HOTEL «Youth»


In Moscow, design and construction of a number of large hotels.

After the hotel in Plotnikov Lane Hotel «Youth» — designed and implemented by the second-to-date hotel main building of the hotel is located on the shaft near the Frunze ground subway station «Sport». The main facade faces south-west side of the stadium named after Lenin. The building departs from the red line of 6 m; Forward imposed only one-storey corner block, which is part of the lobby. Besides the main volume of residential hotel is part of the club with the auditorium, located in the one-story volume with the north-eastern side of the main building. Indoor outdoor patio adjacent to the foyer of the club and restaurant, in the summer time allows to increase their capacity.

The ground floor housed a central lobby with a lounge, a restaurant with 240 seats, a restaurant kitchen, a hairdressing salon and administrative offices. In the lobby — desk, post office, savings bank, restaurant cloakroom, lifts and kiosks.

All subsequent floors (from the second to the eighth) residential.

The basis of the decision of the first floor on the principle of free planning. Facilities like flow into one another, while maintaining the overall large space at a relatively small size of each room separately. Such an architectural solution should recognize interesting and correct.

The authors rejected the device independent entrance from the street and the restaurant. The lobby of the hotel is the lobby and the restaurant, from which it is separated openwork metal fence, flower girl. Instead of doors — revolving metal grille. The restaurant is well connected with the foyer of the club, which allows the club during public events to serve the audience, without interfering with the hotel.

Club complex has a direct connection to the lobby of the hotel, as well as a separate entrance from the street dispensers.

The auditorium of the size and terms of 17,5X23,5 m * 8.05 m in height is designed for 500 beds, located on the ground completely. Goal room has no bias. The room is arranged and equipped Estrada widescreen film projector. The walls are lined with wooden slats of light tone, concealing stereo sound speakers and ceiling vents trimmed sheets of corrugated fiberglass yellow. Wall projection screen with two curtains closed; colorful, imitating the flags of different countries, and monotonous, brownish color.

The room has no doors, instead used sliding wooden partitions.

Eight-storey apartment block has a length of 61.8 m and a width of 12.10.

All residential floors of the same; Rooms are located on the corridor width of about 166 cm. to illuminate the corridor ends. Each floor has 31 rooms. Total housing s 217 rooms, including 124 doubles and 93 triples. Third bed and triple — folding bed. The rooms of 10.14 square meters. (prihozhey- with 12.78 m.). All rooms are equipped with full sanitary.

Triple rooms for the comfort of a double yield and relate to the tourist class.

Single rooms in the hotel. If necessary, double room can be Single, without any change in the absence of single rooms furnishing a positive impact on the economic performance of the building and does not impair comfort. Minimum size may be taken only by the use of the new built-in multi-purpose furniture.

From here only moveable furniture — a chair, a chair and a coffee table; stationary and other furniture consists of a bed, sofa beds, cabinets for clothes, writing table, combined with the window sill, shelves for books, shelves for luggage and closet located s hallway. The window sill mounted radio and telephone. The use of new types of furniture for living rooms create sufficient comfort.

To test the special stationary furniture, window frames, choosing the optimal planning and volumetric solutions rooms, check the efficiency of lighting and color solutions previously made several life-size mock-ups. This was attended by experts in various fields. Experience in creating layouts shown, Wio such an experiment is essential in the design and construction of efficient buildings of various types. The pilot made several samples of color interiors. It was found that the color of the walls of a small room in a different area of ​​Kohler visually reduces the space of the room, and intense and dark color of the front creates a nice contrast with the light-colored rooms. It was also concluded that the main idea of ​​the color should be built on the contrast-colored furniture and walls, not on the contrast-colored floor and walls.

The compact layout of rooms the average living space per person in the hotel is 5.24 m and the total living area of ​​2773.3 m2.

On the residential floors of a minimum public space: Hall (equal to the square number), which is on duty, and room attendants.

As a result of the new principles of the organization of the hotel was able to reduce the number of staff. The cost of one place the hotel «Youth», calculated according to the actual value of the building (no club chas.i) is 3268 rubles. It is lower cost, newly built and under construction right now hotels in Moscow and the USSR State Construction Committee recommended limit value at one place but 8-12%.

