Meet spring with feeder Salmo!

Meet spring with feeder Salmo!

Eugene Gridko lives in Kiev. Fisherman athlete, champion of Ukraine and silver medal winner of the Cup of Ukraine.

Spring — a time when nature wakes up, causing an enthusiastic fisherman ambivalent. On the one hand, this time from the ground punched the first blade of grass, the birds, who arrived from warm, singing the glory of gaining every day turns to spring, on the other — comes into force restriction on fishing and, in particular, to fish with boats. This fact, as well as the activity of certain types of peaceful fish, fast flow spilled from the vernal water rivers are the reason that most anglers catch spring on the feeder. This feeder can successfully catch roach, bream, bream and sichel.

Among the large range presented in the domestic market of fishing gear to feeders from Salmo — a special relationship.

First of all, the feeder rod Salmo very strong. It is no secret that the products of others, including more expensive TM periodically arise complaints — whether production quality leads, whether designers do not fully calculated the characteristics of the rod … In relation to the brand Salmo such cases, I can not remember, despite the fact that the first feeder rods in the Ukrainian market are model of this brand.

In addition, TM Salmo one of the widest assortments and thoughtful in the line feeders on the Ukrainian market. In addition to budgetary and Salmo Taifun Feeder Taifun Special Feeder in the most popular test range up to 90 g, and a sports Salmo Elite Target Feeder to test up to 120 g, and a business card feeder «salmovskoy» line — a series of Salmo Diamond Feeder with 100 tests, 120 150. 180 and 210 g! In addition to an unprecedented broad and dense simultaneous test range all the rods from the family Salmo Diamond Feeder possess all the necessary qualities for lovers of feeder fishing — the ease, safety factor, and the optimum ratio «price — quality».

Especially for fans to travel, always having to tackle a feeder, the company developed the ultra-compact version of Salmo feeder — Telescopic Salmo Diamond Tele Feeder 120, and it is a quality product with a medium-fast action and a length of 3.30 m to test up to 120 It was, but Essentially, a full feeder, only very compact. Conveying its length does not exceed 35 cm.

All feeder rods of this famous brand are equipped with a set of interchangeable vershinok different rigidity that allows the angler to capture even a neat bite cautious fish.

The story of the bottom Salmo rods would be incomplete if we did not mention Picker — light rods for bottom fishing with sinker or trough weight to 40 g These rods due to its short length of 2.40 -2.70 m will be indispensable for fishing on small rivers, where on the banks of the fisherman sing coastal vegetation is present in the form of shrubs and trees. As feeder rod Salmo pickers equipped with a set of interchangeable vershinok different stiffness.

Yet it should be noted that after the ban this spring rod with the same success can be fished from a boat set anchor.

Lightweight, durable and balanced, they help convey bite small roach and overcome the resistance of large bream.

But to buy the rod — is half the battle. It is also important and coil cord.

For anglers who want to get high-quality coil at minimal cost, suitable Supreme Feeder System.

To Picker can be used as the coil used for Match fishing, — Salmo Elite Match and Okuma Safina M.

Cord having excellent performance ratio «price — quality» — is, of course, Salmo Feeder. It is specifically designed for this method of fishing, affordable and durable at the same time, which is very important when fishing feeder.

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