Jeff Hanneman

Jeff Hanneman

May 2, 2013 Siena suffered heavy that perhaps the heaviest loss since the murder of Darrell "Dimebag" Abbot. Around 11 in the morning at a hospital in Southern California from acute liver failure Jeff Hanneman died — guitarist and one of the founders of SLAYER, he was 49 years old.

From all fours, Jeff has always been the quietest and most imperceptible. Everyone knows Kerry King, because that’s what he said. mainly deals with the press and is, so to speak, a secret "face" group. Tom everyone knows, because he smiles all the time and in general — the frontman. Lombardo everyone knows, because he was and still is the greatest drummer of all time. A Hanneman somehow always remained aloof: he rarely gave interviews, especially not ignited behind the scenes (and her) and in general has always been "alone boy your own". And yet, if you take, say, the 10 most popular songs Slayer, it turns out that all of them written by him. "Angel of Death"? — Jeff Hanneman wrote both music and lyrics. "Seasons in the Abyss"? — Music composed by Jeff -Arayya text. "War Ensemble"? — Music of Jeff, his lyrics and Tom. "South of Heaven"? Jeff -opyat music, lyrics Tome. «Raining Blood» Music Jeff tex written in conjunction with the King. «Dead Skin Mask» Music Jeff lyrics — Tom, etc.

Jeff is a conservative estimate — either alone wrote or co-wrote about 75% of the catalog group. And now he is no longer with us.

As you know, the last two years Hanneman virtually no part in the activities of Slayer, after in January 2011 was bitten in private any image unknown spider.

First, the guitarist did not attach any significance bite, but after a couple of hours, he, by his own admission, he realized that something was wrong. In fact, a bacterial infection in which bacteria start "devour" fascia connective tissue sheath covering the organs, blood vessels, nerves and muscles to form the cases. Causes necrosis or simply necrosis of soft tissues in the affected area of ​​the body. The mortality rate for this disease reaches 30-50%. However, Jeff was lucky. He caught himself in time, went to the hospital, and the nurse on duty there, not so long ago, faced with a similar case, quickly realized what was happening, and sent Hanneman to the correct specialist. The attending physician guitarist as he later recalled, Jeff, was a fan of Slayer, and therefore set to work with redoubled zeal: "At first, I saved your life, then I’ll save you a hand, and then try to save your career ‘he assured his patient. Hannemann conducted emergency surgery, during which doctors excised all dead, dying and diseased tissue. Fortunately, the infection did not affect the muscles and tendons, however, almost the entire right hand Hanneman from the wrist to the middle of the shoulder is a huge open wound. At some point, even the doctors were forced to briefly send Jeff into an artificial coma. Within two months Hanneman was in the hospital, where he underwent several skin grafts and actively pumped potent antibiotic indicated in the treatment of bacterial infections of this kind.

Of course, all this had to be very difficult, both for the patient, who literally had to re-learn to walk (not to mention about the game on the guitar), and, I think, to his family and friends and, of course, for the rest of the band, left without a leading composer, and in general — without one of the two founding fathers. However, Slayer have decided not to abandon the concert activity and asked his old friend and comrade-in-shop Gary Holt from Exodus to replace Jeff on guitar.

Since last two years. Holt skated as part Slayer virtually all scheduled concerts, except for five or six dates in April 2011, when he was to speak to the Exodus, a Slayer took to replace Pat OBrayena of Cannibal Corpse, what is the experience of Kerry later described as politically correct "unusual". Jeff, meanwhile, such as recovering from illness and treatment, such as home tormented guitar, continued to drink beer, even though boredom twisted affair with Nashville Pussy guitarist Ruyter Zuis. But then, however, it was either idle speculation and gossip, we are now, I think, know soon. And it is not so important.

Jeff Hanneman was born January 31, 1964 in Oaklend, California, in a military family. Two older brothers Jeff passed the Vietnam War, and his father (of German descent), fought on the side of the Allies in France during World War II. With this in mind, there was nothing surprising in the fact that most of his childhood Hanneman Jr. listened to stories about the war, and amused himself by collecting and painting models of tanks and aircraft -interes, he later moved on their creativity. By the end of 1970 Hanneman was the only future participants Slayer, who have not yet decided on their musical priorities. In general, he was not particularly ambitious teenager: "I tried to surf — he recalled later — but I could not. So I just was hanging on the beach and tried to attract the attention of the girls! ‘. But very soon the young Hanneman discovered punk rock, and it changed his life forever. "What distinguished Jeff from all other comrades in the shop, so it’s his rhythm and technique, his songwriting gift, and — something for which he will be remembered most of all — his riffs! — Continues Skolnick. — However, we should not forget about his violent and totally unpredictable solos. And for him it was not the way to show off. Not at all, they were far more important artistic goal — to reflect recognized in their sympathies to the creation of Slayer and called them among the musicians who have had a pretty serious impact. Despite the fact that a broader and more holistic approach to Jeff’s guitar playing is not earned him the awards and titles, which are often battered its more traditional and more technologically advanced contemporaries, he never abandoned his own "I". And the fact that it is the last day continued to attack his instrument with the same uncompromising aggression, which were thrown into battle on the midfield of his favorite Oakland Raiders, no doubt, is one of the main reasons why the music Slayer will forever remain one of the the most brilliant pages in the history of heavy music". Indeed, Jeff was one of those guitarists who respected rather in spite of, rather than because of them on the California punk scene in those years was dominated by Black Flag, The Dead Kennedys and TSOL, competed with each other in speed, aggression and intransigence. It was then for the first time Jeff and began to think about how to learn to play guitar. But seriously for a tool he took in 1981, about a month before fate brought him to Kerry King. The boys faced the audition in a group of Ledger, in this case by the time Kerry had played very, very well. Jeff, on the contrary, went through so familiar to all young people between the negation of all authority, and therefore the idea that someone has something would teach (including playing a musical instrument) he hated. However, by agreeing to the proposal to put together a group of Kerry, Hanneman knew that either he is now in a hurry to learn to play, or have to return to a career in telemarketing. Well, then, how he loved to sentence Tom: "We did not have time to look back, and Jeff wrote all the songs".