The main staircase and two elevators (passenger and cargo) are not located on the axis of the body Therefore, the authors have designed two stairs, instead of three, relying on the rules in the length of the building over 40 meters, and the main staircase and the center.

Heating registers are inside the bearing interior walls of their contours. This simplifies the installation of heating systems at the construction site, hygienic, creates additional convenience and saves floor space.

The basis of constructive solutions building on the principle of the use of the most efficient designs for each of the two functional areas: housing zone and the zone of public buildings.

Seven residential floors consisting of small cells, designed from concrete panels bearing walls and ceilings that are made in the vertical cluster forms. This design is cost-effective, easy to manufacture and installation, and mastered by the industry produces products with a high degree of prefabrication. Based on the size of the tapes available at a factory of concrete products, floor height of 2.8 m accepted, and the pitch of the transverse walls — 3.4 m. The thickness of the walls 12 cm panels, floors — 10 cm.

The outer longitudinal walls consist of two types of panels: lightweight aggregate concrete panels, bridges thickness of 35 cm, based on the transverse walls and sandwich filled with mineral felt panels, the outer surface of which is made of corrugated asbestos cement sheets, and internal — of wood chipboard.

The flat concrete floor panels have a size of 340X570 cm, and rely more on the side of the transverse walls separating one room from another, and less — on the longitudinal walls separating the room from the hallway. The length of the panels overlap more than the length of the hotel, so they overlap and a corridor. Panel joint on the axis of the corridor.

Created 8-storey hotel of the large panels of «Giprostroyindustriya» and laying the heating registers in them, the authors have greatly expanded the scope of the standard, the developed industry cluster panels, intended for 5-storey residential buildings.

Experience in construction of the hotel «Youth» shows that the use of these panels is also possible for higher buildings.

The seven-story residential part of the hotel, collected from the panels, based on the skeletal frame structure of the first floor with a longitudinal pitch of columns 6.8 m and 6.6 m cross. Longitudinal column spacing frame is twice the step of transverse panels residential floors. To ensure the bearing intermediate bearing walls that do not coincide with rows of columns, overlapping on the first floor is designed as a beam crossbars cells from frames and stringers.

Application frame in the first floor that should not be zatesnen constructs justified.

Spatial rigidity of the building is provided in the upper floors of the residential system of longitudinal and transverse load-bearing concrete walls, floor slabs connected, and in the ground floor of the RAMS prefabricated monolithic concrete frame.

Sanitary rooms are plumbing prefabricated cabins. Cabins for two-layer wooden frame: an inner layer of hard enamel fiberboard, outside — from conventional hard fiberboard.

The roof is flat, combined with internal drainage.

Serious attention is paid to the decoration, carpentry and lighting fixtures. The floors in the rooms and corridors of the residential floors — from zlinolita in the lobby lounge of the first floor, the restaurant, the lobby of the club — from breccias, in the auditorium — parquet.

The ceilings of the first floor filed wood fiber with perforated plate mounted in its electrical fittings.

Stained glass windows of the first floor of an aluminum alloy with dzoi nym glazing. Glass size 290X380 cm, the distance between the panes of 40 cm.

Development of aluminum stained glass height 3.8 m, cost of metal consumption (11 kg per 1 m-glazing), and a special device to open transoms considerable merit of the author of the hotel project. Entrance door — from high-strength glass.

The rooms have window units such as the Swedish twin size 190X260 cm casements, opening on the horizontal axis. Between the glass enclosed pivoting movable louver blinds. Such units enhance the comfort of the hotel.

The range of lighting fixtures consists of 20 types of products made for the hotel by experienced parties. Most of them as currently implemented in mass production. Artistic and technical quality of lamps are high enough. The room lamp is not installed on the ceiling and on the wall (wall lamp 3 lights). This method not only improved interior room, but also facilitated the wiring networks.

Suspensions of silica glass in public areas are beautiful and have great variability.

