In the garden, whether in the garden

In the garden, whether in the garden

EDITORIAL «DDD» With pleased to note that in the spring of suburban areas filled with chatter and benz GARDEN ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT, facilitates the righteous works Cottagers.

And in the six hundred square meters, and per hectare can now be seen and heard THOUGH trimmer, chainsaw THOUGH with a tractor lawn mower. HOWEVER fellow cottagers often have no idea what potential REALLY IS HIDDEN IN ITS garden equipment.

We have repeatedly written about the advantages of mini-tractors, which shoulder handle any area. The beauty of this technology is its versatility and high performance. These good «ants» can be used as lawn mowers, cultivators, sowers and boroniteley and manufacturers equip them with drives of any type, including all-wheel drive assemblies for use on the slopes. Also, the tractor is able to pull of a truck with a load, and tamp ukatyvat territory, and even in the winter snow and clean. Also considered in the evolution of machinery has got a number of devices and accessories that facilitate the implementation of certain horticultural operations not listed above. Here are just a few of them.


It happens that for plowing the soil or towing a heavy trailer is not enough coupling properties of a wheel. That is, while the tractor starts to slip on the slippery grass or spring mud. To improve the engagement wheel drive axle, it is specially loaded with ballast. It may be steel, «pancakes», mounted on wheels, or more cargo-weighting, put in the back on a special bracket. Here we can recall that there are tires with a «off-road» tread pattern, such as the classic «herringbone», but, unfortunately, can not be used in the garden, because such a design creates a high specific pressure and destroys the structure of the lawn. That is why the tire treads of garden tractors and riders, as a rule, almost smooth.


However, despite the fixed ballast, the wheel can still stall. On the slopes or in the dirt it can occur even in the presence of an extra axle load. For such cases, use snow chains. Their main advantage is the extremely easy to install: the result today is the best remedy for anti-wheeled garden machinery, widely used and highly effective, including winter.


At first glance, an ice rink (also a garden roller) is necessary for compaction of the drainage layer beneath the lawn when the latter has not yet been planted. But scooters are also used for compacting soil after sowing, soil packing after mulching grass and rolling just postelennuyu turf. Rollers are used in the regeneration and garden paths, and even experts recommend a walk on roller lawn after mowing land immediately acquires well-groomed appearance, because the roller nails cut plants to the ground, and we see only a flat surface without any debris.

Lawn rollers are often made of a polymer, so they are easier to transport. Hollow rollers sealed before work is filled with water to increase the weight of the device and create a desired pressure on the ground. For garden tractors produce also steel rollers, but rather are designed to perform minor road construction than for the live rolling lawn.


Yes, grader is not only strange 18tonnaya road machine with a rotating bucket at a long narrow frame. Grader is any device that can be leveled ground, whether gravel, sand or humus. The design looks like a big scraper, with which you can razravnyat gravel on the tracks or to fix areas like sand traps on the golf course. Graders are used in parks and estates, and those households where there is stable, he is shown as a mandatory inventory.

Waste bins

Waste bins with automatic unloading may seem overkill, but we should not just give up on him just because, they say, lacks conventional and container.

Pay attention to the construction: it is enough to drive up to the place of unloading and pull the lever to completely empty the container.

It is a matter of two seconds, and then you can continue to work on the lawn. Incidentally, manual unloading takes much more time.


Lawn edger for serger that tissue. The raw edge and overgrown grass carpet spoils the mood is not less effective than a shabby jacket sleeve favorite. To emphasize the contour of the lawn and smoothly cut the top layer at the interface with the paved part of the yard, experienced gardeners use edger. It is a round roller blade, similar to the one that cut the pizza. This design was not chosen randomly. Just like thin crust pizza you can not spoil an ordinary knife, the top layer of soft grass cover should be cut without bias. Rolled along the edge of a round knife crushes the grass, and a neatly trimmed, creating a clear boundary line. Beveller can be mounted on garden tractor and then all the tracks will be «domesticated». By the way, some popular manual models of such equipment is also used roller round knife as the main tool.

Edger produced in a separate stand-alone devices of various designs with and without wheels, the electric and gasoline engine, lightweight performance like plug-in module for multifunction devices STIHL, a similar tricycle minikosil ku model of McCulloch and so on. D. BUMPER

Lovely accessory called «bumper kenguryatnik microtractor» as well as similar construction in vehicles designed to meet the first hurdle and to protect parts of the unit from unwanted contact with hard objects. Doug can be chromed or blued. Design At first glance nezateyliv, but functional. Actually, any skilful person can at your leisure to make a piece using the welding machine and the «Bulgarian». However Samodelkina should start to ensure the reliability and strength of the mounting points of the bumper on the body frame garden tractors.


One can only wonder to what extent the possibility of expanding hedge trimmers, chain saws and garden vacuums by using special extensions! Any spots, a tree, hedge or part of the facade of the house becomes attainable. Completely eliminates the need to take courses or industrial climbers to stock six-meter ladder, all you need is a rod extension with an internal drive. Leading manufacturers such as STIHL and Husqvarna, producing an arsenal of such devices, which allow to reach almost anywhere.


That’s what you can surprise the domestic gardener, so it aerator. Our understanding of agriculture, until recently, was reduced to plowing, boroneniyu, cleaning, snow retention and dozens of operations on the ground, to help in the difficult task of growing rich harvest. But the modern lawn not plow every year, and at the same time, its root system must have enough oxygen to over 300 years, the owners of the estate could be happy to enjoy the real English lawn.

Aerator the same device, which helps the lawn breathe. The shaft assembly may be provided with thin needles, by rolling the device on the ground surface piercing topsoil and thus helps to saturate it with air. For processing and use models with thin, pointed obliquely tubes, so it is possible not just to pierce turf, but also to make a shallow hole. The recovered pieces of the upper layer provided on the surface of the lawn, as if scattered canapes.


It is not clear how our utilities is still not smart enough to use these motorized wipers, ten times reducing the harvest of any territory! Now you do not need to hire an army of people from friendly neighboring countries or spend their own strength and nerves in the fight for the purity of the infield. In the winter for snow removal are increasingly used petrol snow plows, so that prevents the summer to apply a similar compact and efficient harvesting machines? For example, the German mark Tielburger offered a number of devices, some of which are quite likely one hour to get out on the territory of 5000 m2. Those units have been successfully used in the winter for the final cleaning of the territory after the snowthrower.

In addition, manufacturers offer several options for brushes: tougher varieties designed for cleaning gravel and debris, while the soft serve to combat the fallen leaves or snow.

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