Make the constructor of PLASTIC CARDS

Make the constructor of PLASTIC CARDS

From time to time we appear unnecessary plastic cards, which once provided us a discount in a particular store. If you declare a collection of cards around the kindergarten, they will be quite a lot. And then these cards can make a play.

The card is now — is «building» element. Because these elements are three-dimensional figures of different shapes and upholstered tape.

These figures are then used for children’s design.

They can be used in individual and group work with children.

Kids can build their own figures on the model, can get a job available to them to finish the piece so that it looked like a pattern. To do this, you need to find other shapes suitable for solving the problem.

And you can come up with a design. Then the activity of design tasks turns towards the development of speech. After all, any structure is required to come up with a fantastic appointment, explain who will use it and for what purpose.

Elizabeth tab stock, psychologist Preschool office of the Centre «Our House»

SWAD, Moscow

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