Six years ago, the American edition of Forbes magazine published a report that in 1000 the richest people in the world 915 — play golf. For Yuri Sapronov this curious statistics could not serve as a motive to action: for it is the Kharkov businessman has only confirmed allegiance to the chosen path. After all that time on the outskirts of Kharkov — Pyatikhatki — already in full swing construction of the first stage went nine-hole golf course.

The history of the sport and Superior Golf Resort &

Spa Resort is a shining example of how a simple hobby sports game quickly turns into a big business and receives international recognition.

«Travel to South Africa, Australia, Europe gave me a clear idea of ​​how to be a good golf club — Sapronov said in an interview. —

As such, the field was not yet, but I have seen the entire club. Perhaps someone will say that the Superior Golf is very pompous, too rich, too much luxury, but a golf club in the CIS clearly be like this! «

At the start of the businessman was a good capital. But he, as practice shows, is not always enough for the implementation of sensible ideas. Money Sapronova were multiplied by his fanatical admiration for the ancient Scottish game, the success of which achieve peace of mind, shutter speed, and most importantly — the right strategy on the field. It’s not luck, as it may seem at first glance, and even the skill to beat the stick.

The first part of the field length of nine holes was opened in 2009.

The author of the project was the eminent expert from the United States Brian Smith. The second part of the field on the site of the former gardens designed by no less famous professional — Australian Andrew Glen. That he belongs to the expansion of the field to the championship 18-hole course and an organic combination of different styles of golf courses in the territory of the club. The Superior Golf there are sites with traditional traps and «Scottish», the passage of which requires the player remarkable skill.

Now golf club has about 60 registered holders of season tickets. Among them — Andriy Shevchenko, the city and the area, businessmen, athletes and professionals. Club owners say that important factors for its popularity is not only the quality of green grass and complexity of distance, but also the fashion for this kind of sport in Ukraine. So the break-even of the project — about 100 permanent members — will be achieved in the next year.

In parallel with the sports component Superior Golf & Spa Resort has worked on the expansion of services for guests. So, in 2011, the complex has opened five-star hotel, a catalyst for the construction of which, of course, was the European Football Championship.

Order received the preliminary design of the British architectural firm John Seifert. But contracts for the construction and building materials have Ukrainian companies. The only thing that had to be delivered from Europe — the furniture, which was to strictly comply with finishes and colors to emphasize the harmony of style.

Even the lobby does not look like a public area, and gives the impression of a cozy living room through a real fireplace. The building has 45 rooms of Standard, Superior, Executive Suite, Duplex, Presidential and Romantic Triplex. Last — the pride of Superior Hotel. It consists of three floors, connected by a spiral staircase. It is often bought the newlyweds and people who want to mark with a loved one memorable date and birthday. The soft colors of the hotel, stunning views, fresh flowers and service. Then run the show calmness, relaxation and inspiration.

The same concept is executed and contemporary spa complex with an area of ​​over 700 m2. Professional body care is complemented by the services of rehabilitation after sports injuries, surgery, cardiovascular disease and other health problems. The presence of such a complex in Ukraine is particularly important for people who for one reason or another can not use air transport to undergo rehabilitation course abroad.

So there is nothing surprising in the fact that during the European football championship last year, Superior Golf Complex & Spa Resort has received the right to host one of the teams of the Old World. Its guests to become national team players of the Netherlands, which is the current vice world champion and considered one of the favorites for the championship. But the Dutch have completely failed … The euro, losing all three matches in their group — Denmark, Germany and Portugalii.To whether in jest, whether seriously staff believe that threatening the Dutch team just was not able to tune in to the game while living in the chic Superior Golf & Spa Resort.

May 14 authoritative organization Leading Hotels of the World (LHW), which brings together 430 resorts and luxury hotels in the most beautiful parts of the world, has announced the inclusion of Superior Golf & Spa Resort in the list of best hotels. LHW — not a single hotel chain. On the contrary, they are in fierce competition with each other. A organization with 85 years of history -ney establishes uniform standards for the most fashionable places of leisure, recreation and entertainment with the expectation of the most demanding customers.

The audit secret guests staying at the hotel incognito, Superior Golf & Spa Resort has received 89.9 points out of 100, a Spa — 85,5 points, which was the highest score on the territory of the CIS. In total, the former Soviet Union there are nine hotels of a similar level, six of them in Russia, and now three — in Ukraine. In this high recognition of Kharkov complex it took only 18 months.

General Manager of Superior Hotel Luciano Sozzo (Italy) said that every year thousands of hotels apply for their inclusion among the Leading Hotels of the World, but this honor is awarded a matter of unity, «To date, the list of requirements LHW contains more than 1,200 items — said Mr. -n Sozzo. — Taking into account parameters such as the quality of tissues in the room, the intensity of light at different times of the day, order and cleanliness in the technical and auxiliary premises. In addition, every six months the hotel included in the list LHW, you need to confirm their status. «

«Now we are convinced that the Superior Golf & Spa Resort — the best place for recreation, sport and communication in the territory of the former Soviet Union — not without pride in his voice said vice president of Superior Golf & Spa Resort Irina Sapronova our magazine. — We accept international competitions in golf and tennis, live entertainment and business conference of the leading companies in Ukraine. We convenient to carry important negotiations. Given our level of service, we are willing to bet that you will never forget the luxury vacation in Superior Golf & Spa Resort ».

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