Before we decided to write the test LP-systems, published in the last issue, the theme of vinyl I have not touched so tightly years, probably 10 had plenty of impressions, and for a while there was even a thought: Do not buy a turntable and me?

Once I got a computer with CD-writing drive, all analog media were replaced first collection of CD, and then WAV or FLAC files, high-resolution. Some deposits of vinyl, of course, remained, but the player is not for a long time. So, please: a fleet of different LP-players that you can listen to different systems, compare them with one another and even from CD-players of similar class quality. The first impression was very positive, diluted with a high degree of nostalgia and awe.

What it is still a big difference between the very process of launching a CD or vinyl record and file! Put the CD or click the mouse on the virtual button Play — it’s easy, convenient, very simple. And most importantly — it is in the spirit of the time, the right song can turn quickly, as soon as there was a desire, almost without thinking. And try not hesitate to quickly find the plate, put it on a disk and manually set the needle on the right track Personally, I have it pretty much requires concentration, and the process certainly is not mindless. Sometimes just finding and unpacking required records take several minutes, during which time to think about eternity, ponostalgirovat looking at the envelope, or simply change your mind and select another album. When the record is found, it should be a ritual. Put a plate, dust off, turn on rotation of the disc, put the needle. All activities require my attention, informed participation in the process. It’s not just takes considerable time, it sets us on a more thoughtful and serious attitude to music. In this context, the value of LP-player, in my opinion, the absolute, best attitude and perception of music you can imagine.

In our vain time listening to records can be compared with the cultivation of a Zen garden, or deep meditation. Soothing, distracting from the current problems, enables to tune in to a calmer wave. For this I am really ready to give the apartment a quarter of a square meter of rack turntable.

But if I want to listen to music in high quality, it will only be a high-resolution audio. Forgive me, colleagues and admirers LP, but at the same cost of the computer equipment or network player with quality DAC is capable of providing higher resolution, dynamic range and better accuracy of timbres, without bringing in the velvety sound of analog or any other additional properties. And you know what I noticed? Listening system sounding studio with accuracy less tiring and, ultimately, in a greater degree transmits the true essence of music. In the ultimate truth do not apply, but the feeling I have is such.

Summing up the experience, I conclude, again, purely personal. System vinyls need to if I want to stand with components pleasing to the eye, the treatment system and its sound is a pleasure, music albums were something physical, real, that you can not only hear, but also see perceive, store, collect. System with vinyl — it is a pleasure not only from the music but also the possession of something tangible. If my goal — music and only music, I want it to sound as close to the author’s intention, my way is shorter, simpler, and music collection is virtually immaterial (server standing somewhere far away in the closet, do not count) . At the moment, my home system is built according to the second concept, vinyl, perhaps, will be, but then, when there will be a little more free time.

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