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Eric Prydz is sitting at the bar in the patio of the hotel in Queens, sipping a beer and relaxing after traveling across the country. Swedish DJ and producer are very afraid to fly, so to get from Las Vegas (where he had a monthly contract to DJ sets from the Wynn Hotel) to New York (where he was a few hours will be performing at Electric Daisy Carnival), he had use the tour bus. «What I was really impressed — how different states are different from each other, — said Eric. — Everything here is fed at random, and then you get to Los Angeles, where all — syroedenieya adepts. «

Prydz, a quiet 36-year-old native of Stockholm, is already ten years in the big leagues of dance music — in his record of the two nominations for «Grammy» and several international hits. However, he never chose the easy way, even at his concerts. At the beginning of zero, three friends with whom he DJs in the local gay bar, invited him to join their team, and he refused. Soon, the trio became a Swedish House Mafia- the most successful team in the history of dance electronics. «They loved the loud vocals and hooks, — says Prydz. — My music is for the most part are more complicated. » Prydz still friends with the guys from SHM, and several times he recorded with them. Imagine that Pete Best would remain on good terms with The Beatles and Donovan made a career level. In 2004 Erik conquered charts all over Europe «Call On Me» — incredibly Narcotic house-track, with the refrain «Valerie» Steve Winwood at the base. (Winwood himself liked so much processing that he wrote for her new vocal part.) Two years later, the same tactic worked in the case of «Proper Education» — a track signed «vs. Eric Prydz Floyd », which is actively used fragments from« Another Brick In The Wall ». «It was my secret trump card, which caused an immediate response,» — says the musician.

Along with the conquest of the charts — and perhaps to somehow balance this aspect of his career — Prydz recorded tougher techno under the name Cirez D. In his concerts Eric arranges laser show, reminiscent of the 80 clips captured on spilbergovsky budget. Before the audience appeared hologram, capable of hitting Kanye West, and a huge projection of the rotating head of Prydz. «The equipment I have quite a lot» — says the musician reserved. In fact it so much that Eric can take it only on a very large set on performances like Coachella. Now he is working on a less ambitious version, which can be driven around in a tour.

Last year Prydz the first time in five years, went to the long trip to the United States. There he suddenly discovered an active dance scene. One evening, while drinking tequila at a Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles, he called home to his girlfriend. «I told her that we should move here, there is just awesome.» The emerging American network of clubs and festivals today is not inferior to the European — even if you can not stand airplanes.

«There’s something wrong — says Prydz. — Local dance music is now at the height. «

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