Home and Interior.

Home and Interior.

General rule: designers recommend to keep the distance between the carpet and the walls of 45-60 cm.


If you want to roll out the carpet for the whole area, subtract the size of the room of 45-60 cm, it will be the size of the carpet. When the room is too large, it is divided into zones, each of which is a carpet or trail two identical, adjacent to one another. Prefer something less? Then you need the dimensions of the sofa. The carpet must not be shorter than your sofa. The legs can stand or not to stand on the carpet, depending on how you like. And if you doubted, take the masking tape and glue to the floor, repeating the size of the carpet to see how it looks.


Measure table. Carpet should extend beyond the table to 60-75 cm, to freely arrange the chairs.


Here he can be great. You do not have to get out of bed on the bare floor. Therefore, the width of the mat will be more beds to 60 cm on each side. Alternatively, two small rug on both sides.


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