Then I said to myself, maybe I is not nearly as talented as they are, but — more importantly — I do not care"- Recalls Jeff deserved another contemporary, Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick. However, as you say, legions of loyal fans around the world Slayei this more than modest score Hanneman his talent was, to put it mildly, is not quite true. Much more accurate epithet in this case is the word: huge".in the sound of the lyrical content Slayer. They can be rude, could be harsh, and often — frightening. They had much less to do with the fact that we are used to hearing from the other guitar virtuosos rock than with avant-garde sound passages such masters of improvisation, Derek Beili and John Zorn, not just the skills of the game. Suffice it to recall that since the 1990s, Jeff almost did not write their own rhythm parts in the studio, instead of it always played Kerry and Hanneman only responsible for his solo record. Moreover, after the unfortunate incident with the spider, when the place of atonement Jeff Gary Holt, only the laziest of online talkers are not expressed in that spirit that de Holt plays better with Jeff and Kerry vzyatyh.Da may technically it was true. But, as after the death of Jeff Holt himself: "There is only one Jeff Hanneman. The only thing I could hope to achieve is that I will be able to play your songs as clearly and sincerely as they write and play you yourself, because you — the only one. And they will stay forever".

Jeff went on stage at the last two songs and played as an encore "South of Heaven" and "Angel of Death" — Perhaps the two most recognizable songs of Slayer, both of which he wrote. He appeared on stage in longslive with a torn right sleeve, revealing a huge scar across the length of the hand seems to dispel speculation of online conspiracy, who set the story of the spider in doubt. Originally it was planned that he would play four songs — later recalled in an interview with Kerry King — but I listened to him play and said, played two, bow and leave. If you remain on the scene longer, they [the audience] will listen to how you sound, and they will not like it, and you yourself will not like it. If we go back, then at 100%, but not so. So, do not torture yourself". Perhaps it was tough words may Jeff was doubly painful to hear them from someone with whom they have created this group, but, as the old adage artistic: "Show must go on". And Jeff knew it himself. He could not understand …

Death caught up with Jeff the day before, when almost all the colors of the American heavy scene had gathered at a solemn ceremony of awarding the best musicians and bands magazine Revolver — Revolver Golden Gods Awards. It is not surprising that almost all those in the evening gave an interview to journalists on the so-called "black track", Recalled prematurely departed guitarist. During the ceremony of awarding the stage with Zakk Wylde rose Kerry King. Without taking off the sunglasses, put Kerry on the counter behind her two stacks Jagermeister. "You may have noticed that I have here two glasses — he turned to the audience. — My friend Zakk do not drink, so it’s clear to me and my deceased friend Jeff. I thought about it, I thought that, perhaps, it is necessary to make a minute of silence. And then I thought, well, I do x * k! It’s Golden Gods, man, it’s Jeff Hanneman, he played in Slayer! He does not need a moment of silence! Jeff wants to be honored with a minute of noise bitch! Lift up your glasses, raise up your fists and tilt to the bottom in the memory of our deceased brother!"

It was the 3rd of May. After another six days, after the web was obmusoleny virtually all possible "real" the cause of death of Jeff, Carrie and Tom, the only currently existing original band members (about what happened to Dave Lombardo, read other material) made an official statement. Before his death, Jeff was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver caused by alcohol abuse. Apparently, neither the Jeff and his family (wife Catherine, sister Cathy and brothers Michael and Larry), until recently, had no idea of ​​how serious. Moreover, most likely alcohol was only part of the problem, and the main "blow" musician of the liver caused horse doses of antibiotics that Jeff received during treatment. Well, her favorite Jeff Heineken has finished. But again, all this has absolutely no value.

Kerry and Tom have promised all the fans of the group, this summer they will be able to properly commemorate Hanneman at concerts in Europe. Will it be a farewell tour or just the end of another chapter in the history of Slayer, time will tell, but I’m almost certain that at least one more record, they will record and release. Yes, and Jeff would have wanted. Moreover, in his archive sure there is still a huge amount of unused material, which can and should complete the formation and write. Not least because that Jeff has clearly not said its last word as a musician and composer, and help him realize begun but unfinished would be the best way to glorify his life and work.

Kerry King: "I left so many good memories of Jeff … As a young man, when we went on tour, we had always been the main night owls: we could Kolobrodov on the bus the whole night through, just talking or watching movies … movies about the Second World war, horror, "Full Metal Jacket, we watched it so many times that they could, perhaps, to quote the entire movie by heart. And he was a wild fan of World War II. His father was a veteran, so when we first appeared in concerts in Russia — I think it was in 1998 — Jeff and I went to one of Moscow’s military museums. I’ll never forget the way he walked and looked in detail all exhibited there tanks, weapons and other paraphernalia. He was like a child on Christmas morning. But it was his main hobby, he knew so much about the history of the Second World War that he could teach it at school".

Tom Araya: "Jeff was the life line of Slayer. He wrote so many of those songs, which we will always learn. He had a good heart, and he was a good guy".

Land down.

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