Quest in the hockey mask

The game, which will be today, it was discovered in July of this year, under such dubious circumstances, that I am having a legitimate suspicion. Do you remember Paul McCartney once told an anecdote about how "Beatles" We are going to go on a new tour, calling himself "Randy and rockets" and speaking in a hockey mask? However, they somehow did not think that they can identify the voices …

So, maybe Missing on Lost

Island (MoLI) — is not developed at the beginning of this millennium unknown European team quest, which he tries to appear in full?

In this simple and a living history of the confrontation pirate captain nicknamed the dark-eyed, raven-with-a-broken-leg and a character named Tim (wait, what’s a pirate Captain … it’s not Monkey Island 2! Rather, we face an epic picture loser match finished with an armada of space aliens (smugglers, travelers) in time. Space Quest 5? No, not really … I would describe as a supersaturated MoLI Hollywood images of the quest of the adventures of the heroic loner, which is isolated from the outside world by the island of sabotage stop the sinister plans of an unknown sect …

Something of the early things Revolution

Software?) … So, from simple toys Missing on Lost Island is not simple fate.

Ostensibly debut tiny thing Slovak company

Mayhem Studios (the new incarnation of one of the first national development — Riki Computer

Games;, published, no more, no less, of the Bohemia Interactive miserable autumn edition of the distant two thousand (in English!), a sort of nostalgia for walking irrevocable nineties suddenly gained recognition in Germany, where it through the network channels in unlimited quantities and at ridiculous prices ne-regonyala almost extraneous onlay-new company ARI Data (www.ari.da). Then finally dispersed and Additioncirculation English version — and Missing on Lost Island talking.

Tell me: do you believe in such miracles?


It is unlikely that this Chamber, indoor ‘hit quest forums «can be dis-regarded as an ordinary game. Even the number of people working on MoLI remains shrouded in darkness: this quest, though bathed in subtitles and captions is not got (another alarm bell!). He went on store shelves without going any were beta, and at the end of the first chapter falls dead in a few acquired him happy ant, bringing to them all the charm of popularity of pirated method of execution in which the client blindfolded allowed for board with one loose end. Only after the German broke box office release, a bug has been identified and corrected in the patch. Pastel landscapes in the spirit

Darrisa Guppy (Darns Hupp), scoring category «D», and as if composed by five children story

(stunningly mediocre realized journey through time on the pirate saga stumbles and falls into the open arms of space opera) Missing on Lost Island unabashedly combines with a charming non-linear narrative and one of the retired to the memory quests culminating in a la Dr. Indiana

Jones, leading to any of the four different genres endings.

Add to this recipe even cartoons — amazing specimens of professional speakers

(their energy, transfer of motion would honor the best of the draftsmen resting on top of the box office comic book series), and grossly unprofessional composition! Now, think whether you have high value for the ancient people’s quest music (in two versions, one of which — a direct reference to the works

LucasFilm), linearity, allowing to carry out a four-hour quest for long evenings, plus the finals of the

Hitchcock’s «The Twilight Zone», a typical thriller and HG Wells, or little things like the sound, the story and the picture? .. If the latter is fundamentally for you, then you are the person limited and generally insignificant, of preferring adventure at best, The Longest Journey and never heard of underground rage «prophet killers» or Simon The Sorcerer

3D. The so-called normal, if hard to think, man.

To love Missing on Lost

Island, it is necessary to understand the game from the first to the last frame. This quest speak the language features in which someone will appreciate just quotes from «Terminator», someone — flew straight from «Stargate» villains, and someone — almost perfect, parody of everything, but not pushed in Quest postmodernism. Whoever its creators — they grew up, the pores of the skin absorbing the best from LucasArts, Sierra, Westwood (the same they did The Legend of Kyrandia, unhappy lover TLJ! Why are you still reading?), Along with Hollywood productions. This quest, nothing can spoil even the most malevolent bug of the first edition looks exactly correct here planted a mole. On the face of the world-famous actor.


So, going back to «The Beatles» …

It seems to me that under the guise of young Slovak designers labored parody quest sample ninety-five, some known to the world monstrosity. As MoLI no hamming, whatever its nature promotes buffoon, puzzles are of the highest class — the same level of Revolution Software (if not their satire on the stalled series Monkey Island kakimito unimaginable ways was released in Europe?). Least. Start with the quest reception and played up to the absurd, to epileptic fun. Then, quietly enters quietly sounding a note of absolute consistency. And when a farcical situation to everyone’s satisfaction is permitted, it is not difficult to figure out that, thanks to the notorious non-linearity at the Missing on Lost Island all the time it was ready the, the original decision, Roe koto we spoiled quest stamps, chose to overlook!

Just one example. Tim rents eq-exchange for admission to pirate schooner: valiant corsairs need to hit a certain insect cannon shot from six feet. What to do? Of course, to run the marina, turn off your shoe fly, shoot a gun, carry back to the tavern, to pick out the core, to mold him miserable insect, proudly handing shell skeptical pirates and poetically talk about explicit horror in the eyes of flies, diseased Examples flying out of nowhere steel Gros madoy about fading spark of life in her sight, a belated understanding how powerless she fly to n-tion arrow, and thus become eventually a member of the crew of a pirate …

When re-launching the MoEІ appears that shot out of a cannon does kill a fly.

Why is the entire outer childishness quest inside it does not meet any of the clumsy stroke? Why all vzaimokasaniya between Tim (who, incidentally, is also not as simple as it seems. A lot of you know the quest heroes can fall from a ladder, without losing self-esteem?), Its inventory, surrounding objects and bone cursor so soft, friendly, unobtrusive (l completely in Beneath a Steel Sky, a real masterpiece in terms of the interface)? Maybe you do not

. A" just notice it, but abuse

" «• = wtt exception Tim made very

^ Thin, with a wicked sense of humor and graceful. Until you’re blue load the boat with provisions only to go to the island by swimming

(but without provisions). To construct a raft, which you, in obschemto not need (but without which it would not have been possible a wonderful battle with a giant octopus!).

Watch closely for the transformation of the protagonist of clothes — some only his dressing parodied a dozen games (including Monkey Island, Blade Runner,

Another World), and do not forget the magic scarf, one stroke which can hide a lot of logical, but boring gestures accompanying escape from prison.

Intricate steps like loading the ship’s guns or fishing beaver simplified to a single mouse click. Pixel-hunting without any complaints, we can deal with, even through walls.

If the authors Missing on Lost Island really are who they say they are, then hurl Slovakia has lost the great talent quest. Certainly the process of creating MoLI brought them no less joy than us — consumption MoLI.

This is not an average kind of quest

Gilbert Goodmate, issued by the developer hysterically, at the limit of strength and capabilities.

No, in our case, this riot of creative forces that may have deliberately limited the scope of the average quest either first or second half of the nineties. It is sad. As far as I know, today Mayhem Studios is releasing FPS called Sniper. That is probably why they MoLI — only splash of emotions towards carefully suppressed vocation — and produces a strange impression of the famous real estate developer in the hockey mask ..

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