Major changes in marketing IT companies

Major changes in marketing IT companies

Increased efficiency — the ultimate goal of any business, whether it is a huge corporation or a small company. It’s no secret that modern information technologies are a means to achieve it, a tool for more profits, reduce costs. All innovate must comply with this goal and meet the needs of the company.

— Please tell us about the main trends in the global telecom market.

— Who telecom market three main trends that have received the active development.

• Platforms, through which the user communicates with the brand, began to prevail over devaysa and products available on the market. On these platforms can be combined and properly use the device and the network, and content.

• Joint programs with other telecom industries. For example, with the banks — payment services, with travel companies — buying tickets, hotel reservations and other.

• The emergence of new products that would not appear without telecommunications. For example, insurance — we usually buy insurance immediately before release. Now this is not necessary. Some operators will automatically connect you to health insurance, tracking your movements in other countries, and disable it when you return.

I would like to say about the power of networks of the day maintain certain services. Of course, this is not a trend, but this is not to mention. Companies must take into account the ever-increasing volumes of traffic, and thus enhance the capacity of networks. This mainly refers to the understanding of what services already exist, which will appear in the near future and how to ensure quality services.

— Large corporations, covering different segments of the market, faced with such a problem, as the generation digital. Young people do not know a world without the Internet, can no longer imagine myself without a phone or tablet, do not read newspapers, do not watch TV. How to build marketing promotion of IT-companies in the present conditions?

— The main change that must occur in the marketing of IT companies — a change of ideas about what is marketing. It is important to stop viewing it as a means of communication, that is, just as the delivery of messages to people and look at it more — as a service. Now, marketing — is not just to inform that you have excellent communication quality, or the new tariff, marketing — as an action that provides a specific service and, in practice, indicating the value of the service is at this operator. And in this case, the important usability and relevance of services to the target groups.

— Let’s talk about the CIO. In this position come the young executives. Over time, this trend will increase. What are the features in this direction? How to promote your company on the market, what to look for?

— If we talk about the CIO, it must look as changing consumer behavior and draw conclusions on the future development of technological solutions and platforms. For example, if people are beginning to buy various toys, ringtones, heavy content, increasing the number of joint programs with various networks, payment systems, etc., then you need to keep track of these changes, analyze how the power of your network can support the additional load, and relevant a way to improve the infrastructure. And this must be done before these changes take place, because if you do not do it right, customers will go where they are all comfortable conditions of service.

— Are there any features of the Russian market of IT and Telecom, when compared, for example, with Europe or the United States?

— Of course, each country has its own specifics. If we are talking specifically about IT and telecom in other countries, in Europe and the United States all of the market much more developed. And e-commerce and mobile payments — all received the maximum development of the past few years. In the West, the telecom industry has experienced much earlier with the problems that Russia faces today. For example, the law on the transfer of mobile numbers, which in Russia come into force in December 2013, Singapore has earned in 1997, three years — in several European countries, in 2003 — in the US. Accordingly, before people began to think about how to retain customers. This probably is the main difference of the global telecom market with Russia.

— Maybe this is due to the development of broadband Internet access? In large cities, it is, but in remote areas where there are too active population, the degree of penetration is low.

— That’s true, but on the other hand, the future is likely to mobile operators. We see this in other emerging markets (China, India, etc.) — People have access to mobile or wireless connectivity before to hospital. Accordingly, it is for the future of wireless communications.

— How has marketing with increasing competition in the telecommunications market as the company is now presented itself?

— Of course, marketing has undergone global change. Previously, companies compete rather as communications and telephone equipment (subject to availability of their own line of phones). Now everyone is more or less the same quality of communication, all the same phone, and what do companies compete — it provided services. And one more important factor — self-service. People are becoming more and more tired of waiting for the "Hot Line" or stay in the office of the company. Accordingly, interest in self-care increases and the provider, offers its customers to manage the account receives a competitive advantage. The main competition will consist of how easily and subscribers will be served at a particular telecom company.

— Due to what the company can emphasize its distinctive advantages?

— Here is a very important component of the brand and its perception in the market. Here is an example of two American companies — Verizon and AT&T. A few years ago they competed with each other in the advertising space and from Verizon was the slogan "The lowest number of dropped calls" (The least number of dropped calls). The company used this as an advantage. Despite evidence of the principle enunciated to subscribers, the message went unnoticed because the high quality of communication is perceived as a matter of course. At the same time AT&T went on the principle of marketing as a service and started to develop the services, to create interesting applications for its customers and it has become its competitive advantage. O2, which has chosen the same direction, too, managed to increase their sales. In the case with Verizon reports that the company’s high quality, was not enough. So today the main advantages and extra profits telecom companies are marketing it as a service.

— Probably, in order to know what to offer to its customers, it is necessary to conduct some audit, for example to see what percentage of young people among the customers, the percentage of the older generation, to analyze, to find out who these people are. Do I need such an analysis?

— Yes, of course, an audit company should conduct mandatory. But apart from the audit, it is necessary to draw attention to one point, especially relevant for Russia: if before all the operator’s attention was directed to the development of network and mobile devices, it now makes sense to take a broader view — on a strategy of communication with the consumer. For quality of services is necessary to analyze large amounts of data, to understand that people are consuming, how they interact with the operators that they are interested in. And of course, it is necessary to effectively use modern technical features — away from samopisnyh, obsolete software and move to integrated comprehensive industry-specific solutions to ensure sustainable growth.

— If you look at the market of large IT-companies that write their own software developing CRM-system, support, others are engaged in the construction of IT-infrastructure of large industrial enterprises, for example. What do you need such a big business?

— If we are talking about big business, there is an interesting topic and user chooser — the one who uses the services of the operator and the person who enters into a contract for specific services. Most often, it turns out that I, as the director is both a user of the operator and the customer company. For telecommunications companies is very important to combine their services to both these groups, it is important for the user application to be interesting, fun, bright, but at the same time convenient and understandable. And that our impact on the user experience, my opinion as a person, making the decision on the conclusion of the contract. To make a decision about buying contract needs a positive effect on costs and investments. This dual mentality of the company should always be used.

With data about the user / subscriber in real time, you must offer him the services that will be of interest. The task of IT — business to offer quick and effective decisions to improve customer loyalty, and business process automation.

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