Home and Interior.

Home and Interior.

ON AN nice and comfortable.

The beauty and austerity of the interior came from the classics: the tall doors, baseboards and wide eaves pulled visual space, and space is geometrically correct forms brought some static and measured.

As a basic background has been selected the dense gray, and two additional shades, used in details throughout the house — terracotta and azure blue. The same colors were chosen and ethnic details, added the comfort and warmth.

Free layout of the apartment, and there are three boxes suggested the division of space into three main areas: the kitchen-living room and two bedrooms. Designers have come up with huge sew aluminum windows in boxes of oak veneer, and they became part of a noble finish, along with wooden furniture. A union of the sitting area and dining area allowed to admire the view of Moscow, still standing at the entrance to the apartment.

COMFORT — It’s a tradition, high quality materials and EASY way!

One of the most important roles in the interior of this apartment is playing lights. Here, in most cases, have been used or reflected light beams of directional light, focused on a particular surface.

Directed light, installed in various functional areas, sets the movement and flashing a particular point determines the direction of being a guide for a person unconscious in a residential area. Bring to life the idea of ​​lighting fixtures factory allowed the British Vaughan. All are equipped with dimmers. A simple, convenient mechanism that allows you to change the intensity of the light, making it brighter or, conversely, muting the lighting and thus creating different lighting scenarios, depending on time of day or time of year.

Also worth noting, floor hatches for sockets that allow to organize table light in the center of the room, avoiding long wires, for example, in the sitting room area.

To finish floor living room, kitchen and guest bedroom has been selected solid oak. Oak planks treated and painted by hand, due to what was very interesting shade and achieved an unusual texture of the tree. The uneven chamfer and the presence of copper nail heads in the parquet make to get accustomed to detail and once again smile.

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