), in the name is just a word amaryllis. Delineation of biological characteristics between Amaryllis and Hippeastrum are not counted, although they are essential. For example, the amaryllis flower stalks necessarily produces the first and only after the leaves, while the Hippeastrum is happening almost simultaneously, but still often first shows the foliage after flowering begins. And the very structure of the flower stalk varies. But care principles remain the same. Often, reading the information on the care with the indication of undemanding plants, we do not pay enough attention to him, relying on chance. My biggest secret of the care of plants and consists precisely in the fact that I always follow their condition, trying to notice even the smallest changes in the appearance of my pets.

When the rays of the sun playing on these zerninkah, the flower turns into a real treasure.

All this splendor is now available for sale through the Internet, you can order any hybrids with Amaryllis belladonna, Hippeastrum Regina, as well as miniature-flowered and even wild species.

You can buy everything, but the care of our conscience

Lots of scattered light and the right watering is the main secret of care. In scattered, but bright light (east southeast) is less flower stalks are drawn, and leaves grow more compactly. The method of cultivation, each chooses for themselves: someone approach a period of rest, and someone manages to grow gippeastrum, as an ordinary houseplant, leaving the foliage of the whole year, but still seeking re-flowering.

Sometimes advised to plant the bulbs in the summer under the trees in the garden, I do not rule out such an option, however, there is a risk of catching spider mites and scale insects. Taking home the plant will have to sanitize insecticides. Usually after such a year of storage at the bulb after a period of rest, hence the timing of flowering relegated.

Sleeping bulb requires a special approach in this state, I do not touch the plant, it stays in the old substrate, but it is periodically necessary to moisturize, moisturize it, and not water, it is easy to cope with any sprayer.

In autumn and winter try to place the bulb on a windowsill, they are often stored on the balcony before the frost, but the natives of South Africa and the United States this temperature difference is too harsh, that adversely affects flowering. Occasionally clean the closet, notes monitor the status bulbs agree problematic.

In mid-January, even before the first shoots appear, I waddled into the new bulb, nutrient substrate, giving her the opportunity to start with the growth of a healthy diet.

New bulb Hippeastrum stems are usually laid after four leaf buds. So that the number of leaves in the season can be found on the following bloom.

Elixir of his youth prepare for a special recipe

I had to, unfortunately, faced with complains about the fragility florist Hippeastrum within three to four years, blooms every year, and then the bulb is reduced and flowering does not occur at all. The reason can be in today forcing bulbs, because some older varieties are not only properly bloom, but also give the children regularly, but for the new

Grades so much that to keep yourself in the hands of very difficult. Or maybe not?

Apple Blossom

Important! Hippeastrum does not tolerate overflowing. Roots grows a lot, and when the ground dries whom they are saturated with oxygen, which is necessary for their full development.

potent drugs, which naturally shortens the life of the plant. Although it is not only in this case. If in the following years after purchase of flowering does not occur, so errors are possible care, placing or storing the bulbs. Brings growers reluctance once again to work on the substrate (it is much easier to take in preparation), and the bulb is necessary to get the most nutrients to lay the new flower buds. So garden soil with the addition of leaf litter, sand and peat Hippeastrum perfect fit. The most advanced growers are advised to pour the sand under the lower Donets. This is possible if you planted the bulb without roots, if we transship the old bulb, the root ball is unlikely to make such a manipulation, although I try whenever possible to remove old and damaged roots. Typically, a few years growing roots of a large mass, so the pot is taken not as wide as it is deep. In the period of active growth and flowering bulb to feed its longevity is the key, so the liquid compound fertilizers appropriate to all.

I dessert, and mice figushki!

CUT ovaries have been made, although it is unclear where to put the seedlings later. So now in our laboratory on the windowsill it begins the most fruitful seasons. We have a bright berries mammilyarii mapinovye. A coffee berries are poured, first yellow, and only then become quite strawberry color means they can eat. Fruits Epiphyllum, said edible, too … Anyway, our hero looks very appetizing. Above me on the work already joking, saying, I lunch from home do not bring, because the plants eat. By the way in a neighboring lab mature tiny grenades, and their neighbors tangerines and lemons!

Belozhilkovye euphorbias ringing shoot seeds across lab and all the pots in a row settle. But the plant is so impressive and at the same time unpretentious that his offspring staff to deal with pleasure, especially those lucky people who have returned from vacation right in the freshly renovated premises. Oh, and now it’s tempting to do embellishment.

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