The hotel is composed of small residential cells, raised above the first floor of the public, making this premium free from small positive step housing. It’s an easy place here large room. In itoge- reception not only improved interior room, but also facilitate cost-structure.

Without belittling the merits of the hotel «Youth», I would like to make some criticisms.

The project is based on a pilot project on a 406 seats redesigned with regard to the new program. The construction site was selected for a particular project. But site selection can not be considered successful.

The hotel in its three-dimensional compositions conceived as a free-standing structure, which requires sufficient space around. In practice it was wedged in the perimeter building Frunze shaft consisting of a block of houses and houses built in the 30s, which is larger hotel building and its capacity to suppress it. Since the residential floors of the hotel made a bilateral arrangement of rooms, then when setting casing along the front of the street about half the rooms (14 of 31 on the floor) out windows in housing estates with zatesnennoy buildings. A beautiful view from the windows of angry facade of Central Stadium named after Lenin, the bend of the Moscow River and the Lenin Hills opened only from the upper floors due to the fact that parallel to the front of the mound passes the railway.

The flat roof of the hotel building is made without taking into account its possible use for it is impossible to organize an outdoor cafe, while there is a splendid view of the city.

It seems that the building of the hotel on this site should be more storeys; in this case, would have increased the number of rooms with a good view very picturesque part of the city, the building would take its proper place among residential development. Should think about setting some residential housing more space and opened to another fasadom-

Another formulation of multi-storey residential hotels volume would be more correct for other reasons. The facades of the hotel and quite honestly expressing the internal structure of the body and its design sbornost have a planar solution. The most advantageous point for the perception of the facades —aligned. In this case, the building is best seen in the approach to it for Frunze shaft. However, the most massive flow of people going to the stadium and from the stadium, runs perpendicular to this direction, and the building of the perceived disadvantage. Advantageous terms of perception appeared unused.

Thus, the main drawback is the embodiment of a pilot project at a disadvantage for the site. As a result, an interesting volume-spatial composition and architectural design of the hotel «Youth» is not fully disclosed.

The large glazed surface, a closed inner courtyard, a reasonable introduction of color and painting — these are the basic techniques, which should be subordinate everything else. However, the building is noteworthy unjustified abundance of decorative applied funds (especially in the first floor).

The authors introduced the color and painting, and various materials: metal, wood, fiberglass, fiber board and other. But large areas of floors, playing a very important role in a modern interior, made of breccia monotonous low quality. Not entirely successful, and painted on the walls of the foyer of the hall: she guessed the scale and made without regard to the prevailing point of perception.

The abundance of decorative techniques gives the impression of «pavilion» of the interior. It happens, and from a lack of self-restraint in the arrangement of design elements, and from lack of attention to some «little things.» For example, the ceiling of the perforated plates at the interface with the walls and columns, framed small wooden glazing bead, which attaches to the walls of the temporary nature of the partitions. This impression is emphasized also by replacing the baseboards painted stripes.

Offset lifts to the end of the residential building to remove them from the restaurant on the ground floor, making it difficult to supply food, where appropriate, directly in the room, but also creates uneven flows of people along the corridors.

Sanitary in the ground floor are too far from the lobby and the entrance to a toilet of the restaurant from the dining room is organized through the vestibule. Such a decision does not seem to us to be the best.

In the auditorium of the ash would like imt ceiling without corrugation (it is enough on the walls), and probably white tseeta.

The lavatories rooms, unfortunately, there are no stairs.

Adopted width of the corridor residential floors (166 cm), having a two-way arrangement room is insufficient, especially since living in a hotel remove outer clothing in the room. Visually, the width of the corridor is reduced due to the processing of joints of panels with wooden linings in the form of portals.

The ability to place in the room area of ​​10.14 m? three people, without prejudice to live, you should carefully check the operation of the hotel.

When being tested entirely new architectural and planning solutions and design, there are drawbacks. But they can not hide the advanced and progressive.

In recent years we have witnessed the undoubted successes of Soviet architecture. Among the successful construction of the hotel «Youth» takes a worthy place.

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