Machine Engineer Day

Machine Engineer Day

The first Day of Machinist marked as factory workers holiday «AvtoVAZ» in Togliatti September 29, 1970. Today it is celebrated all over Russia on the last Sunday of September on the basis of the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on October 1, 1980 «On holidays and memorial days». It is the professional holiday of workers and engineers of the engineering industry. It is a complex engineering industries, manufactures tools for the national economy, transportation, consumer goods and defense products. His birthday is celebrated widely and solemnly, gala events: concerts, honoring the veterans of labor. The list of honorary titles of Russia has the title of «Honored Engineer of the Russian Federation.»

On the eve of the Day of Machinist General Director of JSC «Scherbinsky Lift Plant» Max Aizikovich Waxman appealed to fellow machine builders welcomed.

— September 27, our country marks a very significant professional holiday — Day of Machinist. Mechanical engineering — basic industries, the indicator of the economy.

Unfortunately, mechanical engineering and industry in general, Russia has not the best days, the crisis has exacerbated the negative phenomena observed in the sector over the last 15-20 years, hard-hit agricultural machinery, automotive, shipbuilding. In these and other related mechanical engineering industries comes complete collapse. This situation, unfortunately, happened, and in lifts, closely associated with the construction. The downturn in the construction that we have seen recently, and hit liftovikam — sharply reduced the number of orders for our products.

Analyzing the development Scherbinsk lift plant in recent years, we note that our company is far progressed and the volume and the technical level of production. If you compare the state of the plant is now ten years ago — it’s night and day. Today we have modern equipment for the processing of sheet metal — three modern lines for painting, modern machines for resistance welding and more. Many types of work, we have mastered the plant allowed to sharply raise labor productivity and product quality and move to a completely different level of production. It is safe to say that Scherbinsk lift corresponds to the level of modern foreign technologies.

Of course, the crisis has given impetus and need to think about how we will live. Crises are not eternal. After them will come good times — will revive construction, and our products will be in demand.

Hence, we already have to think about the future. After a year or two, and perhaps less, we need new ideas, new products, in order to survive to the extremely stiff competition, which is typical for our industry as for any other. Today, the lack of orders has intensified all rushed to the Russian market of foreign products, actively struggle for the market and our competitors in Russia. Therefore, experts Scherbinsky Elevator Plant think about the competitiveness of their products, which today and tomorrow should be at the level of modern designs, but this will allow the company to survive and move forward.

This movement must be based on further improving the design of elevators, on a completely new system of logistics, marketing and technological processes. And, of course, we need a revolution in our minds. There are many approaches to solving this problem, because even in relationships with people — managers, workers — we must go to a whole new level.

The crisis has forced all of us to seriously think and rethink many things. In difficult times, as in any other, we are faced with a very significant, if not decisive, role of human factors become important those moments which we have not touched. Today we need a completely different approach to the issues of education, in its broadest sense. It is about learning, not only youth, but also skilled workers. Now there is so vigorous development, it is impossible to old knowledge and the old approach will ensure success. It can only be achieved with new approaches, new relationships between people, including those that are also very important between the partners. Today, the work Scherbinsk lift the plant provides about thirty allied enterprises, which are also experiencing difficulties. They also understand that the relationship should be built in new ways, particularly in difficult times.

The crisis — not the first. Assessing the elapsed time from the height of the crisis of 1998, we can now conclude that he gave Scherbinsk lift plant some momentum — it was after the last crisis, we very well have gone forward. He pushed us to acquire new technologies, new equipment. Despite the difficulties, we found a way to apply the first leasing schemes for the purchase of modern equipment for the painting of parts, tools for cutting and machining sheet. The crisis is good that in a difficult time to think better.

After the crisis of 1998 there was a period of recession and depression. Immediately I went to climb. Besides the negative factors about which much has been said, there were also positive: businesses, especially engineering and manufacturing, began to dramatically increase production. We hope that the current crisis and after a period of stagnation and depression is not as such. We are in a very important social and technological chain. The fact that one can not exist without the housing. So — there is a crisis or not — housing will be built. So our products will be in demand. Already it becomes noticeable increase in the volume of work in the construction industry, and it gives us some confidence and hope that everything will be fine.

Scherbinsk lift managed to survive. Although production volumes and have fallen compared with last year, but, nevertheless, the backbone of the team, we have saved.

Today the plant is leading in the industry, and it is hoped that this situation will continue in the future.

On the eve of the Day of machine builder would like to congratulate the Scherbinsky Elevator Plant and machine builders of Russia, to wish you all a good mood, health, joy in work and, of course, in family life.

Happy holiday!

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