MAGIC glomeruli

Game integrative activity for preschool children


Part One.

Investigation of the properties of different coils

The teacher with the children comes in the group, and draws attention to the new toy — a house inhabited by tenants unusual.


Show how you can do that. Now open eyes. The children called their names. )

There is another toy — colored pyramid. Each ball of wear to the Pin.


You guessed it, from what made all the toys in the house?

Children. From coils.

Teacher (picks up a big ball).

That tangle-prygunok.

He does not like those who are crying.

He loves those jumps.

The teacher offers children liked to take a ball and sit on the carpet.

Educator. (Takes a tangle of hands, stroking it)

Are you pleased to stroke? Why is that? What a tangle of form?

Children. Round.

Educator. Or you can say: spherical.

With a ball so much fun to play! A ball can go.

Roll the ball of the right handle, then left. And, you can push the ball of her foot, elbows. Even the nose. Try it. (Children are trying to push the ball of your nose.)

Why tangle easily roll? (Replies children.) Because tangle round. What it looks like in shape?

Children. At the ball, a ball, an apple.


Balls of any shape we put in the basket?

Children. Round. The ball-shaped.

Educator. You want me to show you the other balls? Children. Yes!

Educator. Ah! What multicolored balls are in the basket! Take on the coil. Children referred to the color of its coil pick comparison. )

The teacher offers to admire the unusual flower that suddenly «blossomed» in the group.

Educator. What a beautiful plant we’ve got!

Educator. Touch the ball. What he feels? Spend it on the handle, attach it to his cheek. Do you like this tangle? Why is that? What he feels? (Replies children.) And now take a tangle of other baskets. Feel it. He too fluffy to the touch? Children. No.

Educator. What he feels? Children. Not fluffy.

Educator. Smooth.

Children balls laid out on a napkin. Adult clarifies

Educator. And now we are waiting for the other balls. Also want to play with us.

Children coming to the table, where there are baskets of balls of different sizes (small — big and different hardness (soft — hard).

Educator. And now take a tangle

And in his hand squeeze.

What a tangle of you got — hard or soft? (Replies children).

We’ll take another tangle And again in the hands squeeze. — And this ball hard or soft? (Replies children.) Pick up a ball of soft, hard ball of hide behind. Take two coil. Attach the balls to each other. Show me a little tangle, stretch my hand big ball. In the following we will put large … (more) balls on the following set of small size …

Educator. What a beautiful track turned out tangles! I wonder where it will lead us? Let us go gently along the track.

Part two.

Drawing with balls

The teacher offers to take them out of the basket balls.

Educator. You know, what do we do? We will see how the tangle of our draws. We dip it in the paint and will be applied to the paper. Our tangle will leave traces.

Children draw a ball of paper.

Educator. Great paint your balls. Now you can give them a rest, to lie down in a plate. What happened with us? Yes this is a real wonderful meadow! And there, near the house, who is waiting for us?

Part Three. Summarizing

Educator. He calls us away.

The teacher with the children back to the house. Around the house children waiting for a caterpillar made from coils. Next to her is a basket of beads.

Educator. Look who it is | waiting for us?

Children. Caterpillar.

Educator. We have you gusenichka, using glomerular meadow painted. Do you like? (Leans to caterpillar, to «hear» her answer. (Shows children necklace made from balls.) Caterpillar will present these beads to someone who will talk about what you did in class. After the caterpillar did not see it. What do you particularly like?

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