Interaction with the NP «SUPPORT OF RUSSIA»

Interaction with the NP

Y. Radin, vice president of NP «Russian lift association,» a member of the Presidium of the All-Russian Public Organization of Small and Medium Enterprises «SUPPORT OF RUSSIA» Quality Director of JSC «Scherbinsky Lift Plant»

Speech at the XIV National Congress of the elevator industry workers

All-Russian Public Organization of Small and Medium Enterprises «SUPPORT OF RUSSIA» was established on 18 September 2002 and today comprises 80 businessmen of Russian regions. Education SUPPORTS RUSSIAN as a nationwide organization was a logical continuation of the efforts of sectoral business associations and unions — the founders of non-profit partnership «Association of Entrepreneurial Organizations of Russia (OPORA)» on cooperation and dialogue with the government at all levels.

In accordance with the features of construction, All-Russian public organization increasingly focused on summarizing and presenting the interests of entrepreneurs of the Russian regions. And the Association of Entrepreneurial Organizations OPORA is branch aspect, accumulating the position of branch unions and associations, many of which also have national status and extensive regional network. It is this format allows the most competent and representative to express the diversity of the interests of small and medium-sized businesses.

Currently, branch of the Russian public organization of small and medium business «OPORA RUSSIA» operate in 80 subjects of the Federation. The structure of non-profit partnership «support» includes 125 industry and business associations. The total number of businesses involved in the activities of the organization is more than 345 thousand.

According to NP «SART» Moscow consulting company, as well as data DT «SO» Liftservis «in the Russian elevator industry has 609 different organizations, of which about 50 — manufacturers and designers, 86 — engineering centers and 433 — enterprises engaged maintenance and installation. Only 24 850 people. 90% of the enterprises of the Russian branch of the elevator — it is small and medium-sized businesses.

At the end of 2008, the non-profit partnership «SUPPORT» entered NP «Russian lift association» and ADS «SO» Liftservis. «

The goal — to use this public platform to solve their problems of industry on the interaction with the government.

During this time:

1. The Commission on the elevator industry. Chairman — MA Waxman; Bureau members are AV Poyarkov and Y. Radin;

2. The representative of the DSA «SO» Liftservis «VA Tishin is a member of «support»;

3. January 22, 2009 «SUPPORT OF RUSSIA» held «round table» dedicated to the development of the federal program of modernization or replacement of elevators in the housing stock of the Russian Federation for 2009-2020, actively participated in the event was the NP «SART».

4. The most significant event was held April 22, 2009 — All-Russian Forum on Small and Medium Enterprises.

It should be noted that the good results of cooperation with the NP «SUPPORT OF RUSSIA» achieved «Firm podium», CEO AV Poyarkov. He was involved in active work since the establishment of «SUPPORT OF RUSSIA», becoming a member, he has managed to get the investment in his firm, today a member of the presidium «SUPPORT OF RUSSIA» as well as a major supplier of cable products for the elevator industry in Russia.

I know there are other companies that in the regions involved in this work.

Methodology The entry in the «SUPPORT OF RUSSIA» is simple: in the regions have representative offices can submit their applications in the office, it is possible, through the Commission for the elevator industry with NP «Support», or you can directly apply to the central office «SUPPORT OF RUSSIA», and this application will be considered .

In conclusion, on behalf of the President «SUPPORT OF RUSSIA» SR Borisov would like to congratulate all the leaders of small and medium-sized businesses with the Day of the Russian business.

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