Let’s just agree to understand by that Ter-ming graphic design printed with the form pre-cut cardboard

What sort of techniques you need to master in order to learn how to work with it, perhaps, the most accessible material? Experienced experts note that to create kartonogravyu- ry enough to learn all three steps. In the jargon they are called: offscouring, multi-layer gluing, linear cut. Tell us about them in more detail.

Offscouring — it is in the truest sense of tearing the layers of cardboard in places the cut edge of the picture, perform pre-pencil. The deeper cut, the greater the area of ​​the removed layer. Offscouring underlines the depth of the imaged object, gives it extra bulk.

LAMINATED sticking — facilitates the transfer of the composition enigma, the invoice.

CUTTING LINES — reception, giving a kind of artistic imagery in a smooth and broken, rigorous and soothing, rough and gentle lines.

The same compositions can be used two or three doses. But most professionals use offscouring.

And the technology is simple kartonogravyu- ry. It reduces bottom two methods for manufacturing: the background and without the base. In the first case is cut and pasted on the base of the silhouette image of the future. It was he who handled then the above methods. According to another method the items of the future images are cut by the same methods as described above, but without sticking to the base. After this test prints are made. If they do something does not suit, you can dokleit desired items or, on the contrary, remove unnecessary. Operations inking The compensation-tion and prints similar to Lino-engraving.

To maintain employment kartonogra- vyuroy need: thick cardboard, scissors, razor blade, glue (preferably PVA), a photographic roll, white or svetlotonirovannuyu paper, preferably sparsely ink. Instead, you can use ordinary oil paint art. Degreasing by extrusion on blotting paper and then applied to the glass by rolling with a roller. Then, the same paint roller is applied to the re-lefnuyu surface of the board.

Print kartonogravyury to harass pro-etching machine. But you can do without it. In this case, the paint-coated surface of the board superimposed two sheets of paper. The backsheet slightly larger cardboard, so that the resulting print was white field enhances the perception of the entire composition. Then, the surface of the top sheet (it is more dense) grind solid object such as a flat edge of the plastic, clean special roller or trowel. To better trowel slid, paper must be pre-lightly rub wax or paraffin candles. This side of the top sheet Shade soft pencil — this will give the opportunity to see the back of the paper touches lapped prints, and you can, depending on the degree of elevation change trowel pressure on the paper.

Make sure that the work is going well, you can. Holding the palm leaf, lift the edge of the impression and look good or stamped pattern. Dropouts place again grind trowel.

Filmed imprint dry.

These imprints or impressions, and we are now calling kartonogravyuroy. Two impression made by this technique G.Ivanesku you see on magazine pages. And a few more tips to think not hurt the cause. Do not handle directly behind the complex engraving, start with small things light. Remember that kartonogravyura can be solved not only white and black spot, but in the midtones. Learn to use all the variety of prints — white lines on black, black on white line, shading, cross, dotted light and dark. And always keep in mind the peculiar features kartonogravyury. It does not allow a large size banner tone, but rather contributes to the generalization of the imaged object has texture that good comes to illustrating the theme of images of medieval architectural Romanesque or Gothic style, fairy-tale characters.

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